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  1. ? so u think u are useless for doing pvp at lv 55 with lv 50e ?
  2. in like a year ? why that even matter, we far far behind Kr.
  3. They release a stupid Server First Event (that is not even on website yet) but fail to give basic info like patch notes....
  4. The Requirements To participate in the Daevanion Quests several prerequisites must be fulfilled. First, players must have reached max level and completed all the campaign quests. In addition, players must have completed all the level 30 Daevanion Quests and reached 449 crafting proficiency as a crafting master.
  5. We have our own problems with classic, go ask for retail on retail forum, here we discuss about how Ncwest can make Classic better.
  6. So we really getting that server first title contest for Tahabata, i will just watch No new cosmetics ? are u for real @Kibbelz ? big major patch, bring the nice cosmetics, THE NICE ONES, cmon.
  7. After maintenance tomorrow we will have the first solo instance called Kromede's Trial, enter lv 38+, so just wait and enjoy that instance tomorrow.
  8. So major crowns and pvp title that is equal to a lv 50 yellow ring is not p2win to you ? i see.
  9. Abyss pvp is a joke and imbalanced, only people that like it are people that are playing broken classes and are the ones that like to say that the game died when nobody was pvping at reshanta anymore, ground fights to hard for them, can't wait for gelk or aleast 1.9 with arena 1x1 so teach these people how to play.
  10. Aion was meant to be lv 55, half classes in the game can only reach peak performance with lv 55 for stigma build, aion locked at lv 50 are utterly a bad joke with imbalanced classes, reshanta pvp is the definiton of broken pvp, with classes that can boost flying speed while other's can't, anyway, aion peak time was with lv 55 patch.
  11. Doesnt change the fact aion is the one of the worst MMO to play atm and that will not change.
  12. What about that @Kibbelz ? why should we keep buying 90 days sub now that the pet just got removed and it is worth 30$+ ? is it intended to make 90 days sub less attractive and the rewards within cheap ? at this point, saving 3$ from 1 month to 3 month is totally not worth at all, either is buying golden ramada every month for 10$, nice job Ncwest like aways, thats why NA revenue is a meme.
  13. Every week some event aren't working, holy hell, can't release a proper event, thats why NA revenue is meme.
  14. So which dungeons are ''our favorite'' ? will that be applied to DP when it comes ? or we will need to figure it out like usual.
  15. oh yeah, so we have one month of useless gojira, and the drop dungeon buff is prob for 1 or 2 dungeons only, not every dungeon (not dark poeta ofc...) and again no cosmetics, they are really waiting 1.5 to release new cosmetics....
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