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  1. I agree with Alvie. Most people playing right now are spending most of their time doing PvE, and there is no way anyone can deny that. On Siel, the upper abyss very rarely has any meaningful pvp going on. People would much rather spam DC/Adma/SR or grind fort guards/repeatables, than fly around the abyss for an hour and never find any good pvp (if you are an asmo) or fly away from a fort and instantly get griefed by 10 asmos (if you are an elyos). So yes, while this game is marketed by its player base as a pvp game and perhaps on some level that is true to an extent, most players sp
  2. Not sure why you people seem to think this pass was "rushed" or NCwest had any say in what we get at all. Everything we get is going to be copy/pasted from Korea and you are going to need to learn to accept that or just quit lol. I'm not even sure why a "bad" battle pass is making people so upset. Like if you don't think the rewards are not worth your money, then don't buy it? Congrats you saved yourself from spending another $30 USD or whatever the cost is.
  3. They should never have even made two servers from the start, honestly. There hasn't been a log-in queue for EITHER server since day 1 when they staggered logins with the intentional queue. Sure there are some players who probably enjoy playing a less populated server, but Israphel is far beyond what most people would consider fun and the game would be more enjoyable for most people on both servers if they just merged at this point. Merge servers and reset all forts, both IS-A and SL-E would have a chance to have fun again and if things are still unbalanced at that point, THEN nc can star
  4. Lol. Destroying the gates at Siel forts isn't "BAD". There are plenty of GOOD reasons to spend a few extra minutes breaking a gate rather than just flying into the small hallways at the bottom. But please continue with this rant, it is pretty interesting.
  5. @Kibbelz Can we get some sort of update on this event? It's been a week since Bakarma has been killed and it sort of seems like this event was just completely forgotten or something. I'm sure you guys are very busy, but some sort of update on this would be nice.
  6. This has to be a bait post, right? No one in their right mind would think elyos on Siel are being "stomped" when both factions own one fort.
  7. Good job guys, its a really hard fight.
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