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  1. My Aion Crafts

    so uh can i get one for free just wondering
  2. Gameforge Sucks that is all end of the story
  3. just give up and suck it up we all have to heck i wasted kinah on making stupid sets does it get annoying yes you wanna play catch pay the piper or shut up p2w is in all f2p games learn to have fun on your own and dont ask how thats for you to figure out ohh wwwaaaaahhh i get one shotted oohhh waaaaaaahh i cant get ahead easily dude if you want my honest advice you would be better off playing other games than aion (dont try to be a smart ass askin why i play) play final fantasy xiv or something or tera or revelation or anything else if its no longer a smooth experience in aion anywho i am being douchbag what the sassafresss do i know (come on make your how i am a dumb idiot come back i will wait)
  4. Tree Reset

    this warms my heart cause now i can say **** This event thank you that is all
  5. Aion brother hajoon ?

    they bought back jinsoyun but they could bring hajoon back but the idea of a training room isnt bad where you can practice your rotation kinda like a fighting game practice mode
  6. Aion brother hajoon ?

    Still hurts when hajoon died
  7. What do you expected from incoming 5.8 in next year ?

    more pay2win aspects for the folks(who spends willingly not that its a bad thing, you do you) to spend their cash on so the game goes on for a little while either way i will be under geared and unprepared and play around in low level regions for fun but new skins would be good and skills( that are not harder to get) seriously 2 years of same skills on classes is kinda getting boring (and i can imagine what it must be like for folks who have been around from 2008, assumption) then again may be the skills could be worked for 6.1 since 5.8 is basically done with what else hmm maybe they could rework their server software(or hardware, not much of a techno geek) and stuff(which will never happen) Better nyerking Story line and cutscenes (with mediocre voice acting) level cap to be not raise to 80 within 1.5 years And good soundtrack/ background track and more comedy get the shugos more involved basically stuff that wont happen except the p2w stuff
  8. sudden server shutdown

    bah i never liked cakes anyway you can have yar cakes back i am gonna munch on some chips
  9. sudden server shutdown

    Hoohoo this will nyerk off a few folks i know Cause i am absolutely livid
  10. Elyos vs Asmo

    ohohoho this is precious Yeah i amma go and side with the Drakans cause they in the right and stop whining about the buff its part of the game now you wanna prove you are a better asmodian/elyos challange each other and learn to have fun(like have player hosted pvp raids or something or I dunno figure yar own thing) It aint alway gotta be "I have the bigger dongdingdong" where has the fun gone Besides both faction is in the bad (reasons you would know if ya quested around a bit)
  11. wat if?

    Yeah para is too predictable and makes fights boring I amma go with Hide gives you a breathing chance to counter Unrestricted hide though not hide like you have to be miles away to pull it off
  12. Arena of Discipline Entries

    yeah you see you need to make participating more fun then people might not skip out (sorta like what B&S does with single arena) which NC Soft wont do hence you are gonna have people skipping runs on purpose(also people have to aware of their surroundings cant be brain dead zombie focused on the run/entry you have to pee dont ya) or alternative to that would be to making loosing attractive(how the heck do you do that I have no clue) for now lets all just whine to our hearts content
  13. NO NYERK

    so basically you can be a sailor with a mouth of gold(or fingers of gold more accurately)
  14. Real Life Pet Peeve Thread v2

    Ya know when yar rolling around on the floor and suddenly you see a bug and you imagine a centipede crawling up in your ear( something which i picked up after watching Tokyo Ghoul) Yeah thats one of my peeve now
  15. Post your Aion character!

    Thanks Vinlock-TM you should join in too show off yar jazz buddy