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  1. These were given out in Korea various times, we should've gotten an event featuring this set a long time ago. It's probably to further entice/help people returning for the Stormwing event.
  2. Untradable, Cannot be Brokered... No Doughbot... Bah Humbug!
  3. @Kibbelz Doughbot better be at the Snowball NPCs giving us 1 kinah retuning. ITS CHRISTMAS!
  4. Currently the event Weekly reset on Monday instead of Wednesday. We didn't get a second reset this Wednesday. During the Songpyeon and the Balaurea Hunt event they reset on Mondays and Wednesdays. Prior to 7.5 they reset as intended on Wednesdays (example Promise Ring Event). A Post regarding the Balaurea Hunt Event: I commented about the Songpyeon Event back in October here: (as per @Arhangelos-KT advice, I am getting so many extra Animal Medals because of this, please don't fix it.)
  5. I've had this happen once after leaving BE. Such an odd bug, I thought my keyboard was dying on me. This has been mentioned on forums already, but If you ever need to "log out" in Timeless Terrace you need to force close your client from the task manager. This way you are forced in to TT limbo and can keep your souls for 3 hours.
  6. Shift is set to rotate the camera while maintaining your characters forward movement, useful to look/target enemies behind you when running away (not as useful now that you can see the opposing faction 360 on your radar). As far as I know this can not be changed. Shift can still be used as a modifier button, but if you use it on a skill that you often use while moving it can trip you up when in chaotic situations. I just refrain from using Shift on skills that can be cast while moving, only stationary skills or skills that aren't used that often.
  7. The bugged Lugbug Event Missions have been happening since 7.5, they reset on Mondays and Wednesdays in some cases making it impossible to finish the weekly missions. I lost my progress on the Win twice weekly on multiple chracters. @Loki Please look into this.
  8. @Kibbelz Thanks to the team for listening and making the change. Giant Stars are always nice to have on hand and should always be on the low tier rewards list for events. With the Weekly Lugbug reward you can get up to 12 Heavy Glyph Boxes on your account in 5 weeks, instead of the Glyph Box a Shining Gemstone Box would've been better. The Transformation Contract is a nice surprise, since I didn't expect to see these show up in NA. It's not a "must farm with every alt" improvement, but it's now more worthwhile to run daily.
  9. The Lugbug Weekly Missions are resetting before Wednesdays maintenance. This is something that also happened during the Songpyeon Event, and it was ignored. Also the event NPCs weekly limits are resetting throughout the week, I was able to purchase the 3/3 Kinah Boxes 3 times this week (totalling 9 boxes).
  10. Ahh, what every consumer wants to hear, "You aren't our priority" ....
  11. So tried out the event, got 24 Medals. The kinah chest which is supposed to give between 10-20mil minimum has an incorrect description, instead the chest gives between 1-5mil with a jackpot of 100mil. So the event is a bust for me too. No point wasting time with this.
  12. So much complaining, meanwhile I'm thinking of all the Kinah I could make. This event had the exact same rewards when it ran in Korea, except for the ability to exchange Medals to Event coins. You get 4 keys for losing or 6 keys for winning, each box opened gives between 2-10 medals. So if you afk everyday the bare minimum is 336 Medals. I'm relieved I won't have to spend all of my play time farming the event since we have an XP/AP event I could actually take advantage of now. During the Pumpkin event I was unable to do anything in game besides farm pumpkins, so the coffin
  13. You seem to be forgetting the weekly quests. The daily rewards are rubbish but the 8 weekly quests give more then enough to maintain renown levels. 8 x 163,596 = 1,308,768 per week.
  14. You can do all 3 lanes. If you can only manage 2 you are better off doing right and mid. Killing the Foreman Couple and the Archenemy duo nets you 102,600 AP, then kill the kobolds and finish mid.
  15. Glyph Fragments combine into a Heavy Glyph Box which contains both a Glyph Selection Box and Enchantment Scrolls.
  16. Like has already been said, this. Bursting accessories are still better, even with the new accessories increased retunable stats.
  17. They sent them out a little after 2 pm server time. I don't know how they chose the character on the account to send them out to, so check them all (regular mail).
  18. Dungeon Delve Buff doesn't stack with Prestige Buff, and we can't remove Prestige Buff. Wait 24hrs... edit: apparently it works if the party lead uses it
  19. Apparently @Kibbelz is under strict rule to not interact with players on the forums. We are to assume it ends on 11/11 based on the info given. The new xp event stacks with the coffin buff. Coffin is an active buff, while the xp event is a world buff.
  20. @Loki @KibbelzDid you seriously just ninja edit the event details, and STILL, not put the actual event end date? Again we can only assume the event ends on the 11th since the store promotion ends then. That sneak edit is seriously messed up.
  21. I submit a ticket as well and got the same response, this is ridiculous, almost as ridiculous as the fact that our CM seems to only log in once a week to post maintenance notices. There is no way there isn't a set end date for the event, Support just looked over the event page saw the same thing we did and gave us the crap response above. I went over to the Blade and Soul forums and they have 4 CMs (including @Hime) answering what seemed like pretty mundane player concerns. We can't even get the end date for an event, which is pretty important info needed to plan our time accordingly.
  22. Oddly this seems to be exclusive to NA, the site only shows the 34type that contains the Hanbok Pixels. I can only assume that the rates are the same with the only change being Halloween Contracts instead of the Hanbok. If so the rates for each individual contract are: Ancient 4.55% Legendary 1% Halloween Legendary 2% Ultimate 0.05%
  23. @Kibbelz We need firm confirmation on when this event ends, people are collecting pumpkins assuming it ends on the 28th. This is concerning. Also in the future you need to tell whoever posts the event details on the website to add how long the event lasts at the bottom of the post, the way it always has been.
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