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  1. Thoughts From A Returning Player

    I was in a similar situation when I returned just before the start of summer and now, after several months of progression, I have reached a good spot where both PvE and PvP goals are starting to fall into place. I agree completely that coming back was rough, especially since I did not spend much/any money outside of my sub. The key for quick progression is, both fortunately and unfortunately, rooted firmly in what events are rolling as you come back. It was the stormwing event for me (which was an amazing event for returners/new players) but the ones we have right now are also pretty good for squaring away some important goals (namely progress toward +15 stigmas and Sovereign weapons/armor). If you haven't already, go take a look at the Class Master event while we still have it and make sure to nab the 1k coin bundles off each class you've got a level 80 of on your account which can be stored in your account warehouse. If you're subbed/have the desire to get all 12 classes up you'll have enough coins to grab yourself a legendary transformation and a good chunk of the coins required for a sovereign weapon. Also if you need help with Katalam/Demaha daily/weekly questing my group always has a spot and we go most nights/are friendly :). Anyway, welcome back and hang in there!
  2. Event instance - Tips

    We usually have our Temp positioned like that so they can just keep the boss still and not pull in any extra adds (keeps the basic spammy aoes hitting the boss and not the rubbish). Only advice I can give on the mecha boss is to try to coordinate the glad's aerial thrust and the sorc's 4 as it is quite high damage and will hit non-aerial thrusted targets near the one you're hitting. Base on sorc's 4 is 4k, I believe, and it is spammable so it can land on the boss if you're coordinating with your glad. Also, burning some DP skills on the mecha seems worthwhile as well, pre-popping 2k/4k jellies as the sorc/glad roles can be very helpful, just make sure to do so outside since they can't be used once you enter the instance.
  3. Event instance - Tips

    Sorc's Freeze skill (3) and Glad's aerial thrust skill (not sure which one it is since I usually do sorc for my group) are also really helpful for CCing the mobs near the rangers so the temp can keep the boss away/not have to move around too much since some of them have DoTs (Robot one) that interrupt ranger use. Also, basically every skill on the last two bosses can be easily avoided as they all seem to be very close range. I'm usually perfectly safe from Fascination (Fear) and all of the other attacks by moving out to 7~ meters (I'm sure you could stay even closer, range seems to be 3-5m if I had to guess)when it starts casting and zipping right back in as it finishes. Avoiding the fear is particularly necessary for hitting those S-rank clears if you aren't running with someone with Additional Strike.
  4. Outdated rewards in Shugo Sweep.

    I was hoping for at least one of the boards to have legendary contracts (considering we usually see some lesser forms of the Golden Card's loot on the boards and it has the Apostle Selection on it) but the xp marks and the +9 stigmas curbed my disappointment, if only a little. There is just so much absolute rubbish on it though, like seriously, swap some of that stuff with piles of Grade A minium or something else that we could at least potentially use...
  5. This new form of tile-based-pvp is definitely my favorite part of this event. Not because it's fun or anything, just because the opportunity for tile-based rubbish talking is great. Get ready Elyos, I'm gonna tile you like I'm sensibly remodeling my bathroom and you're the floor.
  6. Happy S---t day !!

    Been here since day one and I have an avalanche of reactions, positive and negative, to the entirety of 5.x onward. No excuses. They are only undermining their own credibility by making a thread like this.
  7. Just chiming in here again with the sad tale of 1x 2-combo, 1x 3-combo, and 7x 4-combos and that my legionmate is dealing with right now. I literally ticketed just to ask if the rates had changed after 7.5 part 2 (they said they were unchanged) but this thread lines up too well with what I've been watching her suffer through. It was over a year's worth of saved prestige coins and just horrible amounts of resetting that has led exactly nowhere. Is there any confirmation that the rates weren't mucked with at all, like right after the patch perhaps? It's concerning to me that there would be anything in the data to reflect a change like this when so many people are reporting multiple failures on what should be a high proc chance. If the rates really are fine/working as intended we perhaps need to consider some sort of anti-rng net/break point to prevent this absolute nonsense from happening >_>; I mean at some point you've put in enough work and should probably get your gold plated child minion, especially with SS on the horizon. In short, plz send help I live in Lakrum now and farming prestige coins is my new second job D:
  8. Renown

    With everything else NCwest should be caring about right now, allllll the problems the game has and the literal mountain of feedback they've gotten...just let this one slide guys. Call it a feature. Forget to mention it in your correspondence with KR. Turn it off. Don't worry about it. The decay system is nothing but pure awful garbage that neither pushes your monetization nor yields any sort of fun for your players. And it keeps breaking. Let it die. @Loki
  9. Minion Rank S Rates

    Failed 2 - 1/1 Times Failed 3 - 1/1 Times Failed 4 - 6/6 Times ^ My legionmate. Support confirmed rates are normal/not busted. My belief wears thinner with each failed 4x but I'm glad we're posting here <_<.
  10. Feedback: Event Thread

