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  1. How does this conversation exist...of course solo marking is useful for PvP >_>. It's literally how I paint priority targets (dangerous/valuable) for myself when I'm out and about alone. When my target icon lights up it tells me far more information than my chat log and prevents me from having to manually search them out each time I get a ping on the log. It's particularly useful when you plan to be in the same area for long periods of time and want to have extra awareness of who is nearby. Maybe it's just a sin thing since we have more discretion about when we engage but I 100% want
  2. I'm pretty happy since my playtimes are more restrictive than back in 09 but I can see how some would feel this is a bit too soon. Though I imagine prioritizing quest completion will keep the leveling curve slow and only really allow big jumps upward if you focus on elite grinding. Since we already have the first large wave of 50s rolling around smashing our mid-30s faces in it prob won't matter much to add a few more to the pile. My guess is that they've got a reasonably quick 1.5 timetable they want us to be ready for. Or they're just doing it randomly and have no plan, who knows!
  3. I've shared most of my thoughts elsewhere but I think this thread is a pretty good take on where we stand right now. I think it's super plain to see that people who capitalized on time spent generating xp/ap are the ones sitting at the top right now. Kinah helps but we're not seeing the medal market instantly bought off the boards after each siege or valuable items inflating beyond reason with perhaps a few notable popular exceptions that will stabilize over time. Bots have already eclipsed the $$$:kinah ratio of candies and it took two weeks. Two weeks. They were always going to be the probl
  4. Agreed that the problem is rooted in the introduction of unnatural kinah into a fresh market, disagree that the edge of being first to level/instance/enchant is the worrying aspect. Whether the market was inflated or deflated bots were selling kinah on Aion at launch in quantities that allowed for these same things to happen then and now. Scummy whales bought kinah then from illicit sources but it was before p2w and f2p had risen to the prominence and awareness they have now. Even stretching it to include people who shared accounts to rush 50, legions who dumped resources to power level/gear p
  5. Yeah, those people are a baffling breed to be sure but producing a trillionaire via candies is an overstatement. I'd give it a month before bots outperform the $$:kinah exchange and those whales, just like they did in Aion at launch, will move to the more efficient exchange and candies will be something that people buy with excess quna from other purchases. Because seriously, dropping 10k on candies even assuming the whale in question tackles the multi-account long term exchange to get full value from their candies they're netting what? 3 bil~? I mean I've seen the hefty bags being held by th
  6. Even if a national economy isn't a perfect 1:1 comparison the general point of the post is spot on imo. The motion cards are a good example of an in-game item with a set price that illustrates how bad 11usd=3mil really is. They are 15 mil a pop which equates to roughly 55usd using candy exchange. These were an easy, thoughtless pickup for me back in the day and absolutely were not, in no reality, worth 50+ bucks. The idea that an early edge acquired via candies ramps down and expires is accurate imo. The amount of money you'd need to drop to keep up with the rising costs of everything as more
  7. Won't speak for Armorsmith since I don't know how the balic crafted armor stacks up but Balic weapons are bis for at least a few classes iirc. I'm not 100% sure they're in the patch we're running atm but only Tahabata weapons from the 1.5 instance would exceed them which is still months away and super difficult to get. The only problem with crafting is the rng components inherent to getting those endgame weapons since you need multiple procs and can only force procs on a few steps. Thankfully most balic skins are super cool and even your failures will fetch at least some of your material inves
  8. Free as in no extra $$$ spent on kinah to speed medal progression. Even assuming an outlandish 50/50 split between hardcore whales and the rest of us poorsies there is a gradient of gear levels in dredge and plenty of tactics to employ if your group is coming in under the gear level of your opponent. Like I said for sieges, bodies count even if their only purpose is to contribute dps toward dropping mobs/deity which can all be done without PvP gear.
  9. I can understand that sentiment but I don't find it to be accurate to this version of Aion. Part of the game's initial concept was centered around established players assisting newer ones mostly via legions. So, theoretically, even a brand new player has reasonable prospects of getting brought into a legion and finding success there as they gear up via instances, sieges, etc. They may not be on the front lines fighting enemy players at a siege but they are working down mobs and burning the deity just fine and pocketing their medals at the end. The game allows for a much greater degree of pr
  10. Considering we are hard capped at 50e...who cares if someone gets it earlier than someone else? I don't understand this logic at all. I know I'm not going to be in the first 10% of people who pull their 50e together but I'm going to end up in it so it doesn't bother me in the slightest. Like, if someone starts a month from now are they just supposed to quit because some people are already 50? This isn't some kind of race, we're all going to gear up/progress at different paces.
  11. Kinah is important which makes me feel that my previous post is misunderstood to some degree. Kinah is very useful in establishing consumables, bolstering medals, buying lootrights, etc. People benefit from having kinah, there is no debate around this point. There is debate only on the statement being made about only whales having access to stuff. This is untrue. We don't even have a medal market or an endgame consumables market to reference yet so any commentary on how they will be is pure conjecture. I can tell you from experiencing Aion at literally every stage of its development and all de
  12. I think this is a bit of a weird take considering we have no clue how the medal market will look with so many people in need of medals all at once. Medals are going to be expensive regardless of inflation given supply/demand for at least the beginning section of the game. Chances are very few people will be able to afford them and there is a bit of a choas factor given that nobody will have the ap for a full set right away either. Too many moving pieces to say something so definitive like "only whales can get them". Consumables are a different beast. If inflation kicks those up too high to
  13. For the total value of what is on the pass I'd say 15 bucks would be my upper limit for any future purchases beyond the first month. RNG enchantment stones that I'm 100% going to beef into enchantment failures is not something I want to pay extra money for, I'd rather just run instances and disenchant stuff. Too much of the pass is either temporary, rooted in RNG with a decent chance of failure, or geared toward establishing a new character (coins). Literally nothing on there is alluring to me at a 30 dollar price point and I'm not sweating the people who do buy it. Make stuff permanent and
  14. I'm in the same boat as far as my feelings about the candies being left as is but I'm not sure I understand the "welp, better uninstall". At most a whale can purchase themselves some instance gear that a successful group is selling and some medals depending on how the medal market turns out. What makes me sad is that Aion literally requires nothing of you to level or gear yourself outside of effort and time. An inflated market, while not great, doesn't require you to print money to catch up but rather forces you into the natural kinah generators the game offers through crafting, world drops, a
  15. I agree that the inflation is a problem but "nvm uninstalling"? Nah, not that level. Worried that someone was going to outspeed you into their 50e? Yeah, they will and would have without the candies being a factor. They would've bought the kinah from illicit sources and lost a few extra bucks in the process. AP trading is inherently involved in any discussion of p2w because Aion is a PvP oriented game and you're not going to loot right your way to PvP success. It has a place in this and any discussion like this and does not detract from the topic. Tamping down AP trading will yield far greater
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