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  1. Ohmeng Forthy right. Also, yeah do a little research, and you will see it's not just NC getting DDOSED some People over in the Cambodia/Viet regions are possibly bored (prolly just a vpn), buuut you never know. Still no reason to pee your pants. Watch anime. That's what I do :3
  2. Cheesecake has a point, and this has been confirmed. Just try to do something else in the meantime. It's not easy to mitigate DDOS attacks on game servers. So I think peoples gotta be patient. I know it's hard when you don't have other things to do, but the only thing I am sad about is the XP buff q.q I'm loosing out a lot on that. That's about it.
  3. I know right. Ima just do other hobbies and stuff until it's fixed. Not the end of the world :3
  4. Was gunna try to find my name in that but it's way to fast I was there jumpin tho. Thanks Qahlel <3
  5. We had the best Kamar during this lag and were all cracking up about it in TS, even tho it was annoying, it was still funny as hell. We still won
  6. Did you consider Day Light Savings into any of your calculations?
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