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  1. Lag during Everglade/fort hours

    Was literally about to post the same thing. Around 8PM EST each night my legionmates and I have been hit with massive lag that essentially renders the game unplayable until much later in the evening. During the afternoon things are mostly lag-free as well and we've done the legwork with our ISPs and are in contact with NCsoft support regarding the issue but to little avail. This has been happening since the DDoS nonsense a while back and is extremely frustrating. If we could get any response or confirmation that this is still being looked into it would go a long way.
  2. Boss void zone abilities not visible

    No worries, hope it's fixed for you!
  3. Thanks for the update, Cyan. Is there any ETA on the previous season rewards? I imagine that is the question rumbling around the most heads at the moment. I know there was some mention of it on the old forums but it might set some minds at ease to see an update on it here.
  4. Boss void zone abilities not visible

    Nope, I have mine set the same as well. Hmmm. How about on your Misc. tab, do you have the "Display Effects for" set on anything but All? This should only affect players but Aion's settings are a fickle and strange mistress.
  5. Boss void zone abilities not visible

    First of all, welcome back! Secondly, I haven't had to mess with my settings recently but I *think* the option that controls telegraphed attack visuals is the Full Screen Skill FX. It isn't one of the sliders (It's located beneath the sliders near the bottom of the settings list) so you may have overlooked it when resetting stuff (I did the same thing a while back haha.). Hope that helps!
  6. Crucible spire as Chanter

    I managed to make it to 40 on my 70 Chanter in full Ancient Coin armor/Blood Mark Accessories and a +15 Frigida staff. Most of my success came with the staff though, not necessarily the armor. If you're looking for a good start on PvE gear though I would imagine that Archives of Eternity would be where you should start. Stuff from there (Specifically drops from the bosses, the stuff from the boxes needs to be upgraded before it's useful) has PvE defense% on it and has decent stats. Currently Archives is somewhat easily 3-manned so if you find a full group to run with you shouldn't have too much trouble picking up PvE pieces from there. The weapon would also work quite well as it has PvE Attack% on it. Aside from that, just run Dredge Defense each week and hope for a weapon! As far as stigmas go I run: Blues: Mountain Crash Blessing of Wind Healing Burst Greens: Splash Swing Word of Life Annihilation Also make sure to have your CP distributed specifically for PvE. Pull any points you have in the PvP-specific stuff and make sure you have Boost Defense and Enhance Attack running.
  7. Missing Quests?

    Alright so I'm not sure if this will work for the specific quests you're referring to but there is indeed an option related to seeing certain quests. It's under Game Options -> Interface and is called Display Low Level Quests. If the quests still exist, you should be able to see them when you have this option enabled. Even if you're on-level for the quests still tick this box for good measure.
  8. Help for a noob chanter

    Yep, and the item you want is in the far right chest at the end of the instance. Yeah I started mine a few months ago and ended up really liking it! Quickly became my new favorite alt, glad you like it as well! The world always needs more Chanters.
  9. Help for a noob chanter

    I can't really speak to the PvE stuff but for getting into PvP I would prioritize your offensive set first, especially if you wanna do Discipline or any other solo PvP content. A defensive Chanter can be annoying certain circumstances but it'll be unlikely to be a winning build. Offensive Chanter, however, can be a highly effective striker against basically every other melee and does fairly well against casters as well. You'll want to make sure to socket a fair bit of Precision in your gear (as you can) to ensure your MA is high enough to land all your stuns n whatnot (I'll let someone else chime in with the #s you'll want on that). Basically your offensive set will be mostly Precision/Power. As for what set you should shoot for I can't really recommend anything under the 70 ap set based on how enchanting works now. The spinels/ap aren't too bad and even if you get the 70 set instead of the 75 you can always purify it later. The arena set is a little outdated now if you want to be competitive but it'll serve you well as placeholder pieces with decent %'s on em and can also be used for future defensive sets (I think arena chain is decent for block? Not the best, obviously, but functional). I'd also recommend trying to get a Provenance Staff for extendable goodness. Makes a huge difference for PvP and it's stats are nice for PvE as well, though there are better options for that. Lastly, as a kinah saving strategy, make sure to run your Luna Weekly instance and do the 7-week quest on every character you can. At the end of the 7 weeks you can pull 90 +6 manastones of your choice out of the box you get for it. 90 stones can go a long way and +6 stones are perfectly acceptable for a budget set.
  10. arena sets vs myhic bm set?

