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  1. The problem we have is that people experience different things, and refuse to acknowledge that there are different realities for everyone. Everyone just thinks "this is what I experience, so this must be what other people experience" or "If I can do it, you should be able to as well." This isn't true. Your reality doesn't necessarily reflect the reality of someone else, and vice versa. Have there been times where I could grind out quests and gain a few levels with minimal to no interruption? Yes. Have there been times where I get mowed down by groups of purples 12 times in a span of an h
  2. I joined my legion here for the memories and nostalgia - we played China Aion before release, and then were very close and active on release. Most of us invested in 3 months of Siels, though don't plan to continue beyond that.
  3. I'm just trying to get to the mid 40s so I can enjoy some of the instances with my legion before everyone's 3 month Siel buff runs out and we all leave.
  4. This isn't the classic version though, it just has some of the classic feel, that's it. There wasn't RMT in classic. In true classic rifts were a rare special occurrence, severely limited, and not marked on the map at all. If you wanted to rift you had to actually want it - you had to wait for the rifts to spawn, and then run around trying to find it before it was used up. Rifts didn't last long, were hard to find, and weren't commonly up. In this "classic" version there is 24/7 rift access, and there's no challenge to finding them or using them, they're literally always there. This isn't "cla
  5. Elyos side is definitely screwed right now. It’s not a lack of leadership, it’s a lack of numbers, no one can do anything. Once you hit 20, your options are to grind on Verteron elites or grind in Theobomos, as asmo have constant access to Eltnen and will prevent you from questing there. God help you once you hit 30 and get to Heiron, you can’t do anything there. 90% of content right now is blocked by asmo, especially mid 30s-40s. Alliances of asmo will camp in Heiron, blocking access to instances, steamrolling every Elyos they cross, literally killing everything in town including quest
  6. So basically going around killing lowbies and bots, and then acting like it means something. Cool story bro.
  7. Twinking to me is basically equipping a lower level character with advantages that most players at that lower level wouldn't be able to obtain. You usually get to twink a character by farming on a higher level character, or buying and selling candy/RMT/etc. For example, a non-twink level 25 usually has a combination of whites, greens and blues, maybe a gold. A twink 25 is one that has all gold gear, socketed, and possibly enchanted. Think of it as being your own sugar mama/daddy; making your low level character the best it can possibly be at that level, and then keeping it there to reap that
  8. Funny how botting and cheating like this are both allowed, but running SR isn't.
  9. On Siel it's definitely getting harder to find groups on Elyos side anyway, at least mid levels (where I'm stuck). A merge will only prolong the inevitable, but it won't fix it. Merges only temporarily put pressure on the bleed, but it's still bleeding. Since CAion, merges haven't done much in the long term unfortunately. Things that could help are definitely easier solutions, like active bot bans, rift-free time, more quests, etc. I can't walk 5 feet on Elyos side without coming across at least one bot, if not a bot with a half dozen other bots in tow. You can't group to finish quests,
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