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  1. ALL drop rates need increased. They are horrific and have never been adjusted for population differences between us and Korea. Added together will all of the terrible business decisions and its nothing more than a death sentence.
  2. Yes. Is that somehow hurting you? I am an adult with a job that takes me out of town every few days for a couple of days unlike many of the basement dwellers or work from home people. Again how does it hurt you? Exactly
  3. Are leather/evade chanters a thing in classic ? I remember in live at release there were people who used leather. Thanks in advance.
  4. It's definitely a unique business model. Not even the gold farmers are hanging around which is a bad sign in a game that doesn't police them at alll
  5. Exactly. And then she proceeds to break out a thesaurus for a response.
  6. Is that chain or mail? Oh look you found an outlier. Stop pretending to be stupid and just look at the npc's for examples of what was being addressed.
  7. If you don't get it then you are obviously blind. Female characters in chain or leather look like Victorias secret rejects. You don't get how a woman would get tired of the Asian fantasy clothing that is obviously directed at men?
  8. What a ridiculous solution looking for a problem. Can someone with a brain take the wheel at NC?
  9. It may be working as intended but that doesnt mean it in any way makes sense. Which Good Idea Fairy came up with this highly asked for gem? Seriously could someone take the wheel of this game?
  10. You literally just described every pvp interaction in the game. Are so chivalrous as to sit by and wait for someone to stop what they are doing, top of their health, stretch out their muscles and then let you know when it's ok to attack them? You stink of someone who's never played the class or happens to be a SM with fear bound to 12 different keys so you can smack your thick clueless skull against the keyboard while yelling "poor me". Roll a sin and level it up and then get back to us. Until then your ridiculous hyperbole is just that. Lol. B S.
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