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  1. Event

    How do we craft PvP stones with Luna, I need this.
  2. aion 7.0 release in N/A

    EU mentioned, in their latest youtube video, they would release 7.0 sometime this summer. I hope they NCsoon us long time on this patch cause... Nyerk Painters.
  3. Munirunerk’s Treasure Chamber

    I've received: Cute Minion Contract x2 Ancient PvE Enchantment Stone x1 Also the Rewards are said to reset Daily at 9AM, but they actually reset at 12AM server time.
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 12, 2019

    Seems to be a bug introduced with this patch and not limited to the event, I had the exact same thing happen when trying to enter Mirash, no option to reset with luna popped up like usual. Re logging fixed it for me. @Cyan I think this needs looking into.
  5. sm

    Nightmarish Shriek has been in the game for 6-7 months now, I'm surprised people are still unaware that it bypasses all resist skills. I mean it fears Guardian General xforms as well.
  6. Glitch? Bug? Exploit?

    This is not saying that you can get 3 extra manastone slots, it is saying you need to enchant to +15 and open all 3 manastone slots to promote to the next level.
  7. About the Steel Rake Fortress event...

    Honestly this sounds more like "I'm mad I can't complete the event with my multiple lvl 76 alts" then a legitimate concern about not being able to complete the event with a brand new character. You can get enough gear to get 10/10 shugos within a day of hitting lvl 80. Complete Mirash/CoE, hopefully you will get wings and a couple of armor upgrades (CoE loves to give repeat pieces). Complete enough Lakrum camps to purchase a genesis crystal weapon, PvP or PvE. If it is an alt you don't plan to gear for PvP, get the Bloodsworn weapon and roll attack/cast speed, use the 100+ PvE enchantment stones you get from the support quests in lakrum to enchant the weapon to +13 or higher. Combine it with the Clever Weapon you get from hitting lvl76. Complete the rest of the Lakrum camps. Depending on what you get from CoE upgrade more armor pieces (in this order Chest - Pants - Shoes/Shoulder/Gloves) You may need to complete a couple of the 20 kill quests for additional genesis crystals. After all of that you should be close to 10k attack and 800-1200 PvE attack which is enough to comfortably complete the full event with all shugos. Make sure you are using shards. For arguments sake here is a video of a Chanter in Lakrum gear:
  8. Character Creation Slots

    Korea has 13 character slots. If I remember correctly there was mention of limitations with our client being the reason we don't have additional slots, but I may be making that up. @Cyan Get us more toon slots please and thank you.
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 12, 2019

    Sweet, thats at least a mount plus an Ancient Transform Contract per toon without any resets. Anyone complaining about not having an Ancient xform, get to work.
  10. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 12, 2019

    For those having trouble with the mini bosses, just pull them to the edge and then transform they die in 1 or 2 hits. Then you just have to be quick so you have enough time to kill the final boss. Might have to skip rescuing some of the shugos for enough time, depends on how quick/geared you are. As for the people saying this event isn't worth it, the top prize (imo) is the permanent mount. There are currently no permanent mounts easily available in game, they are highly sought after. Not only is it permanent but its is tradeable so you can make some kinah if you already have a mount, and even if the event only lasts 2 weeks ( @Cyan when is the event ending) you get enough tokens/resets without having to spend real money.
  11. Decent event rewards

    Again, Rewards from Russia... That item bag that keeps getting linked is not a reward for EU/RU, just because it shows up in the database doesn't mean it was used in game. The Russian version of this event did also reward an additional token along with the still shot token that could be used to buy other goodies (including winged champion gear boxes )
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 12, 2019

    Those are not the EU rewards... EU rewards were pretty much the same, they got some extra temporary Pirate costumes and their mount was only 30 days (for 600 coins) while ours is seemingly permanent for 3000 coins.
  13. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 12, 2019

    Event page doesn't mention how long the event will last.
  14. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 29, 2019

    Where do you see that regions, other than EU, got these changes? I keep seeing you say this but, I haven't seen anything like this in Korea or Russia. Mind pointing me to where you saw this.
  15. Remember damage has been boosted across all classes in 7.0 (+ Painter ). These buffs to healing are nice, but you do need to +15 the skills first. These boost are from the new enhanced Daeva skills. Also Roaring at +15 will now boost attack/cast/run speed by 30% and the CD is 10sec so its a perma buff. Start enchanting your skills NOW!
  16. Once you enchant the Davaenion Skill to +15 you get an Enhanced Daveanion version (skill with the little wings). What is enhanced about it, hasn't been revealed yet.
  17. @Cyan I combined contracts a few times while this bug was present, with the hopes of getting Viola (best caster legendary). I know many people also did the same. Can we ask to have our contracts reverted so that we can try again now that it has been fixed? Or are we just nyerked?
  18. Bugged Transformation Synthesis

    Kind of annoying that @Cyan couldn't be arsed to answer this question, but for those that care... Support is ready to compensate anyone that was affected by this bug. Just make a ticket and they will give you a choice of contracts based on what you combined/received while the bug was present. (ex. I got 2 Legendary contracts while the bug was present so they gave me 2 Legendaries of my choice from a list) I got my Viola transformation so now I don't have to bother with this event.
  19. Enchant rate broken?

    You could've instead crafted 5 Ultimate stones. There is no reason to use Legendary stones once you get an ultimate piece to +12 or higher, when you can morph ultimate stones so easily. Also failing to get past +12 with 27 stones doesn't seem crazy or out of place based on my experience enchanting in 6.5. Take my advice save yourself the frustration of going backwards and morph ultis once you hit +12 or higher.
  20. How much weapon damage do you need, cause I did a whole 2k per auto attack with my ranger.
  21. Does your trick also magically add an additional key to the reward? I thought 6 was max, do prestige members get an additional key?
  22. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 8, 2019

    Coins are not tradeable. If the drop rate on the large bundle is decent,and the instance isn't bugged like in the past, this could be a great event.
  23. transformation time

    The reason they changed transformation duration is very easy, greed under the guise of balance. The higher the level of transformation the more scrolls you will burn. Who is more likely to have legendary+ transformations? People willing to spend in the BCM. Where are transparent transformation scrolls available? BCM. Who wants transparent transformation scrolls? EVERYONE! Why do you think they custom removed transparent transformation scrolls from our GST, the bag of scrolls (they eventually added) in our GST that gives 10 scrolls isn't even in the Korean client. The Korean shop has a bag of 20 transparent transformation scrolls for 1 ingot and they can be purchased 5 times daily.
  24. KT not giving AP

    120k AP (forgot snake buff ) in HM solo route. This was all on 3 different toons and 3 different accounts. I don't seem to be affected.
  25. KT not giving AP

    Just checked, actually did IB on my cleric and ID on my ranger. 234k AP on my cleric (IB 1 win/1 loss). 546k AP on my ranger (ID 1win/1loss) Going to run HM on a couple of toons now to test.