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  1. Can Asmo on Isra have this extended at least for few days?
  2. I think that they failed massively with Aion Events, what i would love would be some kind of DLC quality EVENT in a story form, that would be so neat, but hey this is NCSoft
  3. you cant spare 13€/$15 ? literally a scrap of money
  4. Well in later Aion Versions the Quest Cube is normal, and gathering isnt part of the game in such matter anymore, nor is crafting - talking about 7.x ver so just the QC would be nice enough.
  5. Not sure what you mean I got 1.3kk at lvl 22, so how is a mil not possible to get?
  6. Same problem, cant purchase sub, cos of 99150.. Sent ticket, no response yet
  7. Doesnt mean we wont have it. Just saying, having DEV answer would be nice.
  8. Would be nice to get Devs Pitch into this. @Kibbelz would you please help answer us these?
  9. 1. Would it be possible to add Quest Cube/Inventory to the game? Same as later version has. 2. Is it possible to lower the XP needed for each level up? Currently its alright, but the momentum at which you can level is drastic, not to mention there aren't Tea of Recovery or anything to help with leveling. 3. What about Skills Autolearn for normal skills? Wouldn't it be better for the game itself? I honestly think that Having 1mil Kinah limit + 1Mil Costs of lvl 50 skills isnt working at all. Thanks!
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