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  1. sucks when you tell everyone you know about this game aion, the memories you had from 10 years ago sticks with you for so long. they rerelease it, but its almost unrecognizable. the monthly fee kills the ability to play at your own speed. considering it takes an hour to complete npc chains or get a group, the 1 hours trial is bs and not even meant for the most casual of players. i brought a person who had never played aion in his life back to classic, and even they are confused to why i loved this game so much. its not the same game, by any means. the nostalgia didnt even really hit,
  2. I've been saying this since week one. game is unrecognizable. this isnt aion classic. its aion't give a nyerk.
  3. yea people know when a relationship is one sided and somewhat abusive. nc soft absolutely hates na players. they prove that every single time they update and have taken every single quality of life feature out. they also just want your money, they do not care one bit about your gaming experience. not even a little. they are here to cash in then dip tf out. and killing the game is their plan as they simply do not care anymore about na, and want it to die. they're doing such a good job at that, at least. shame on you n c soft.
  4. i'll preface this by saying i've only done this with another person. so this might not work. but i think if you clear the entire bottom floor so you can kite him. hes melee, should be easy as you can see him casting threatening spells so just run up the stairs so you have time to heal between hits. you can try to kite him to the bottom of the ramp so you can put as much dissonance between him as you can. since you cannot root him it might be better to kite around the ramp, instead of on it. fly off when you need to and force him to run around it. hope this helps. if i ever get around t
  5. this is a really good thing to touch on. aion is one toxic community. most people who play this are not only against the other faction, but entirely against their own. 1. people constantly limit levels on their instance runs. 50's only etc. you'll literally have two groups calling for people for three hours, both make up one group, but the level 50 group would never let anyone under 50 in, so ya'll just sit there like idiots screaming for level 50's instead of taking others and showing them how its done or better yet, helping them grow. how bad can you nyerk over your own faction
  6. this one is especially troubling. imagine being this arrogant that you think an entire game revolves around beating on lower players. what kind of life would someone have to live to then want to come into a video game, which is supposed to bring people joy, and blatantly break rules, ruin it for others, simply because you believe you deserve more than everyone else who is playing. i swear some of ya'll need to put aion down and look up therapists. this is not a healthy or sane mentality. people are bad at a game you paid to win at... people are bad at a game they have less
  7. found the low life level 50's who havent grown at all since og launch. thanks for outing yourselves LOL
  8. its hardly new. which is really sad. same people havent grown one bit in 12 years.
  9. honestly its toxic behavior breeding toxic behavior. i've never been into killing pinks. in fact, if im rifting, and someone is leveling and they run, i leave them alone. im not here to nyerking ruin someones day by taking content away from them because im a selfish low life like these level 50's rifters. the issue is that, toxic behavior will breed more toxic behavior. i am almost at my wits end too and about to start kill everyone and everything, pink or not, because elyos level 50's wont get the hell out of beluselen level 42 grind areas. how pathetic can you be? you really just dont
  10. stop giving these idiots the platform to harass and bully lower level players. literally no one respects these people. no one thinks they're cool or good at the game. no one will miss them. thank you.
  11. its really insane how these people just sit in low level areas waiting for the one or two people roaming around trying to level. i couldnt imagine lowering myself to such play style. it truly shows what kind people play this game. i feel for them honestly. no life outside of this game, ruining it for others with joy. really sad.
  12. ncsoft doesnt care. they made a quick buck off all the morons who paid out the ass for a game they've already played in detail. now they're just sitting back and collecting from the desperate nerds who have nothing outside of aion. thse people are their cash cows. sitting in moms basement spending their covid checks on aion. according to nc soft, its working as intended!
  13. unfortunately it wont stop the low lives who's only chance at any life accomplishment is farming lowbies in aion. nothing has really changed for these people in the 12 years since retail launch. still sad sweaty losers who have nothing outside of aion. they get off on ruining this for other people then are the first to complain the game is dead. please give these heinous low lives something to do other than ruin peoples gaming experience... we beg you aion. they're getting antsy now. farming people 20+ levels below... thats how desperate they're becoming. like unfed pigs in the wil
  14. this is so wrong on so many levels its insane. first of all, this game is ten years old. the current patch held up for years before aion really turned into something else. i personally have leveled over 20 characters over the years in aion, so rushing.... isnt really the right word you want to use here. this is a REPEAT game. not a new one. so i doubt people RUSHED as much as they just knew what to do and how to get it done. they really thought reviving a 12 year old game and charging out the ass for digital content that costs them nothing would be the move.
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