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  1. Really? Again? @Cyan you guys gonna actually address the issue again or are you just going to ignore a 4pg thread?
  2. I like this more. You are correct. I retract my last statement.
  3. 400 soulstones and 60 omegas would be great *hint hint*
  4. I don't think spamming their names will work this time. Happy Easter everyone, snake costumes for everyone
  5. They better give all the coins back then that everyone spent on the ridiculous prices.
  6. So no warning, just gonna shut the servers down. GG
  7. So went to get my 1ncoin snowballs and got this today. Anyone else have this come up for them? I clicked "upgrade now" and it doesn't do anything -.-
  8. Is it possible to play on Linux? Just out of curiosity, and if so, do you get the stupid send log and client crashes with it?
  9. This just makes my nerves freak out since I've been dealing with the same thing.
  10. Thank God! I won't have to rage anymore! But I agree, XP buff or something! Like 5 free gold dice would be nice too, just saying
  11. I received a similar response and replied back with my own. The ticket is still open if that means anything to you
  12. Aesir and Asynjur Asatru and Vanatru Nott and Dagr Laerad and Barri Vanaheim and Alfheim Olrun and Sigrun Fenrir and Heidrin Brokkr and Eitri
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