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  1. Review the FEAR ! Too many fear...

    Didn't clerics get a way to dispel fears in 5x? A lot of the Archdaeva skills were moved into the normal skill tree but I could be wrong.
  2. I guess a crit emphasis makes sense, particularly since 7.0 is moving AT to the Plate class, we'd want to socket like magic Gladiators, so more crit for our fast, up-close strikes would be beneficial.
  3. Tiamat's Shadow Quest keeps reseting???

    Yeah, that reset is a pain in the butt. An adjustment to the time limit would be nice.
  4. Super happy to get some guidance! This guide is very comprehensive, but I do have a quick question- what magical accuracy/magical attack stats should we be shooting for in the PvP gear?
  5. Aion: Awakened Legacy Known Issues - January 21

    Fret not- Charging Activation is now a passive skill. It no longer needs to take up room in your quickbar.
  6. Post your Aion character!

    Probably one of my favorite images of Vice. I actually have this as a phone background.
  7. 7b giveaway in DN-A if you try another MMO

    Do I count in the giveaway now? In my defense I only EXTREMELY recently started GW2. I should play it more!
  8. 7b giveaway in DN-A if you try another MMO

    For some reason it won't let me edit this post so I'll post the image here.
  9. 7b giveaway in DN-A if you try another MMO

    Guess I'd better roll a DN character...
  10. Join the EU 6.2 beta and see what you think! https://en.web.pts.aion.gameforge.com/website/6-2/
  11. Now THERE'S a name I haven't seen in a while...
  12. Shaky Hands Trouble in PvP

    Duel early, duel often. But real talk, accept that you probably won't be able to pvp until 6.0 because of the +40 generals currently rampaging outside home cities. There's really no fighting that unless you feel like dropping ten grand a month. And then apparently we'll have to use our wallets to fine tune stats on weapons by re-rolling them with real money...
  13. Padmarashka farming group - DN-E

    I'd certainly like to get the cipher without having to go through the cash shop.
  14. Arena dodging

    I think the dodges are more a symptom of a larger problem with the game's PVP at the moment. Whenever I do get a matchup, I either completely stomp the enemy or I can't even hit them and they just yawn and faceroll me. Why even bother? Just watch the instance gate and see if geared people are queuing for the match and then dodge appropriately, I assume the logic goes.
  15. Insane to get coins from the eye.

    Pretty much the only time buying anything with the coins was worth was in the initial 12 hours of the event before they took it down and hiked the prices. I'm really sad so many people got screwed in this way. Join the boycott and stop buying things from the BCM! It's a dim hope at best to get NCWest to recognize how terribly they've hurt players, but probably the only nerve endings a company can feel is if it's stabbed in the wallet.
  16. 40 days! Attention: Katalam & Danaria

    Go much longer than 40 days. Don't give them a cent until they make some truly positive changes in this game. And if they don't even have the decency to respond to this, then we should all quit en masse.
  17. Updated: Return to Tiamaranta's Eye Event Reward List

    The economy shouldn't even be an excuse because 6.0's new kinah and mats-only trading effectively removes the player-run economy. It's just smoke and mirrors for the simple fact that NCSoft does not give two nyerks about players.
  18. Updated: Return to Tiamaranta's Eye Event Reward List

    People being geared doesn't make Ncoin. Between this pricing nyerkup and 6.0 cutting literally half the game I'm bloody well ready to quit. Considering the economy will be gone in 6.0 you really can't use that as an excuse, NC. It's all going away, so why not let people stock up on omegas and get ready for the new patch where things are supposedly less awful? Why make the same mistake Korea did and lose all your players? You guys are nyerking idiots. It's studios like NCSoft that make me genuinely concerned that the games industry isn't being taken over by Zynga-esque looters.
  19. Will you keep supporting this game after TIA event nyerk up?

    They literally could have just used the server downtime to remove gear breakthroughs. Then let everyone farm the event normally like it was so we can ALL get caught up, or with a reduced drop rate to make it less easy for bots.
  20. MAssive DC KT-asmo during divine siege, no rewards

    I don't even care about the fortress flag. Just the spinels and whatever else. Just SOMEthing for wasting our time with this horrendously buggy patch.
  21. How do y'all make Kinah?

    Abyss weeklies for blood marks to convert into greater mythical supplements are a solid stream of revenue, as well as supplement crates in AoE and CoE. It's much easier to get kinah now than it's ever been.
  22. So I just revisited Aion after 2 years...

    For someone returning after this long, you're in for a long, hard grind. I also direct you to this thread re: the cash shop question: Observe the unholy beauty of the wallet warrior in their natural habitat.
  23. MAssive DC KT-asmo during divine siege, no rewards

    +1 can confirm. I wasn't affected by the d/c but my alliance evaporated into thin air. NCSoft, please fix your shit. >.<
  24. PvP Gearing for New Players?

    I personally am not in this position, but I often try to help newer players out in gearing, so I figured this begs the question. What PvP gear are people supposed to start with? The abyss BM quests were all up-leveled heavily and are much more difficult to farm, considering that the gear itself is more or less obsolete. Arena 66 is a nyerk-show to get because people would have to idle in arenas for months because they don't have gear to fight in, plus the elitism that continues to surround Harmony gearing will lock players out of another source of valor insignias. Then there's Abyss gear. The Petra medals change was actually a very nice idea, since this means you can trade the medals around and make the gear less difficult to acquire. However, sieges themselves are going to be a cluster-nyerk for new players to farm due to the high level mobs and instaburst from enemy faction members making it difficult to actually earn contribution consistently. What should I tell new players to concentrate on first, gear-wise if they wish to PvP sooner?
  25. PvP Gearing for New Players?

    Statwise if you have a full officer or R1 mythic set, would 70AP still outdo it in stats, or should I stick it out for 75AP for a more direct upgrade?