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  1. Farewell Daevas!

    Sorry to see you go but I think it's safe to say we all wish you the best for whatever is next for you, good luck Cyan!
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 4, 2019

    Our friendly shugo broker had the right of it. Business is bad... Nyerk.
  3. The Feels

    It has certainly been...something.
  4. UI and localization Issues Reporting

    Godstone "Strengthened Fregion's Trick" (New Blind godstone) displays as Silence when you socket it into a weapon. All of the new Strengthened Godstones I've seen have an incorrect description attached to them indicating that they will break when the "buff" ends. This is poorly worded and ambiguous. In reality they have a low chance of breaking on each activation of their effect. The text should read: "There is a small chance the godstone will be destroyed upon triggering its effect."
  5. Funny Pics for the Lulz Thread

    (Credit to Owlturd Comix http://owlturd.com/)
  6. Post your Aion character!

    D'aw thanks, I worked really hard on him
  7. Post your Aion character!

    My new Sorc!
  8. PvP Gearing for New Players?

    Alright so I would recommend primarily leveling through Fissure of Oblivion and the Luna Daily/Weekly instances at first. All of them are solo and will move you through 66/67 rather quickly. Your first goal should be getting to 68 which unlocks the Roah/Asteria camp weekly quests in the abyss which will rapidly speed you to 70 if you can find a couple people to do them with. Also just take some time and talk to each npc in the relevant towns and just get a lay of the land. Make sure you at least have a good feeling about Illuma/Redemption Landing. If you're having trouble finding the ancient coin gear vendors or anything I believe they should be in Cygnea somewhere. I'm an asmo and am not sure where your relevant npcs are! Good luck leveling!
  9. The Aion Feel Good Thread

    Thanks! Yeah, Protection Ward has saved me so many times since my group's Chanter got it. *pauses for 4-man CoE trauma to pass* So many times.
  10. The Aion Feel Good Thread

    Finally dinged 74 and got my essence cores upgraded high enough to use my upgraded Slayer Form! The weapons look so cool *_*
  11. Missing Quests?

    No worries! Glad to help and welcome back to Aion!
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 16, 2017

    Woooo EXP week . Time to mindlessly throw myself at 74-75 for a week.
  13. Server Merge FAQ - Updated: 9/22

    I know it's frustrating but in this case the delay isn't just a random decision, they're trying to work with us and ensure everyone gets taken care of. The justified outcry revolving around the transfer issue is worth waiting a few extra weeks to resolve, even if the further delay is disappointing (it is to me as well).