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  1. Apparently they denied my refund request as well, I bought it Right after the maintenance ended even before the thread was created. I even asked twitter a day before the maintenance if the season 2 pass will be implemented after the maintenance and they said "YES". I logged in right after the maintenance ended and saw the rewards, I assumed they were the season 2 pass since no information was released, since I decided to buy the season 2 pass if they included coins weeks before it arrived, I was so sure of the purchase so I bought it instantly. Turns out they made a mistake and I'm sup
  2. yea but this was their mistake not ours, I'm one of those who purchased the pass before they made an announcement it was the wrong stuff. Why should we be held accountable for their mistakes ? At least refund the Qunah!! Like OP said I also feel like I've been scammed. I love aion too but this is a terrible experience for sure.
  3. exactly, I don't even want my money back at least give me my qunah back so I can spend it on some stuff I want
  4. apparently the rewards right now is the right ones, but they announced it after I already bought the pass thinking what showed yesterday was the right one. And I don't wan this one
  5. They changed the rewards, it was there yesterday but now everything changed. Its not part of the rewards anymore.
  6. first of all I didn't decide this on the spot. I decided to buy the second pass if the coins were still there even when the 1st pass was active. I waited for this and when it finally arrived and I confirmed the coins were there since i already decided I instantly bought it. Few moments later they announced it was wrong AFTER I bought it. If you actually listen you'd understand why its unfair. Not sure why you think this is acceptable.
  7. you keep missing the part where there were no posts about it yet. So I assumed everything was fine. Coming back from maintenance, no official announcements you'd think everything was fine. I bought what I liked then after buying it they told me it wasn't the one and changed it how is that fair to me ?
  8. it is though, you keep missing the part where I said I bought it even before the known issue was known.
  9. this is an example of victim blaming right here. It's sick.
  10. Did you miss the part where we bought it even before the known issue was known ? how is that our fault ?
  11. OK so last season I really wanted to buy the daeva pass but hesitated because the season was almost over. So I waited for this new season to start. I waited for maintenance to be over just so I can see what the season 2 pass looked like. After maintenance I logged in and saw the rewards were still the same from the previous pass which contained stuff I wanted, SO I BOUGHT IT INSTANTLY. AND EVEN DID SEASON QUESTS INSTANTLY. Now I LOG BACK IN and see the rewards have been changed, THIS ISN'T WHY I PURCHASED THE PASS. YOU NEVER SAID ANYTHING ABOUT THIS CHANGE. had I known about this chang
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