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  1. @Kibbelz Promotion Clarification

    Disregard previous post in content but not in spirit, be clear with us! Glad it counts, didn't see the support follow-up quote, herp derp.
  2. @Kibbelz Promotion Clarification

    This is...not cool. @Kibbelz You're proving to be a reasonable person, I'm sure you can see the need for a clarification/removal of this strange requirement we're now suddenly aware of. If you guys want to have them not count going forward just tell us now but we shouldn't be punished for a lack of transparency on your side. Anyone who bought/used a Pixel under the assumption they would receive the Apostle/Ultimate bundle should absolutely get one because, you know, we're not mind readers. Pixels are Legendary Transformations and should 100% count for any Legendary Transformation-related things.
  3. Harvest Festival Merchant Issue

    @Kibbelz Big thanks to you & the rest of the team for being willing to consider alternatives, I think this response makes a lot of sense both for us and you. Look on the bright side though, the legendary transformation is certainly a low-barrier reward now (As it well should be)! Hopefully now we can all try for some of the other items that the transformation would have diverted resources from. P.S. Thank you for adding those pine needle bundles as well, my guilt every time I needed to go get my needles was getting out of hand. Now at least everyone will have a reliable way to do at least a reasonable amount of crafts each day, hopefully decreasing the competition for the mobs.
  4. This cant be right (moon lovers)

    Yeah this is real weird. Darus (plentiful/all day spawns) are group loot and Pine Lovers (Limited #/slow respawn/short spawn window) are solo...seems like some stuff got jumbled up here. Hopefully we'll see it corrected :l.
  5. Agreed, there is really no reason to limit this stuff. If you're showing up and participating in the event you should end up with something to show for it. Alliance loot would help this event become a community-building opportunity, rather than a dividing one.
  6. Thoughts From A Returning Player

    I was in a similar situation when I returned just before the start of summer and now, after several months of progression, I have reached a good spot where both PvE and PvP goals are starting to fall into place. I agree completely that coming back was rough, especially since I did not spend much/any money outside of my sub. The key for quick progression is, both fortunately and unfortunately, rooted firmly in what events are rolling as you come back. It was the stormwing event for me (which was an amazing event for returners/new players) but the ones we have right now are also pretty good for squaring away some important goals (namely progress toward +15 stigmas and Sovereign weapons/armor). If you haven't already, go take a look at the Class Master event while we still have it and make sure to nab the 1k coin bundles off each class you've got a level 80 of on your account which can be stored in your account warehouse. If you're subbed/have the desire to get all 12 classes up you'll have enough coins to grab yourself a legendary transformation and a good chunk of the coins required for a sovereign weapon. Also if you need help with Katalam/Demaha daily/weekly questing my group always has a spot and we go most nights/are friendly :). Anyway, welcome back and hang in there!
  7. Event instance - Tips

    We usually have our Temp positioned like that so they can just keep the boss still and not pull in any extra adds (keeps the basic spammy aoes hitting the boss and not the rubbish). Only advice I can give on the mecha boss is to try to coordinate the glad's aerial thrust and the sorc's 4 as it is quite high damage and will hit non-aerial thrusted targets near the one you're hitting. Base on sorc's 4 is 4k, I believe, and it is spammable so it can land on the boss if you're coordinating with your glad. Also, burning some DP skills on the mecha seems worthwhile as well, pre-popping 2k/4k jellies as the sorc/glad roles can be very helpful, just make sure to do so outside since they can't be used once you enter the instance.
  8. Event instance - Tips

    Sorc's Freeze skill (3) and Glad's aerial thrust skill (not sure which one it is since I usually do sorc for my group) are also really helpful for CCing the mobs near the rangers so the temp can keep the boss away/not have to move around too much since some of them have DoTs (Robot one) that interrupt ranger use. Also, basically every skill on the last two bosses can be easily avoided as they all seem to be very close range. I'm usually perfectly safe from Fascination (Fear) and all of the other attacks by moving out to 7~ meters (I'm sure you could stay even closer, range seems to be 3-5m if I had to guess)when it starts casting and zipping right back in as it finishes. Avoiding the fear is particularly necessary for hitting those S-rank clears if you aren't running with someone with Additional Strike.
  9. Outdated rewards in Shugo Sweep.

    I was hoping for at least one of the boards to have legendary contracts (considering we usually see some lesser forms of the Golden Card's loot on the boards and it has the Apostle Selection on it) but the xp marks and the +9 stigmas curbed my disappointment, if only a little. There is just so much absolute rubbish on it though, like seriously, swap some of that stuff with piles of Grade A minium or something else that we could at least potentially use...
  10. This new form of tile-based-pvp is definitely my favorite part of this event. Not because it's fun or anything, just because the opportunity for tile-based rubbish talking is great. Get ready Elyos, I'm gonna tile you like I'm sensibly remodeling my bathroom and you're the floor.
  11. Happy S---t day !!

    Been here since day one and I have an avalanche of reactions, positive and negative, to the entirety of 5.x onward. No excuses. They are only undermining their own credibility by making a thread like this.
  12. Just chiming in here again with the sad tale of 1x 2-combo, 1x 3-combo, and 7x 4-combos and that my legionmate is dealing with right now. I literally ticketed just to ask if the rates had changed after 7.5 part 2 (they said they were unchanged) but this thread lines up too well with what I've been watching her suffer through. It was over a year's worth of saved prestige coins and just horrible amounts of resetting that has led exactly nowhere. Is there any confirmation that the rates weren't mucked with at all, like right after the patch perhaps? It's concerning to me that there would be anything in the data to reflect a change like this when so many people are reporting multiple failures on what should be a high proc chance. If the rates really are fine/working as intended we perhaps need to consider some sort of anti-rng net/break point to prevent this absolute nonsense from happening >_>; I mean at some point you've put in enough work and should probably get your gold plated child minion, especially with SS on the horizon. In short, plz send help I live in Lakrum now and farming prestige coins is my new second job D:
  13. Renown

    With everything else NCwest should be caring about right now, allllll the problems the game has and the literal mountain of feedback they've gotten...just let this one slide guys. Call it a feature. Forget to mention it in your correspondence with KR. Turn it off. Don't worry about it. The decay system is nothing but pure awful garbage that neither pushes your monetization nor yields any sort of fun for your players. And it keeps breaking. Let it die. @Loki
  14. Minion Rank S Rates

    Failed 2 - 1/1 Times Failed 3 - 1/1 Times Failed 4 - 6/6 Times ^ My legionmate. Support confirmed rates are normal/not busted. My belief wears thinner with each failed 4x but I'm glad we're posting here <_<.
  15. Feedback: Event Thread

    I'd like to see more of these thrown at us as well, don't mind the oblivious loon that was rude to you. I also had about 1k of these in my inventory when I came back a few months ago. Used every. Single. One. Because obviously temporarily boosting your xp gain by 100% is a useful thing in an XP Mark-based progression system . More Repose! More Berdin's! More Amulets!