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  1. This is formal aion player (beat) I remember alot of you were saying 6.0 will be less p2w and gears are ez to get and that bring balance between so called p2w players and none paid player. How do you think now i told you it will be the same. I just laugh hard now. So please listen this time i hope you follow what i said. If you really wanna keep on playing aion start from new server (everyone has same gears) those who have rewards from previous patch they will be on top from the beginning until the end (do not listen to those i have no idea what i am talking about from streamers) I fought and warned many times on 5.8 what to prepare and dont listen incorrect info from garbage streamers. Do not ignore this time guy if you wanna enjoy aion If you have no ultimate gears as reward go to new server there everyone has same gears. Aion was and is and will be the same it is nothing to complains like bunch of losers After all the company have to make profit and you choose to play. Gl hf

    i agree it is been too long to see those hackers around. we all know who those hackers are, i am getting sick of it too.