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  1. Meanwhile I haven't seen any gold spams for weeks now. Just do a bit of research & you should be able to find what you are looking for!
  2. Today I was able to farm 15 minutes in the abyss before every single spot have elyos again. Just like Odow said we are way too far beyond to make it interesting or worth the fight for the spot (for most of us, not all of us). If there's any learning curve in Aion, it just feels miserable now. Also GL finding a group for Adma or Draupnir if the people you are not used to run with are on cd/not online (even if it got better these last few days). Right now 100~ asmos online (bots included). That is the reality of IS-A & people should not speak too much about it if they are not experienc
  3. EU (new) player here, been trying to get some AP in upper the last 2 days, met almost 0 asmos (except during the daily reset) & my ass keep being wiped in the air by Sanctus/Korea (to not mention latte is horse). So yes nothing I can do to get AP or at least nothing I'm aware of (which is probably the case?). Just like Stormwing said, IS-E just don't miss a chance to rub it in (of course there will be PvP, that's the main focus of the game but no match ain't fun) Git Gud? How when every single Elyos I encounter are either more geared (way more) than I am or roaming with 2+ players? Th
  4. New player from IS-A here! Been playing or I rather say struggling up to 50(sm). Speaking PvE I'm pugging & it is hard to find people to run Adma with, same goes for Steel Rake, havent cleared Bakarma yet. Outside of statics there's almost no clerics or templars 50 to play with. A lot of people are somehow still stuck running FT or NTC. Regarding PvP rifts areas are nearly deserted, and during my last leveling doing upper forts reps we would often get wiped by the same group of Elyos resulting a disband. Also no sieges. Like I said I'm fairly new to the game so I don't give a
  5. Feel like the pass should not give more rewards but I agree 30$(each character) is a bit much!
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