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  1. hello, i am writting to express my frustration for the system - conditions of getting the matterials for upgrading my abyss gear, for now almost everything that gives the opportunity to get the matterials is only available on very very late in night hours, i live in Greece meaning that Divine Siege for example is in 5 o'clock after midnight for example, Evergale Canyon first opens like 2 after midnight ect.... so obviously for someone that lives in my country and work like i do this current schedule doesnt leave many oppotrunities on ever obtaining the needed materials to upgrade our gear, so is there any chance you try create more oppotrunities so this can be fair for everyone regardless the place he lives? i am really hoping for your understanding and your help with this.....looking forward to your answer, have a nice day
  2. Prestige Pack Rewards

    Any of you guys feels like Prestige rewards are in need for an upgrade? daily rewards sucks... give you 1 prestige coin or conqueror mark??? really guys??? and how about adding major felicitous socketing or omega enchantment stones or temperings at the vending machine? come on guys give some value on our money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!