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  1. DOubt it that they researched where the game should have been launched from... They saw an opportunity of ppl asking for a classic server. They dont even believe in their own game or else there would not be a cash shop. Let alone running the numbers to see where the game (server) should be launched. They saw where it would be the cheapest to gain the most amount of money in the shortest time as possible. Hence the location chosen. They dont give a rats ass to any other players. All they care is to cash up in the shortest time as possible. It is sad.
  2. @Elpy the thing is not getting a job. I mean if you gonna ball money into a game to enjoy yourself, by all means go for it. I am not talking about the paid sub, I agree that games should have sub for us to help the game continue. Now if you inject a cash load of money to quit in a short term, IMO you are just stupid, specially for this low support game, which is a big damn shame, AION had great a great potential.
  3. It is incredibly how NCsoft can destroy the same game twice. How do they plan to compete with other games like WoW / FFXIV. Bugged ass instances, paid shop, P2W, low population... Why couldnt they just made a paid sub and put in items that can help lelveling and cosmetic in shop? Well idk, everything just points to low dedication, does not care for its players, they don't even answer this dam forum apart from 1 guy once in a while... This shit will die soon like the original bc NCsoft just think about its own damn pocket, and they are even more thoughtless that if they decided to mak
  4. Heya @Kibbelz, As you mentioned previously in one of the posts related to the South America subs, is there any news about this issue? Thanks,
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