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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 6, 2019

    You're literally insulting the playerbase by putting sht like that on the bcm but I guess you still have the right to be offended when we say you're not doing your job L O L Y I K E R S
  2. haha hey boiz

    Thank you for your continuous support for Mogang (Professional Esports organization co-founded by Cockroach and Octopus). Our goal is the safety of every elyos out there so if you ever need assistance feel free to signal us on LFG. Despite the constant noise out there generated by oblivious single moms we will do our best to advocate for a better aiononline world where everyone can freely use transparent scrolls at anytime they want. Stay tuned. Cockroach CEO of Mogang Esports, a Professional Esports Organization founded by Cockroach and Octopus
  3. haha hey boiz

    I talk to you the same way you talk to us, in a way which projects my confidence in that I'm CERTAIN I know more than you in the subject that is being talked about. Don't let words like retard get under your skin, just because I think you're dumb doesn't mean you're dumb. It's just my opinion. The fact that you still think I'm a troll after what I've said saddens me, because it tells me that you just. don't. get it. And that is ok, it happens, sometimes we just don't GET things. I don't know who you are but I do in the end respect you because you seem very much still into this mmo and through your naive but pure, innocent words I can see your passion and optimism and I'm truly happy for you. Perhaps you know a lot more than you're showing, perhaps deep down you know that the only driving force behind this corpse of a game is not you, because you admitted that you're cheap and cosmetic things like transparent scrolls are of no interest to you. Perhaps you realize that YOU don't matter in this game because the company does not care about players like you, because you contribute nothing, 0, not a cent to this game. And perhaps you realize that the only people who are solely responsible for this game being alive are the subscription buyers, occasional spenders and reckless gamblers that still stick around playing this game. Perhaps you do realize that what I'm advocating for are things that specifically benefit these players because these players, unlike you, are the only players who matter. Perhaps you know all of that and you just don't want to admit it, or perhaps you're just dumb like I said. Either way, keep on swimming and I'm truly rooting for ya!
  4. Enchanting 1-Hand weapon vs 2-Hand weapon

    You wouldn’t have this problem if you didn’t ask the GMs to move your sin gear to your gunner in the first place sneak
  5. haha hey boiz

    I said I’d give you the benefit of the doubt, but seeing how you’re just rambling in your reply about things I’ve never said, I guess I should have known better. Don’t use the “I guess you’ve never played when” card on people, that’s weak. It shows you’re incapable of assessing the current situation of the game because all you have is some memory of the past that you desperately cling onto, sad. Not sure why you seem to think I believe that merging servers would bring more people to the game. Please, find a quote where I said that, because I never did. I was actually one of the few sane players who didn’t want a new server, SHOCKING right? But since what has happened, happened, are you saying we shouldn’t do something about it? You seem to think merging siel/br/tm/kr/is back then was a bad idea, man you’re really delusional. Once again, here’s a little smack of reality: Aion is never going to go back to what it once was. What me and many other players are asking for are BASIC things that is not hard to change, for the players who are STILL actively playing. I can’t care less about who quit and who plays again. I don’t think you’re capable of doing math given what I’ve read from you so I’ll break it down for ya: 1 legendary xform lasts 4 minutes, assuming an average player plays 5 hours a day, that’s 75 xforms a day. Now I’ll leave this part as a homework for you so you have something to learn about since school seems to be failing for ya, at 75 transparent scrolls a day, how many is that a week? And how much in dollar value is that? Again, not sure why you’re blaming events on being p2w, it’s actually insane for people to this day, in 2019, to be able to say with a straight face that a game like aion should not have gone down the p2w route. The game needed to go p2w, deal with it. The fact that we get an event once every 3 weeks with irrelevant rewards only furthers the gap between swipers and “f2p” players, not really sure what you’re advocating for there buddy. This entire post was made as a joke because we all know the admins won’t do a thing unless approved by higher ups. Everyone except for you it seems, but that’s ok. Keep fighting the good fight, I’m rooting for ya! Pepega!
  6. haha hey boiz

    you seem retarded, but maybe that's just an act. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. EK has 150 people playing on each side, and you're trying to justify to me that that's ok? Nothing will solve aion's problem of dwindling player base, because the problems are so deep in its roots that it is not possible to fix. The things we're asking are things a game this old should logically have. its not ok to have cosmetic items cost hundreds of dollars a week to use. its not ok for a game wiht less than 2k players on avg to be spread acorss 3 servers its not ok for the cms to lie and say oh b/c of 6.x we're gonna have fewer events when in reality they just cant be bothered investing in worth while events and simply puts on events from 5 years ago over and over if you can't see the problem then you're part of the problem.
  7. haha hey boiz

    Thanks for the great input 1s295Be4 Cyan has just texted me back saying he read your suggesting and is on his way to the office right now and says we should hear back from him tomorrow god I love our community manager
  8. haha hey boiz

    WOW that's great to hear Cyan!!! knew you had my back fuh why did I ever doubt you fuh say hi to vinlock for me fuh
  9. haha hey boiz

    Very well said emu I have just received a text from Cyan saying he will forward your suggestions to the devs so expect a reply tomorrow directly from the devs thanks x
  10. haha hey boiz

    whachu think about a lil mergie merge eh my boys lol eyes off the app games for a sec boys lol EK not looking too hot i know aion is the worst performing game for ya company but come on help a brotha out would ya slap on a event that doesn't reward skins from 6 years ago will ya haha a lil sumtin sumtin for the boys come on now haha just a lil code here and there haha couple lines chu know wat imsayin put that transparent scroll on the kinah shop lol come thru wit it my dawgie not too hard to keep this game runnin brotha u don gotta do much haha come thru wit it thankth
  11. Assassin issues

    If you really played sin since the beginning of time then you'd know that this is not anything new. On !aion not only does ambush not "lag", you're also able to stay on a target easier and hit them without having to jump weave. If you've played retail for a long time playing !aion is essentially easy mode with perma "extendables". You either reroll off assassin or you learn to adapt to all the desync/lag. Asking for a fix is to ask ncwest to invest into better quality servers, you tell me if that's realistic LOL
  12. Why... Why mess up templars...>.>

    temps are fine
  13. rates were never changed. stop being cringe
  14. I remember

  15. Server Merge

    unbeatable is always right!