    I'd like to see more of these thrown at us as well, don't mind the oblivious loon that was rude to you. I also had about 1k of these in my inventory when I came back a few months ago. Used every. Single. One. Because obviously temporarily boosting your xp gain by 100% is a useful thing in an XP Mark-based progression system . More Repose! More Berdin's! More Amulets!
  11. Feedback: Event Thread

    I think you guys do a pretty good job on frequency with events but I'd like to see more care taken with which events you decide to pair together (this applies to concurrent shop specials/deals too). As has been mentioned a few times here already, do not run entirely (or almost entirely) p2p events without running something substantial that is mostly f2p. Since you guys aren't too skittish about running multiple events at once, this shouldn't really be a difficult thing to do. Just sit down and ask yourselves which group of players (New/Returning/Active) the event appeals to and, if one or more groups isn't impacted by an event, run one alongside it that hits the rest of the groups. It doesn't have to be perfect but I think you guys have heard a lot of moaning when this stuff isn't taken into account at all. Also, on this point, don't skimp on events that ask us to be active out in the world/instances. Afk events are fine as long as we also have something pulling us out of town, a lot of Aion's strength as a game is found outside the confines of whatever town we're in and we already have a ton of daily activities that ask us to be mostly afk. Give us reasons to be active. (Psst, this means run some PvP-centric events that aren't solely based on world bossing), Rewards. I'd like to see a lot more of the fringe stuff that's mostly restricted to world bosses find its way into events sporadically. It's okay that it's rare but the idea that anyone outside of a very select few could possibly end up with a t3 Imbued weapon is nonsense. Extendies need to find their way back into circulation as well though I think, if my memory serves, we are getting new ones soon-ish. Still, those need to be available again. As for transformations I keep seeing a ton of people just directly asking for Ultimates. I don't really care how it happens but Legendaries need to be vastly easier to come by which should, in turn, give us far better access to ultimates. We all have collections to complete that require essentially the entire roster of legendaries and ultimates and virtually no way to even begin to get that done. You've made it clear with previous posts that these are intended to be rare and difficult to get, that's fine. But with the rates we have, I could get a legendary for free every week and have a terrible chance of seeing an ultimate for months. Our current rates break down to 1/2 a month. That's crazy. Monetize the roster, not everyone's first ultimates. tl;dr Legendary Transformations should be on essentially every event reward list for how critically important they are. Lastly, a little feedback on this little buff shugo we've got in instances. 150 attack is fine for something like Primeth's Normal but if your goal here was to encourage players to try new instances even if their gear maybe isn't quite up to par, this buff needs to be a lot higher in stuff like AoA or the HMs. Like, it's fine but it basically amounts to nothing. People who couldn't do it before probably can't do it now, and those who could still can. Instead, look to run events that promote people to go for their first clears on stuff (specific HM bosses/AoA/etc) that get the community into a more active place for helping each other reach their endgame goals while giving newer players a taste of the more difficult content. Give mentor-ish bonuses, first clear bonuses, etc. Other games do this with fair frequency, look to them for some examples of how to shape your PvE community into a more healthy version of what we have now.
  12. I have been many things in Aion over the 11 years I have been here. In no particular order: rubbish. Less rubbish but still pretty rubbish. Decently not rubbish. An Assassin. A moderator. An officer in a legion that feels like Home. A friend. An enemy. But I had never been a Governor before. It took nearly 11 years and an objectively terrible siege system for this little sin to stumble his way into the top spot. I did not deserve it, but I enjoyed these past few days of transforming into something the size of a small building and Abyssal Verdict-ing my chanter who kept dueling me every time we transformed. The closest I ever got prior to this was during 2.5 when I managed to save enough AP to peek into General before being too stressed at the thought of losing all my ap with my...brave stupid playstyle to go any further. This was an unexpected treat for me that got me all nostalgic and I figured I'd post here. I know a lot of you have been here just as long as I have and I just wanted to share what might be my last great, unreasonable goal from all those years ago that came unexpectedly to fruition now. Aion is a weirdly special place for me, probably is for some of you as well, despite its problems, in the way that even after all these years something like this can happen that evokes a sense of shock and excitement even though it has been around from the beginning. I know it's not a big deal and honestly I really didn't get to do very much with it outside of harassing a few poor Elyos and goofing around with my friends but it just reminded me of why I love Aion and always seem to find my way back here. Have a nice night everyone <3
  13. Transformation Update

