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  1. I think the dodges are more a symptom of a larger problem with the game's PVP at the moment. Whenever I do get a matchup, I either completely stomp the enemy or I can't even hit them and they just yawn and faceroll me. Why even bother? Just watch the instance gate and see if geared people are queuing for the match and then dodge appropriately, I assume the logic goes.

  2. Pretty much the only time buying anything with the coins was worth was in the initial 12 hours of the event before they took it down and hiked the prices. I'm really sad so many people got screwed in this way. Join the boycott and stop buying things from the BCM! It's a dim hope at best to get NCWest to recognize how terribly they've hurt players, but probably the only nerve endings a company can feel is if it's stabbed in the wallet.

  3. People being geared doesn't make Ncoin.

    Between this pricing nyerkup and 6.0 cutting literally half the game I'm bloody well ready to quit. Considering the economy will be gone in 6.0 you really can't use that as an excuse, NC. It's all going away, so why not let people stock up on omegas and get ready for the new patch where things are supposedly less awful? Why make the same mistake Korea did and lose all your players?

    You guys are nyerking idiots. It's studios like NCSoft that make me genuinely concerned that the games industry isn't being taken over by Zynga-esque looters.

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