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  1. Unscheduled Server Maintenance - March 23, 2018

    Can people just stop with all this QQ? It's obvious you all don't agree with it, but for some it's actually pretty reasonable. Food for thought, if they did keep the prices the same, and everyone got say 100 omegas a day, and all their level 80 AP gear, and have a large stock hold of omegas, and tempering left over, what would people have to work for? You'd easily be able to get your lv 80 gear in a day, a week, and probably as many alts you wanted in the months time. Every other event would later become pointless because nobody would need anything after this event, and omegas would then become so dirt cheap, that no one would really profit from it, no one would buy it off the bcm, because it won't be that needed. Other events that would offer it would more than likely barely be played. People would quit faster than they are now because they' d have nothing to work for. Increasing the prices were fair, if you're so unhappy with the decision they made, instead of blaming them why not look at the people who farmed so much in the eye and got and over flow of gold protectorate coins, that made them think everyone was farming their butts off and a price as low as say 50 or 75 would still cause a potential problem. It's so sad people can't see that part. Even when they explain their reasoning, no on accepts it because they wanna rage they weren't handed stuff easily, this isn't the only event you'll get omegas or upgraded materials from, we've had a fair share of crappy events, why not just label this as another one, or try to enjoy the eye for what it was, PvP, not mindless zombie farming fatties. It's beyond childish the way some people are acting.
  2. Updated 11/14: Post Server Merge Information

    If you actually read it right, it said EARLY - mid meaning it could end at the start of Novemeber. And they gave so much time to transfer, why wait until the very last minute to do so?
  3. I don't get why people are that upset about harvester gear, accessories being made available. I ran it every week, all 5 runs, and a lot of times you get no gear or armor from the drops, and getting weapons that aren't even of your class, discourages people from wanting to continue. Since we downed it the first time, until 20 more runs later, the only thing that consistently dropped, was the rings and belt. So I'm actually happy they put it in, because it gives people a chance to get it. I'm sure people who have never ran it, and probably won't are the ones QQing the most. But honestly this is a much better option than wasting 2-3 hours a day running an instance 2 times to get nothing from it in the end. It's optional if you want to spend to get it or not. If you don't want to buy it, you don't have to spend money on it, it's not that much different than the people who ran it and are selling the gear on the broker. There will be people who opt to not buy it off the board, or the broker, and will want to run it.