    I mean I'm happy for everyone having a threshold for their spending at least, running an event like this without one borders on criminal, but I wanna be real clear in stating that this whole Ultimate Transformation problem is solved almost entirely by opening up access to more legendaries for us in the wild :l. I mean that's really it. Bump em up to about where Ancients are right now, maybe even a little easier. Ultimates will naturally start flowing in with time, people can set reasonable goals for themselves f2p or otherwise and use events to speed things up. Your price points shouldn't be exclusively set to people getting their first ultimate, it should be encouraging them to go for the whole roster which, as of now, is literally unthinkable. Collections are valuable, Tiamat looks dope, the different stat weights on different ultimates, etc, these are all driving forces in why people should want their second, third, fourth ultimates. We've been locked behind this door too long now and it has shown in the general discontent leading up to this post, it's time to adjust your focus and move forward.
  14. Just wanted to make a quick poll so @Loki and @Kibbelz can reference it for player feedback as our exp event comes to an end. The primary question that I hope will be taken into account is what I have asked in the poll. Experience Marks serve as a primary f2p progression resource for a lot of people and it came up a lot in the initial feedback thread that we simply did not have enough experience gaining activities to cover even a reasonable portion of the marks needed each week for meaningful progression. Now that we've had several weeks of blissful boosted exp, it's time for more feedback! I think there is also some room for discussion here regarding the price of certain things on the renown vendors *cough* Apostle Shards/Daevanion Essence *cough*. Though this may be addressed with 7.5 part 2, who knows! (I waited until we had a maintenance thread before posting this in case they were going to do a poll of their own but *shrug*. Also the next event has a smaller, far more sporadic exp boost element to it, feel free to comment about that as well over the next few days.)
  15. [Poll] Bonus Experience Event

    Can I just take a moment and thank you for all the info you've provided over the years? You're great. We all love you. I literally cannot count how many times I've been like "HMMM WHAT'S THE ANSWER TO THIS OBSCURE QUESTION???" -> Cowleve Thread -> Solved. Thank you my knowledgeable bovine friend for your years of service <3.
  16. [Poll] Bonus Experience Event

    Yeah, decent-ish drop rate. 10 min duration. Good for popping after a luna daily before you pop your orbs and such but ultimately amounts to very little. Account warehouseable at least *shrug*.
  17. I personally resent the idea that any mob/boss "belongs" to someone. If I see someone killing something that I need/want I tend to go case-by-case in deciding if I'm going to compete for it. Generally if I see someone struggling I'll help them kill it/make sure they get the loot. If it's someone more well off I'll usually fight for it but I don't expect others to do the same things. There isn't a right/wrong answer to open world content competition, everyone has different standards and you can't force other people into your idea of what is right or honorable. Claiming to have ownership or rights to a mob because you essentially saw it first is only going to lead to frustration. Claim that mob with your dps, that's the only thing that counts. Be good to people by your own standards and don't dwell on other people's behavior too much, there will always be more bosses but bitterness is hard to drive out.
  18. [Poll] Bonus Experience Event

    Bumping this back up as the first week of normal xp ends, I'd like to hear how everyone did with their progression goals. I think the biggest change for me this week was realizing how much less motivated I was to do stuff out in Gelk like farm up my ice creams n such. Getting 3-5 marks for those grinds was a good motivator (normal mobs gave about a mil xp each during the event). Now it just feels awful again, only made worse by the lowered Titan Coin rates.
  19. [Poll] Bonus Experience Event

    Yeah this was the big one for me, I was so glad to be able to finally get my skill boxes >_<. Seeing the lack of exp now is so violently disappointing. The rates didn't even feel excessive (which the poll so far reflects as people didn't even feel they had enough to get everything they wanted), I basically got the bare minimum that I would consider reasonable progression and had none left over for bobo gems/some stretch goals. If I was a player returning/just starting I would have found the boosted rates during the event to be a fair base rate to work with. Going back to unboosted is a nightmare :l
  20. Yeah this one elicited a "wtf" from me I see no reason to nerf gear progression directed at new/returning players. Hopefully the named mob bundles will be unaffected but this change is a real nonsense one.
  21. I just hope it's some kind of miscommunication or something.
  22. New BCM sales event

  23. New BCM sales event

    I mean with the keys being freebies and with no obvious BCM component announced that uses them...hopefully that'll be a f2p route to more frequent legendary transformations. Not getting my hopes up until we have confirmation of what they're for but...seems like a good sign that they're weekly/free/indefinite. inb4 we need 50 of them to get one contract
  24. Here on behalf of my socially awkward Chanter: What are the role expectations (especially in Pugs) for Chanters in PvE? What kind of manastone socketing will be most beneficial for a full Sovereign set? Basically trying to work out the dps/support balance for most HM content. Thanks!
  25. My suggestions to bring former players back :)

    I don't know what I would do if my Fenris/Anuhart skins disappeared @_@ I love them so much. On topic: Mechanical changes to the game aren't the biggest issue for grabbing older players imo. The thing that brought me back, someone who has played Aion since beta and had quit for the past two years, was simple. The Stormwing event. An opportunity to catch up without the cash shop was extremely appealing to me and it put me in my full ult armor/weapons. Aion is an especially difficult game to pick up right now even as a returning player with the near constant, often fundamental changes Aion goes through from patch to patch. More events that both help established players and provide entry/reentry points for new/returning players are the missing piece for the player retention issues that plague the game.