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  1. Overpowered lvl 10 Gear, Why?

    I get that they are trying to rush you through content, but it's like some of you mentioned, it's an RPG; It's about the lore. I personally like getting into the story, doing the quests, understanding why my role plays an important part in the world. Rushing through it will bore me by the time i reach max level. I think it's also a slap in the face for the developers who spent a lot of time preparing the low level content. It's just something that many games are lacking now, a sense of investment. Anyway, I do like the game and enjoy the story so far. I'll be putting the nice gear away from now in some storage if it exists and take my time. Thanks for all the great comments guys.
  2. Overpowered lvl 10 Gear, Why?

    Hello, This is my first time playing the game. I’m enjoying it a lot. I managed to get through the intro and came across a quest that gave me this amazing and beautiful armor for my warrior. It’s called the Fledgling Daeva set wearable at level 10. It boosted my stats tremendously. There are no mobs in the area that can kill me. They would actually die after 2 or 3 basic attacks. My question is, why is this gear available to players at 10? It’s way overpowered. It completely takes the challenging aspect of the game away. It’s looks awesome but makes me feel like I’m cheating. Anyway, I would really appreciate if someone can help me make sense of this. Thanks.