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  1. Not an exploit. When I first saw the drenite hitting the market my first thought was exploit/somehow gaining access to Gelk. Upon discovery of the very regular pet that had a chance to distribute the ore I chalked it up to 2.7 assets being available now. This is also reflected in countless other ways both large and small in the current state of the game. It has been crystal clear from day one that we are playing a 2.7 server with a 1.5~ ceiling and people gaining drenite is absolutely harmless and only served to assist in progression for heavily material-gated crafts which were not gated in ac
  2. Yeah, I'm really concerned at this point that they've created a problem in five minutes that is going to take them five weeks to solve. This is a bring-the-servers-down level hotfix, not a meander-its-way-through-back-channels-patch-it-next-month one. :l Medals are shooting up in price as they drop off the face of the earth too.
  3. Hide is a necessary mechanic for sins and being out in the world necessitates a level of awareness and care surrounding the very real fact you could get jumped at any second. If you're running around in an open-world PvP area (so basically, almost anywhere) in your PvE gear or popping RS on a PvE stun I mean...that's bad and should be punished. Sins get brutalized by multiple classes, hide or not. You're playing a game with a hide mechanic that should be observed, not whined about. I'm having 0 problems dealing with sins in open world PvP as a Sorc because I expect them and am aware of my vuln
  4. Everyone who didn't quit* Lol. The thought of someone re-quitting because people beat them in dredge after they left during the time they could've taken to gear up. Hah.
  5. Thank you for the timeline update re: 1.5. I'm not sure how we've come to the point where we're all expressing our excitement by throwing what I can only characterize as forum temper tantrums but plenty of people are just excited to be back in dredge, working on Fenris/Miragent, and booping Tahabata and killing ourselves on reflect.
  6. Thanks for the comment and the reaffirmation. I think that beyond the noisy minority most of us just want these bans to be appropriate & support any extra effort on your part to ensure that legitimate players remain out of them.
  7. The same path? I'm sorry but until they drop a "spend unholy amounts of money or lose access to permanent skills/content" I'm not seeing this going down the same path. Right now we're working with 1.2, an absolute hard cap of +15 50e and a mind numbing amount of time to achieve that before ABG drops which only certain classes will even consider obtaining past accessories/weapon. How is that the same path as retail with it's massive pile of content-invasive events that make all legit efforts to gear up irrelevant? We've had xp events and a broken griffon event, lol. I agree that we are all goin
  8. The fact that NCsoft hasn't done an adequate job here is incredibly frustrating but I don't understand the "lost cause" mentality. Did the pile of hackers in 2.x render it a lost cause? Did all the mass-ap farming being done by people hacking in Eso render it a lost cause? Same for every other expansion, did the piles of obvious hackers ruin it? No. They mostly did not matter. Even the best of them were minor annoyances for the duration of time leading up to their bans. Looking at Mrzzfish hack himself silly only to get bodied by just about everyone in existence is more sad than frustrating. T
  9. I mean this is crazy projection considering how bad all this stuff is on retail. Bots are literally 90% of the kinah coming into the economy and most actual loot is rmt'd on gross discords or bought with illicit kinah. Farmers can't even take over gathering and crafting because there isn't any. Drops are relegated to instances and are mostly irrelevant and PvP is absolutely dominated by p2w garbage. I got my ulti randomly but plenty of people pay for that advantage and there have been a slew of recent events that were heavily luck/p2w with seriously powerful rewards tied to them (Heavenly Wea
  10. Yeah mostly only the first paragraph was meant to address your post. I agree that the gaps are there, I just think we have more stuff coming (NC)soon that addresses those gaps.
  11. The gaps are still there in some capacities (AP Consumables and the actual problem with AP-traders long term: Rank Hoarding) but we are working with more time, more resources, generally easier avenues to access instance loot and eventually even more instanced PvP opportunities (1.9 KR stuff) to stack up resources/AP. It's disingenuous to take the current forum sentiment (AP traders are going to dominate you 100% of the time no questions asked) and apply it without some counter points visibly present. There was always going to be someone in 50e before everyone else. They weren't going to r
  12. I mean, no. First of all, this is straight up paradise compared to the original 2.0 days on Zikel-Asmo whether you're Asmo or Elyos right now. Again, 40e/50e was pretty standard for the well fed Elyos of the day who were brutally dominant and I won plenty of dredges during that nonsense. Not humble bragging, I got horrifyingly wrecked plenty of times but it's simply inaccurate to imply that dredge is going to be all AP-traders vs all legit teams. This iteration of dredge rewards crafty play and you can easily bridge the 30e <-> 50e deficit if you play like you're swinging up. You're not
  13. Gonna voice the devil's advocate position here and remind you all this is exactly the same laundry list of issues that plagued Aion at launch. The AP trading, botting, kinah purchasing (straight RMT instead of candy) all happened with similar or greater frequency but people just didn't care as much. I didn't start my eventual main until 1.9 and he wasn't in his first PvP set until 2.5~ since Zikel was a zergwall 24/7 and I had a great time despite getting rolled in dredge sometimes and getting smooshed by piles of Elyos. The reality was simply that other people would be more geared than you an
  14. It kinda strikes me as the same backwards thinking that resulted in them changing how Luna was acquired in retail somewhat recently. They had a bot problem in the luna instance which was also where they placed 99% of the kinah generation so they changed it to be acquired by killing 50 mobs each day to get your luna mat bag. Guess who didn't have a problem adapting to that? Bots. Guess who did? Players. I went from logging into Aion even while I was working at my desk and keeping my characters running through luna to never logging in unless there was something really specific that I wanted to
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