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  1. Microsoft visual C++ Runtime Library

    Make sure you have installed the latest packages from this page (https://support.microsoft.com/es-mx/help/2977003/the-latest-supported-visual-c-downloads). Also check if you don't have some pending updates for your windows system. C++ is a programing language in which Aion is written. The C++ packages installs all the components needed to correctly run applications programmed in such language. That includes the C++ Runtime. Don't forget to try running the game again. Sometimes you can get a Runtime error message but that just means the game crashed and no further action than relaunching the application is required.
  2. Chanter Meta & Gear

    Let me guess: insignificant difference in stats vs the hell to grind. So, Apollon is by running Archives of Eternity (right?). Which one is harvester and Sophisticated Frigida? Think I have seen it in LFG but not sure. So, if I understand correctly current HP meta is around 25k and MA ~2.3k. What about Attack and Crit? Also I have seen the new PvE bonus. How that affects fusing for PvP staff?
  3. Chanter Meta & Gear

    What are the current meta/endgame stats and gear for chanter right now? I have read the name Apollon a lot (can someone please point me what the hell is the instance/npc do you get it from? Thanks, you are so nice) as well as Providence weapons and 75A gear (Prime Guardian Captain, I think). And with that revamp of stats how are you supposed to socket gear? Full Precision Stones? Regular stones with all points in stat?? In advance thanks, you are really nice.