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  1. My highest is a lvl 20 and I am also not happy with the exp event. This ain't the classic experience they promised us.
  2. That issue you speak of is called common sense, which you seem to be lacking.
  3. I don't need to be someone official to call you Karen. That doesn't even make sense. 🤔
  4. There is absolutely no need for another post then and there is absolutely no comic relief to be had reading it. But I guess your need to be heard is strong, Karen.
  5. Your post offers nothing that could help troubleshoot your problem, how about instead of just whining you add what happens when you try to log in and if you get an error message. Also, so far you seem to be the only one with this problem, so no, RNG was not added but whatever makes you feel better, eh?
  6. I remember back at original launch my then bf needed 42nd tries.
  7. What are some good filter phrases? I used $ and Kinah but happy to add more.
  8. I caved in and made my first asmo^^ She looks badass! Loving the glowy eyes, horns and claws. Oh my now I am in between which side to play. Oh no.
  9. Use the Return skill or a town scroll.
  10. Random question but inquiring minds want to know! Personally I chose Elyos because of the more healthy skin color and the fact that the leveling maps are bright, wonderful places to be in. On the contrary I wouldn't mind the Asmo claws and glowing eyes x3
  11. If you want only an admin to respond to your request then you should DM one and not create a forum post in a public forum where anyone can reply.
  12. What the community sees is irrelevant as they do not have the tools to ban botters. An in game report using the function is a lot more efficient from a developer stand point as opposed to opening the forums, going to the specific topic and scrolling through the pages to find the newest bot reports. That's a lot of extra steps the in game report function doesn't use. Ergo its more efficient.
  13. And some random forum post would be more serious and helpful than using the in game function specifically made for reporting bots how?
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