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  1. how can you believe this will happen ? Most of the elites are hiding their gear details. You can never know who have gears and whose gears got removed.
  2. This is not the good old days anymore and the golden age of MMO will never be back. It is already a miracle that there are still have many people playing Aion after 10+ years from the first release. I don't think a F2P Aion will last for another 10 years because no game will. I know F2P players could be important sometimes. You can see that Aion is not totally F2P right now and it is not as bad as you thought. Making a game F2P isnt that easy because the bots will take advantage of it first. Bots cannot bother me at all but F2P players won't be happy to see them. Most of them will quit
  3. About the prices of Siel's Aura. NCsoft clearly knows that this is an old game and most of returning players are adults with jobs. The price is nothing to P2W players. F2P players don't have to buy aura if they don't care about winning. The bots can keep eco flowing too. Many Asian games require the bots to maintain their eco, otherwise the eco will be completely destroyed by whales. I have seen people bought out all manastones, enchantment stones and balaur mats several times already. Your opinion makes little sense. People play PVP because they want to PVP, not for rewa
  4. You are still unable to get 50e in a week with AP trading 24/7 and there must be a reason that you are not going to play on a private server
  5. I dont know if you can get my idea. The 50e is available in this patch. It should not exist if we cannot get it with a reasonable difficulty. Why not just release it together with the dredge and Dark Poeta ? I don't think 2 months is a so called short time. more than 80% of the mmos cannot stay popular for more than a year. IMO, the reasonable grinding time should be 3 months and no more than 6 months. If people want to get 50e in 3 months, they need to farm 40k AP per day. It is not that easy for the majority even with AP trading. Few people can actually play the game like a job and f
  6. The difficulty is not reasonable right now. You can see how much AP is required for level 50 PvP gears and there is literally no way to get that much AP. You PVP hard all day and you will lose it upon getting killed once. Yeah, you will lose 1.2k Ap when you have 300k AP in hand and everybody will focus on you in PVP. IMO, classic is a fast pace game where gears cannot catch up with player level. People cannot farm AP like what they did in the original game or they will suffer in PVP. This is also not the game that you can find easy PVP anymore. You can either go kill lowbies, or get r
  7. I respect this guy really. He need to play more than 14 hours on that day and trade AP with at least 30 guys constantly. 99% of you guys wont have the ability to play hard like him
  8. I don't want to argue something without true statement. We have no way to count how many traders are there and we can never know if banning them will kill the game. By the way, I am talking about the AP trading in general. I don't trade during siege so i don't know how bad it is. Many people include myself dont really care about medals, we just buy it from broker and its not expensive. All I want is the PVP set and I am not gonna keep AP rank. AP trading is not abusing bug or using 3rd party software so I don't think its exploiting. I thought you are smart enough to not
  9. I cannot say much about this because i dont trade AP in this way. In your case, NCsoft cannot just ban so many people in siege because it will kill the game. This is a complicated issue. What you are talking about is the DPS in PVE boss fight . The only people can hold advantage for a short time period are the ones who started trading AP on week 1, skipped all PVE gears and bought PVP gears directly. They will lose their advantage slowly in PVE when other people get their lv50 dungeon weapons. Also, the world boss are usually camped by large guilds and it is nothing about AP
  10. There is no inflation because the gear supply is unlimited the price will never change . AP is not a reward only from PvP because people can get it from PvE too. There is literally no skill-based player battle, The results of PVP are usually determined by gear, level and the amount of players on each side. Basically it is the same as AP trading when people are fighting against non-competitive enemies. Trading AP is not an exploit. It is not against the TOS. AP traders are not abusing bugs or using a software from the 3rd party. You are not in the position to say the
  11. They are level 50 does not mean that they have good gears. Most of them cannot fight geared people so they will kill lowbies instead.
  12. ask yourself, would you go kill pink players with all your end game gears ? you will get nothing from them and they won't lose any ap to you
  13. KR did it because their players can get crowns as many as they want from subscriptions. Their whales don't need to trade ap so NCsoft does not need to worry about false banning them. We cannot buy crown here and many people already traded ap. Banning them will kill the game instantly. There is no borderline between PVP and AP trading. Image that your group get banned after you killed the same ganker 100 times. I am sure people will abuse this and make their enemies banned. Trading AP is a good thing or there will be more AP hungry people go rifting. Hunting newbies is more toxic
  14. Nobody cares. People can have all good PVE gears but they gotta get PVP gears and enhance them again. Ban LR is not a problem. People can buy runs. Candy is not a thing in late game. Do you really think people are stupid enough to sell 60 pieces of candy for a single enhancement stone ?
  15. Many people just don't like PVE because all the PVE gears will be replaced by PVP gears eventually and it's waste of money to +10 or +15 PVE gears. The broker is empty because everybody can afford everything, people just snipe the items instantly. Merge the server will not change the fact that people will still buy out everything on broker.
  16. It is hard to farm AP. PVP gears cost too much, AP penalty is too heavy upon death for high rank players. AP traders can skip +15 PVE gear, dungeon runs and crafting. Cheap, Fast , and Easy. If you don't trade AP, you can never catch up with the people who got PVP gears earlier. They will farm you for AP.
  17. I disagree with your opinions. Gear and skill are 2 completely different factors. It means that players can have both of them. Geared player can also be good at the game and skilled player can also buy gears. There is nothing wrong. I believe that most people here are not kids anymore but they still cannot think like adults. You should know that P2W exists everywhere especially in the games with vertical progression. NCsoft might not sell P2W items, but people can buy gold, buy top accounts, buy power leveling, buy dungeon runs. All of these can be considered as P2W in some people's opi
  18. Image that manastone is as expensive as enchantment stone which cost 5m each, people gotta save kinah for 5 days to afford only 1 of them due to the kinah daily limit. I don't think its a good thing.
  19. Since we all know that a game with vertical progression must be P2W, and top players can always steamroll noobs. The people who did not quit must liked or accepted the situation. It well explained why lv50s kill lowbies through rift because they want to steamroll others too. You can try to fight equally geared people but it won't fun as you thought in Aion. The people who are gonna fight you won't give you such a chance and they will gank you instead.
  20. It's not the old good days anymore when you can buy everything with Kinah. If you are worried about tiger candy, probably you don't have friends to run dungeon or farm AP with
  21. yes but your first expert profession need to be 449 before you can start the 2nd one. If your first one is not cooking or alchemy you are pretty much messed up.
  22. Server transfer will ruin the economy. People will buy out all cheaper items in one server and sell them to the other server.
  23. Not any game have a perfectly balanced PVP You don't have to play this game as a job and level up fast. Hitting lv50 will not make you a god. This game isn't a PVE game so quest and instances are not that important. They should sell AP relics instead of Candy. Candy is useless
  24. You have nothing to lose if you are not a PVPer. You don't have AP, you won't lose exp or money. Your enemy won't gain AP from you multiple times. You shouldn't have problem with that. On the other hand, nobody can play this game without death. Getting 2 crafting professions to 399 should bring you to lv30 with exp bonus, then you can do dungeon runs and clear a few quests near city to lv40. You can keep running dungeons or jump the the last map to kill lv45 mobs till you hit lv50
  25. Low level players need more amulets than high level players do. I spied on Siel and they only got more skill books than IS. The design, gear and mats are extremely rare as well. People on both factions of both servers just dont want to sell their items
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