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  1. PvP Gearing for New Players?

    Oh, other important question. Does 65 officer gear upgrade into spinel officer gear or do you have to grind out an R1 75 set and upgrade?
  2. New Server Name Suggestions

    Oh, I didn't realize my two picks were previous server names. Welp. What about Kromede and Robstin? Or perhaps Ahserion and Erishkigal?
  3. New Server Name Suggestions

    Perfect way to trigger the veterans I feel like it's time for new names instead of the same two. How about: Fregion [Siel + Beritra] Meslamtaeda [Israphel + Kahrun + Tiamat] Reasoning - fits notable figure naming convention, is factionless (since both are Dragon Lords), and are new names that don't imply the complete irrelevance of servers that aren't Siel and Israphel.