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  1. What error is 100 401 ? this error code is not displayed in the page
  2. It will be nice if Aion implement the alert notification style that wow for example has when someone has minimized game and something hapens to you in game like whisper, invitation, w8ing enter etc. and the minimized icon starts flashing..What you think?
  3. Correction, that fixed just for some moments then i rolled back to september driver and it was fixed
  4. Fixed Somehow my mouse polling rate reseted to a value below 500 Mhz and should be between this and 1000 Mhz
  5. im having an imput problem with the game and is simple as this...if i move the cursor the games freezes if i stop moving the game stops freezing..please need some help
  6. I got a reply and the Moderator said: "Hello, Thank you for contacting us. Looking over your purchase attempts, I see that they are coming from a location other than the billing information you entered. Where are you currently located? How long will you be there? I look forward to your reply." So, try to restrict your authorized locations in account settings to 1 ip only but since got the error they need to unlock it once you prove them you try to pay from the country you say you are from i think this is the problem
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