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  1. Skill Changes Applied

    Just posting this for those who don't know: The skill changes from the KR January 30th skill update patch were applied with our 7.0 update but they weren't listed in the patch notes. I know this because I went through all of my skills and every single one matches the changes made on the KR January 30th patch. Here is a link to the 30.01 skill changes for reference: https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/KR_-_Update_January_30th_2019_-_Skill_Changes I haven't had the chance to go through every class but from what I've seen so far, we were given the skills update. This is to maybe help alleviate some confusion for those who don't know that those changes were applied. Have fun.
  2. Hey @Cyan Crucible spire isn't rewarding any crucible coins and yet the vendor is still there so it is now impossible to get more than 2 stigma enchants a week by playing.
  3. Scheduled Game Update - August 21, 2019

    Nothing new lol. New game updates are rarely quick to launch. Soon
  4. Scheduled Game Update - August 21, 2019

    Yeah I saw that in the patch notes and it became clear it was overly abused lol
  5. How many ultimate manastones for pve and pvp

    The important thing to note here is that you have to buy the manastone recipes from the Stellium vendor using Stellium, players don't start 7.0 knowing the recipe automatically.
  6. Stigma stones in 7.0...

    Yeah you are correct he did say they would add the other patches over the coming weeks
  7. Stigma stones in 7.0...

    Looking on powerbook it seems Kamar battlefield was added in the January 30th mini-patch after the Dec 26th mini-patch. It would've been nice if they had gone to the Jan 30th patch because it added a lot of fixes (Skill changes, Kamar, Demaha Altar Guardian General, PF Hard Mode 2nd boss). So it looks like we'll have to ask for this as they said in the stream but as we know will take some time...
  8. 7.0 Stream Screencaps

    Rewatching the video on Twitch, Gideon said there is a lot planned for the anniversary event next month like a 100% ultimate stone you get from a quest. So that's important too they seem to be looking forward to the anniversary event.
  9. 7.0 Stream Screencaps

    I feel like they may be confused on this point because they contradicted themselves twice on this lol. First, they said we won't have altars 9,10,11 available at start but those three altars were added before December 26th Second, They are adding the stigma change which was added after Dec 26th. So either we are getting a chopped up patch with different parts (most likely) or they are mistaken on the extent of the patch.
  10. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 7, 2019

    Thank you for the update to the event. It does help make it better, but it is a shame for those who ran all their entries yesterday like myself. Thanks for doubling up the rewards though! That is much appreciated for those that still have entries.
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 7, 2019

    80 gems from 10 runs. 5 coe and 5 mirash. Even p2w people should be scared to pay for this one with the miserable rate of gems coming from those chests. The rate for the gems should at least be high enough to get your 3 ancients with maybe a few resets from daily lunas. You can't even do that with this rate, it drops only 5 gems way too often. With this rate chests should drop from every instance and have a chance to drop from every mob in open world. Considering how often it drops 5 gems a piece, you would need 240 runs. Even if someone chose to pay money to get all 10 runs from both instances each day, the max each week combined would be 150 (70 + 70 + 10 free). Granted people would probably not get only 5 for all 150 runs, it is disturbing to think they set it up so someone could pay $200 to run the crap out of these instances and end up short of 1,200 for a random legendary. The funny part is this event would make more money if you reduced the price of the legendary contract and made it selectable. People would guaranteed start throwing money to try to get that selectable, but not $200 for an unwanted random. I had my hopes up for this event, but also knew the reality wouldn't be good. However, what we were given is not only a disappointment but a slap in the face unless you already have a crap ton of luna or money in addition to amazing luck. 1. The legendary should be selectable and 2. Players who grind it every day and do their daily lunas on all 8 characters should at least be allowed to get all 3 ancient contracts each week. The least they could've done was put a good end to the plagued 6.x patches. Oh well. I know my words are wasted here, so I guess I'll just keep preparing for 7.0. This event is just a shame though for everyone who's stuck around...
  12. About the 7.0 and possible nerfs

    In one of the 7.0 mini patches they added manastone supplements back in, I'm curious if we'll have these available in game or if they'll be a BCM item only... hmmm
  13. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 7, 2019

    Well, good rewards but not possible to farm without tons of luna. I guess we saw this coming. Oh well, at least 7.0 will be soon with more distractions.
  14. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 7, 2019

    Legendary PvP stones and fragments would suffice for me. I wouldn't mind random legendary contracts or at least ancient selectable since there are new legendary transforms in 7.0 we'll have to bother with sooo but the PvP stuff, yes for sure please D:
  15. 7.0 @ Agust 21st

    Yeah the Altar system is important since it is a daily thing you have to do if you want to upgrade your pvp gear with the Stellin coins or whatever NA is calling them
  16. @Cyan, I have some questions about 7.0

    All the old materials will still be available and obtainable so there is actually no reason to update the recipes. The new mats take a bit longer to get actually so I'd rather they keep the morph recipes the same.
  17. 7.0 @ Agust 21st

    Yeah, it's not bad I guess. Bunch of Vandalists running around now instead of "painters" even though that's what we'll still probably call them
  18. 7.0 @ Agust 21st

    Hmm so they're calling it the "Vandal". Interesting naming choice
  19. Let's talk about 7.0

    If there isn't a low weekly limit though, it would be possible to promote some pvp gear on day 1 considering you can get both the stellium and the fragments needed. We'll have to see how ours looks and changes from TW. Nevermind, Moomoo just clarified. The limits are low on these exchanges so we'll probably get them
  20. Lapis makes a good point. I agree it's not the GP ranks but I do agree the transformation system is part of the big blame. We always see a big slump at the end of patches though, especially this mess of a patch. I know there's people who will disagree but I like 7.0 a lot better than 6.0 and there are some changes that bring some needed variety. The problem is we don't know how much our version will be nerfed. As Lapis said, idk what will save Aion if it continues on this path. They need to start listening to the player base more.
  21. Aion 7.2: Changes in Class Balances Part 14

    We're talking about 7.2 because what other people said and because the topic is 7.2 class balance which does change with 7.2. That's why I brought up the 2 new stats added in 7.2 because it is beneficial to socket for certain classes. Just things to look forward to
  22. CoE Shugo?

    Hey @Cyan what is with this? This wasn't supposed to happen. We are still supposed to have access to Smuggler Shukirukin in all instances until 7.0. We can't even combine ancient books into new legendary books for enchanting because of this. How are we expected to enchant our Daevanion skills anymore if Shugos don't spawn? 1 free book a week won't cut it, and there is no way to make 60 gold ingots a week either to buy the box. This is really disturbing they removed and nerfed shugo spawns without notification.
  23. Aion 7.2: Changes in Class Balances Part 14

    So check it out, the new stats they add in 7.2 critical damage boost and critical defense are affected by the weapon. swords, daggers, and guns get the biggest increase with critical damage boost stones. Yes you are right every class still needs crit and gets crit, but this is a new stat that more beneficial to certain classes compared to others. His speaking can be confusing at times, but if you listen carefully it makes sense. Check it out.
  24. Aion 7.2: Changes in Class Balances Part 14

    Speaking of class balance, the new Crit dmg/def stat stones added in 7.2 are most beneficial to Assassins and Gunners. I found this interesting that they get the biggest boost from crit damage, however, it makes sense since they are classes that rely on crits.
  25. When is 7.0?

    I would say its safe to say we're not going straight to 7.2. 7.2 is kind of a big patch in its own merits as it makes a lot of big changes, but we should be getting 7.0 with all the small patches like EU and TW did. Just my 2 cents. I would love to be wrong because 7.2 is pretty cool.