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  1. oh so beaultiful these volunteers. look at them helping making us some charity!!! Ohhh my god so beaultiful!! C'mon bro! really? we pay tons of money to this company, for you come here and say that? You can be better that that. So this company too. And if you are only voltunteers, why open a server like that? to make us pay a lot of money, not fix things and say: "oh you don't how things work and you should no complain" Not today, bro. not today! These vounteers or whoever is sitting there MUST do something. we are paying. And they can't only open tickets while we all are
  2. seriously, guys. I can't understand how can you all break the sieges for 1 month, and you don't even can't do nothing about it. Did you know that noone is succeding to get a fortress for weeks? Some legions are dying because they litteraly can't do nothing about sieges. Do you at even pay attention on that? on what is happening with your OWN GAME? Can't you see what's happening beneaf ur nose? guys! c'mon! You are better than this. So stop aggressively getting our money for nothing and help us fixing these little things. For real guys, in IS we are all overloaded with your i
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