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  1. I personally am not in this position, but I often try to help newer players out in gearing, so I figured this begs the question.

    What PvP gear are people supposed to start with? The abyss BM quests were all up-leveled heavily and are much more difficult to farm, considering that the gear itself is more or less obsolete.

    Arena 66 is a nyerk-show to get because people would have to idle in arenas for months because they don't have gear to fight in, plus the elitism that continues to surround Harmony gearing will lock players out of another source of valor insignias.

    Then there's Abyss gear. The Petra medals change was actually a very nice idea, since this means you can trade the medals around and make the gear less difficult to acquire. However, sieges themselves are going to be a cluster-nyerk for new players to farm due to the high level mobs and instaburst from enemy faction members making it difficult to actually earn contribution consistently.


    What should I tell new players to concentrate on first, gear-wise if they wish to PvP sooner?

  2. 1 hour ago, Zkaza-SL said:

    [a post I wanted to quote originally but I don't anymore and the forums won't let me remove it, but this guy was talking about Katalam and Danaria as the server names]

    Perfect way to trigger the veterans :/

    I feel like it's time for new names instead of the same two.

    How about:

    Fregion [Siel + Beritra]

    Meslamtaeda [Israphel + Kahrun + Tiamat]

    Reasoning - fits notable figure naming convention, is factionless (since both are Dragon Lords), and are new names that don't imply the complete irrelevance of servers that aren't Siel and Israphel.

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