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  1. When will they put these saddles on? they're super cool. I like them, I want both. Mount 5.3 Mount 5.6
  2. Me too, lost Crucible Spire by the lag, they killed me without being able to do anything, or cure me, or beat me, or anything
  3. I'm taking into account everything they tell me, because when I'm new I'm a little lost because of the game. I really appreciate all the advice
  4. It's just what I've been thinking about the game, too constipated for my taste, TOO MUCH, I've also played several games and you get things slowly BUT not as much as here, including outdated teams. Thank you so much for telling me so clearly, that's what I needed
  5. Cheesecake-DN and Vantheria-DN I thank you very much for the recommendations, I will put them into practice, that is for sure. Vantheria-DN I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who gets lost when it starts Thanks
  6. I edit my previous comment, it doesn't leave me.... Here is better explained Plezurenpain-DN It's not always like that, I've been playing for a while in the Tera Enmasse and Rider of Icarus, and in both of them it takes a little while to get the best set of the moment, but the second best team is easy and it doesn't usually cost so much to have. In Aion you have a hard time getting even a mythical old-fashioned set, many medals, a lot ap ap or many millions in the auction. That should only be so for the best set, not for everyone. The second, third and other better set should be fa
  7. It's not always like that, I've been playing for a while in the Tera Enmasse and Rider of Icarus, and in both of them it's a bit difficult to go for the teams you're interested in, but NOT MONTHS and less for an initial basic set, which here also costs months and is difficult to get unless you buy it in the auction, some for many millions. Something to add is that there are TOO many SETS here and even the simplest ones cost a lot of medals or many points of abys. It would be nice if we newbies could do some quest after reaching 65 to get ourselves some mythical pvp set to be able to make quest
  8. Okay, I'm aware of that, I didn't know. I'm trying to catch up on everything. Thank you very much
  9. Been looking at that set and I think it's a good option, although it asks for a lot of medals, I don't know how long it will take to have it complete, possibly a lot of time, but I think it will be my only option. Thank you
  10. I understand what you're saying I come from other games that ended up boring me, but Aion I like it quite a lot, although I've ended up seeing what you're saying and it's not nice. The ncsoft team should be a little more friendly with the new players to get basic sets and other things, so you will win many more people to keep the game alive for a long time.
  11. I'll check out the rest of the teams to see what I can do, because I'm stressed out with the pvp sets. Thank you for responding
  12. Sick content, what I said I don't have millions and millions of kinah out of nowhere to spend on auctioning for a single piece of equipment for that would have to put real money in it. Face pvp without any pvp equipment? LOL....... that's dying over and over again and not earning any ap for not having the pvp set. I don't look for the best set of the game to start, I want a Basic PVP SET to defend myself, I don't want to spend months and months for a basic set that I will have to change in the future... everything goes in the same direction.
  13. From what I'm seeing, all the content of pvp pushes you to put real money to buy at the auction, it's almost impossible to get it without putting money or it takes you many months with a lot of daily effort, hours and hours..... This is a game, not a job, I don't understand why it's been so complicated up to that point. If they make pvp content a little easier, I'm sure they would gain more population, many people wouldn't think so much before playing aion instead of other games. There is no way to get a base pvp team for which we are new, it is ridiculous Thank you very much for replyin
  14. How can I get the Boundless set? It won't take me months to get it, will it? I don't have any pvp sets and I think it would be nice to start with this one, but I don't know how
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