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  1. My suggestions to bring former players back :)

    I don't know what I would do if my Fenris/Anuhart skins disappeared @_@ I love them so much. On topic: Mechanical changes to the game aren't the biggest issue for grabbing older players imo. The thing that brought me back, someone who has played Aion since beta and had quit for the past two years, was simple. The Stormwing event. An opportunity to catch up without the cash shop was extremely appealing to me and it put me in my full ult armor/weapons. Aion is an especially difficult game to pick up right now even as a returning player with the near constant, often fundamental changes Aion goes through from patch to patch. More events that both help established players and provide entry/reentry points for new/returning players are the missing piece for the player retention issues that plague the game.
  2. Images are back!

  3. What exactly is the problem with SAS?

    100% because those new tree NPCs are close to where the SAS stuff was. Until they offer us a better explanation, this will be my answer. THE TREES TOOK OUR BELOVED SHUGOS (and big glowy rock). I propose we take their leaves and make them into motorcycles.
  4. Chanter PvE Role/Gear Questions!

    Yeah it's a really strange dynamic that they seem to be pushing, kinda bumming my group's chanter out. She liked having the option to spec into support if we needed it and it's really feeling like the only option now. My cleric also saw this and was very sad about Noble Grace lol. inb4 all my healers reroll D: Things that never change: 1. War 2. Aion 3. Alice's misplaced snowman aggression
  5. Chanter PvE Role/Gear Questions!

    Thank you all so much for the replies and advice! For clarity I was asking on behalf of my group's chanter who, like the rest of my legion, is recently returned having been absent for the entirety of 6.0-7.2. We did very little PvE during 5.x and she was used to functioning almost exclusively in a DPS setup for PvP so all the HM content has been...eye opening. We were both like "man, there sure are a lot of support chanters now". I had no idea they had taken such a prominent healing role but that makes a lot of sense with how their skills have been tweaked since we last played. Watched your solo IDDHM healing vid as well @Vantheria-DN very impressive! Thank you all for the advice!
  6. Here on behalf of my socially awkward Chanter: What are the role expectations (especially in Pugs) for Chanters in PvE? What kind of manastone socketing will be most beneficial for a full Sovereign set? Basically trying to work out the dps/support balance for most HM content. Thanks!
  7. Ult Transform Potions on BCM maybe please

    Just wanted to throw this out there for you but Lakrum's level 9 renown rewards have Ultimate Transformations for 2x XP marks a pop, 10 per week. I know level 9 isn't really "feasible" to reach but now is probably the time for it since our weekly renown decay is turned off (I think?). Might at least put it into the realm of possibility, and level 9 is probably easier to maintain if you hit it before the decay kicks back in. I agree with your post though, we do need some easier access to ulti pots even in limited quantities.
  8. You guys can really just go through the backlog of old crafted skins that are no longer available and make serious bank. Old Balic skins had especially cool/unique designs. People shelled out pretty serious kinah for them back in the day, a couple bucks is an easy substitute for getting 3+ procs in a row >_>. Also make sure to wear that t1 Crucible hat that's basically just a studded belt slung across your head with that set moar belts.
  9. Kinah is Kinah!

    Strongly agree with these suggestions, kinah generation through non-luna methods is far too low. We live in a world where old methods of kinah farming were obliterated in the name of denying bots an easy source of income only to have luna, an even more bot-friendly kinah generator, rise in its place. I'd rather go slap a million rubbish mobs for whites to vendor than coordinate afk luna instances on 6432256 accounts .
  10. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 1, 2020

    ^^^ Just throwing support behind this. Talk to us, take the feedback from this thread and throw out a survey in game to get a real impression of where the bulk of your players land on siege times. Sieges are supposed to be for us and are a critically important element of Aion that should be scheduled in such a way that a maximum amount of players can attend with strong consideration given to the simple fact that this is a North American server. Keep it the same or bump it an hour earlier (imo).
  11. Farewell Daevas!

    Sorry to see you go but I think it's safe to say we all wish you the best for whatever is next for you, good luck Cyan!
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 4, 2019

    Our friendly shugo broker had the right of it. Business is bad... Nyerk.
  13. The Feels

    It has certainly been...something.
  14. UI and localization Issues Reporting

    Godstone "Strengthened Fregion's Trick" (New Blind godstone) displays as Silence when you socket it into a weapon. All of the new Strengthened Godstones I've seen have an incorrect description attached to them indicating that they will break when the "buff" ends. This is poorly worded and ambiguous. In reality they have a low chance of breaking on each activation of their effect. The text should read: "There is a small chance the godstone will be destroyed upon triggering its effect."