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  1. yea i just posted about a roll back to 4.5 but even 2.7 im down with... still a better game back then
  2. Can we just get the game rolled back to 4.5.... that is probably the most fun i ever had playing this game. and i bet if you made a 4.5 server all the old players will return. 4.5 aion was so fun.... now its just blah...run your instances and wait until next Wednesday for reset. and there was always pvp. if u didnt want to pvp you could easily avoid it. and BM gear was basic but at least you could slightly hold your own against better geared players.
  3. were u one of the people we kept killing.... we were just bored and you were AFK. so we rushed it!!!!!!! if that was u?
  4. yo if u haven't figured this out already. go to aion files on your computer and go to 64 bit client and rename aion.bin to aion1.bin and it should fix it. i literally have to do that after every update. if that doesn't work do it to the 32bit client. maybe your running that one
  5. I have 1 issue where it randomly says i'm too far from target and wont let me attack unless i'm 0 meters from target and i will literally have to stop my auto approach and use a different skill to make it stop. im a ranger and none of my skills i use regularly in pve do that. i get it at least once per run on anything. IDK why. and 2nd is on EK we can whisper friends from other servers but they cant whisper us back. always says we are not playing the game. make it where they can talk back. PLEASE!!!!!
  6. yes we do like 4 or 5 skills are based around casting speed. mostly our self buffs and dilation arrow
  7. i have messed around with DPS on multiple ancient transforms and it seems to be around the same DPS whether i use a straight ATTK speed transform or an ATTK/Casting speed transform. but i see people using attk speed ones and some using the attk/casting speed. just curious to which you prefer and why? Trying to figure out which i want to use, just trying to get opinions....
  8. yea it was just EK that went down
  9. At least once per day... not long after log in I get a send log. And randomly everyday I get a thing where the client will randomly freeze and the client will just close. Usually after it happens I'm good for the rest if the day. But it seems like I have to get them to not worry.
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