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  1. One per sheet (which actually i didn't see on more than 10 accounts) when you need over 200 for one set and even more if you want weapon? C'mon man, you're just trolling with this answer right now. By "putting on event" I obviously meant put in a way that those 200+ were farmable in like 2 weeks span together with other possible goodies on the side.
  2. Okay I'm starting to get vibes that barely anyone cares about lockboxes, but!!! I still want to share with those who do. Today I got a key from shugo sweep and decided to give it another shot. Aaaaand.... another unlisted reward! Check this out~ https://imgur.com/a/BhAp5 AND YOU GUYS tought instant scrolls were extinct? Think again!
  3. its like if noone makes suna people cry that "omg why nobody make" if someone makes, then it's about loot. Either people cry that need > greed, or that "i worked hard too and i want hat skin". Also another "I was here from begining don't invite people after 75%" and :omg I came there at last 35% and I didn;t get invite" this is what kind of complains people have to deal with
  4. me after seeing skill skin video:
  5. Hello, my today's experience finally inspired me to make a post about NCsoft selling cat-in-a-bag. I'm going to adress beloved lockboxes, as in previous patches people would get (exclusive) Fire dragon, later - water, then thunder dragon weapons and various of other skins or goodies. However, the rewards from lockboxes have not been changed in like a year and reward list is quite outdated. To add more to this, REWARDS DO NOT EVEN EXIST ON THE LIST. I took personal effort of all 3 reward lists to circle out patch-irrelevant items not to mention that half of items on the list are worth barely an
  6. what the nyerk are these sorcerers doing to get outdps by a chanter?! Are they completely garbage, or, maybe, pvping? or afk...? I totally agree if person all they do is bring their stupid toon and afk in mid or auto attack they deserve nothing.... jsut saying because whenever I go i give 100% and then see items being won by lvl 70 rangers or some other crap edit: meant to post it as Heat-KT but asmo was logged in for dealing with support
  7. If omegas/temp/LRS would have been untradeable, in rewards list would be said [event] , so yeah, they will be full on tradeable. And no, rewards from Chromatic gift is random.
  8. Back in the day Level Reduction stones cost 800m and people paid... because they were like super rare only from arcade or some shit... y'all ever heard of supply/demand? Yeah, it sucks that demand increased while supply stayed the same, but I doubt we can do much, iirc Cyan has nothing to do with reward list making and people who make reward lists don't talk to Cyan nor read the forums, basically, are super detatched from needs of comunity
  9. @Cyan was hair change tickets just a 1 day sale? QQ I didn't stock up TT
  10. not sure about other continents, but in Europe cant purchase codes on any site i found so far due to "country restrictions". Also you can't pay on amazon with paypal, even if countny restriction wasn't up, which is most comfortable way to pay at least for me. So yeah, EU players kinda need that thing solved. Gave up yesterday gonna try next week
  11. Came to complain. This is the second time shugo sweep shows up. It's nice event, but just like last time, same this time I try to buy a lot of ncoin on different accounts, I get error "something went wrong at our end" or something. I saw people on facebook complain about it too. Like, last event it was solved in less than a day per ticket per account. But seriously, whats the deal. You want our money or not?
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