    Agreed, both sets are vastly outperformed by a Spinel/Boundless set. Spinels aren't too tough to acquire anymore and converting Blood Marks/Medals into ap can help put you into either the 70 or 75 Spinel set without too much trouble.
  11. Arena of Discipline Entries

    This is indeed a very annoying issue but the answer doesn't likely lie in punishment. In my opinion this is easily solved by removing rewards for the no contest arenas and simply refunding the entry of the affected player. If you queue into an arena match and the match doesn't take place by accident or intent you should receive your entry back. The incentive for doing Discipline is no longer glory tickets, at least not entirely, and with the current competitive structure it would make sense to make a change like this.
  12. PvP Gearing for New Players?

    Yes, the 70 ap gear can be bumped up to 75 once it reaches +10 via the purification npc in Pandaemonium/Sanctum. Doing so will reduce it to +5 (Or bring you down 5 upgrades from wherever it was at) and costs the ap/spinel difference between the 70 and 75 pieces. So basically you just have to decide if the extra upgrades are worth the faster acquisition of pieces or if you'd rather just save slowly for big pieces but ultimately have to upgrade less.
  13. New Server Name Suggestions

    Garm: SL/BR Fenrir: IS/KR/TM
  14. PvP Gearing for New Players?

    Squid is correct. With the new enchanting system making both Enchantment and Shining Enchantment stones effectively worthless. The only gear you should get is the set you intend to keep. If you’re on a budget/low level you can start by picking up your full level 70 ap set if you don’t want to go all-in for the 75. Since getting to 70 is pretty easy you won’t have much/any level penalty on your gear and the stats are similar enough to the 75 to get by but if you ever want to upgrade it to the 75…you’ve got extra enchanting tagged on. Personally your average starting player should try to do the following: The Process: Get Ancient Coin Gear: Low PvP %s on all pieces and a good general set to get you started. You will be absolutely annihilated by anyone in their actual PvP set but it’s still a good launching point for both PvE/PvP. Get to level 70: Can’t stress this enough. 70 is the level that all of the base quests open up in the upper abyss. This will be your main source of exp/ap going forward. Easiest path to 70 is hitting Fissure as much as you can, Luna Daily/Weekly and doing the Asteria/Roah base quests in the abyss (Only ones open sub-70). Blood Medals/Marks: You’ll want to get as many of these as possible and convert them into AP via buying Blood Mark gear and exchanging it at the Brokenblade Outpost in the abyss. Arena Gear: Basically just pick up the PvP wings from here and call it a day. If you can get more pieces then they’ll serve as temporary pieces to replace any ancient coin gear you have until you can swap in the 70/75 ap set. Accessories: Make sure you’re queuing up for Idgel Dome Landmark as much as you can. Winning here will net you a box that can contain decent PvP accessories that, while not as good as their ap counterparts, can put accessories at the end of your gearing process. Spinel Medals: You’ll want to be generating as many spinels as you can. The prices have dropped (On my server at least) to a manageable rate and your ability to generate them yourself has been increased quite a bit so this shouldn’t trouble you too much. Most things give spinels in some capacity...so do lots of stuff! *****The OP made note of Petra Medals so I’ll address them here as well. The level 65 PvP gear is not currently viable to pursue due to the prohibitive AP cost associated with them. A level 70 small piece of armor costs just under 700k ap compared to the Eternal 65 piece costing over 800k. Why this pricing nonsense exists is beyond me but it makes 65 ap gear a nonsensical pursuit at this point. ***** Once you’re in your 70/75 set you’ll be capable of competing with at least the general populace for most arenas and you’ll hopefully be in a decent place for money making ventures like Spire! Tl;dr: Fastest viable set for a newbie is level 70 ap set. Don’t plan to upgrade it aside from guaranteed success (Omega + Greater supp). If you want to minimize overall time to “geared” status go straight for 75 ap.