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  1. Just want to clarify here: It is only 50% exp in world after 1 hour. You still get 100% exp from quests but get 0 kinah and 0 AP, however you still get all reward tiers of gear from those quests. So while you can grind exp in world, my experience back then was questing gives the best exp, especially the FT/SR/Adma repeats. So it sounds to me like if someone doesn't care about open world drops and exp, the f2p method is still viable to progress in some sort of crippled fashion.
  2. For me, the safe zone edge pvp in Tiamaranta was some of the best pvp. We had some crazy fights on the boundaries. To each their own though. I agree it would be nice if they'd go further but 2.5-2.7 was pretty fun as well although it does mean grinding in Gelk (again again).
  3. From my understanding classic will eventually stop at 2.7. I remember Korea saying that in a developer blog last year. If I can find it I will link it. However, everything is subject to change. My dream would be 3.0-4.0 restored. Those were the best days.
  4. Hey @Kibbelz I think the Ultimate Joker's Gambit page may be bugged. It is showing Fissure of Oblivion Event rewards chart rather than Joker's Gambit Recipes. Thanks.
  5. @Arhangelos-KT I actually never said this lol I don't even care about classic I just know it is unlikely to come out this month or next month like people are hoping for. I also said Elyon won't affect any Aion releases. It is a terrible game.
  6. This 100%. It does not matter whether Classic come out before or at the same time as New World. Elyon is complete garbage gameplay. Current Aion is better than Elyon ever will be so no need to worry about Elyon pulling from Aion. New World will pull from Aion no matter what they do. Here's my reasoning behind the release date though, NCwest typically follows suit with how PlayNC does their Aion Anniversary stuff. Classic was essentially an anniversary "gift" to players. I fully believe it will also be an anniversary or later release here for that same reason. They tease it now without any
  7. I remember them teasing at it quite a bit before October but regardless that is besides the point, knowing Ncsoft I really do not see it coming soon. I highly believe they will try to compete with Elyon and New World.
  8. I see some saying this month or next month and I'm just laughing lol. I would be incredibly surprised if that came true because when Korea did it they teased it like 3-4 months ahead of time and then waited to release it until AFTER their 12 anniversary events for 12th anniversary were finished or at least mostly finished. I understand the excitement, but there's a very good chance 8.0 will come before classic goes live. I'm thinking realistically end of the year or beginning of next year. Expecting it to pop out of the womb this month or next month is far too optimistic considering it's
  9. The one server in Japan with 30 people on it is actually the integrated Balaurea server. Japan is already down to a single server with about an online average of under 200 people. Our current averages are still hitting 300-400 per server at peak times although I'm sure many are duplicate accounts. Meanwhile Korea's Apsuranta (8.0 integrated) server is doing well hitting 50% capacity at peak times.
  10. Thank you. This is a great permanent change.
  11. Classic is great and all but I hate to say people will get bored after 6 months. The first classic patch doesn't include Tahabata weapons and such. Korea barely got those like 1 or 2 months ago. It will be fun for a while reliving the old days but ultimately it will just take away population from live so that people can eventually get bored on another server lol Honestly, they should've just focused on rolling out 7.9 part 2 and 8.0. But it'll be cool I guess grinding fenris again. Also classic is ripe for the cheater alliance to abuse, so not excited for that...
  12. @Kibbelz I think problem is the contract names changed but the minion you receive didn't so it messed many people up. Will anything be done for the people who already used the S minion boxes that didn't realize which new names created which minion? I know many people made the wrong choice because the names were different
  13. Yeah more than half the contract names are incorrect translations from the actual minion you get. Several people have told me this screwed over their choice because they didn't realize what the different names would give.
  14. I had this happen also and support said to send a picture. I was like "uh why is it corrupting at +3? What happened to 7.8 patch?"
  15. yeah, considering celestial weapons were $100... charging $250 for something that will end up corrupting a whole bunch is overkill. Hard pass.
  16. Thanks Kibbelz for updating the community on all this. It is disappointing that as the population on Aion shrinks, more people turn to cheating. I wish we could eliminate all the cheating tools in Aion, but I also realize that is easier said than done. Hopefully, no more exploited 10-15 paragon running around. 1 piece +10 is near impossible and even more so a full set. Looking forward to hopefully good events and progress in the coming months. It would be good to make this game more accessible to all players without having to spend a thousand bucks.
  17. Thanks Kibbelz for the more detailed response. It's good to know the paragon cheaters are being banned. Full sets of +10 to +15 paragon running around especially before 8.0 buffs them, is just insanity. Please continue to seek out other hackers and "tool" users.
  18. @Kibbelz when you have players running around with double the stats of current lv85 Korean professional players. Something is definitely wrong here.
  19. Yeah on plaync gunner has 2x 1k recovery and 2x 3k recovery. So, powerbook is missing a bunch from classes. But definitely this helps give people and idea of what to expect.
  20. Good stuff. Thanks for Posting this. Lol the fact body smash and ferocious strike generate DP for glads means full dp bar all the time lol. I think there are some missing from the list on powerbook though. On plaync, it shows cleric has a skill that consumes 4k DP as well as a few others for other classes.
  21. Good numbers. I saw you included the lv81 instance armor but I don't see the lv83 WB armor here.
  22. @Kibbelz These are some decent events. Thank you also for the events extension! That was cool of you guys.
  23. The newest nvidia driver runs Aion just fine. I average 80-100 fps outside of siege and mass pvp.
  24. So some interesting stuff from 8.0 patch notes. New piece of gear from 85 instance "Ultimate Do-hon" idk what the exact english translation for that is. World Boss timer on mini-map and when the raid bosses spawn it wipes all kisks on the map, resets all bases to balaur, and teleports players back to their main bases. an 85 only holy water item that gives "Holy" stat boosts and skills that can be leveled over the course of a season (similar to GP ranking seasons) and you boost it through your respective Deity (Kaisinel or Marchutan). Sadly only 1 new instance. also if
  25. This is good news they are merging pve/pvp gear. It also says the Guardian of Afsaranta will appear when the sky turns black and drops class specific gear.
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