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  1. Servers down - Emergency maintenance?

    Servers are up and the daily login contract is now once per day per account
  2. No, this was not just for people already with ultimate otherwise it wouldn't have been advertised with the "chance at ultimate." Yes I realize the attraction of getting all 4 pixels but the pixel crit dmg bonus is low compared to all the others with the apostles. They obviously misled people with the "chance" to get ultimate which is why the smartest thing was not to use all your legendary combines and wait for an event with a guaranteed ultimate box. I know plenty of people who got all 4 pixels without waiting for these bait pouches.
  3. Agreed because when they posted for this event and list the pouch as (random) they are misleading people to burn their legendary combinations thinking it is a random chance when it truly is not. 1% chance is not true random, it is loaded random. >.>
  4. Go figure. I knew this event was scam. They are just trying to trick people into buying contracts to get their 3x combines.
  5. World Boss Anomos Weapon + Demaha weapons

    I would agree with you 100%, but considering we have godstones in the form of both minions and weapons now along with runes that boost both, I highly doubt the producers here will go through the effort to remove those so the only solution is to make them more available. A great example of this is Aion 1.0-2.0. Godstones were difficult to get but very much attainable and they did not destroy pvp because many people had them. However, pvp was a bit different back then than now. I remember pvp'ing back then and it was far easier to pvp when you both had godstones as compared to pvp'ing without a godstone, so the same mentality should be applied here since these weapons are here to stay especially with these OP extendables coming next patch that have a massive triggered buff ability.
  6. World Boss Anomos Weapon + Demaha weapons

    I agree with both of these posts. NcWest doesn't seem to realize the effects of the difference in population of NA servers vs Korean servers. Korean servers have so many players that fighting over World Bosses is a normal thing and the distribution of imbued weapons is far more randomized than in NA. In NA our population is suffering so the distribution of imbued weapons is less random which can cause pvp imbalance. Anyone who follows Korea Aion events knows that Korea has recently had a long string of several different events (including their currently 8 weeks of amazing 12 events for 12th anniversary which also doubles the chance of getting ultimate transforms) that have given away Noble imbued weapon boxes and also allowed for players to gather hammers to craft these boxes and +8 paragon boxes. If NCwest expects us to wait a whole other year to start getting to these events that allow us to grind for imbued weapons, they are insane and definitely deserve to lose money. They don't realize the impact some of these imbued weapons have on the game such as Divine imbued for some classes for PvE being OP and of course Para imbued being OP in PvP lately. They definitely need to offer more options than just world bosses because as many of you can see, world bosses are currently a sore subject for many players.
  7. Dream World

    I have to agree wholeheartedly with this post. It is sad that NcWest has left ultimate transformations largely in the hand of randomly low RNG. Players who knowingly busted their butts to grind anniversary coins on all 12 characters at that low chance of an ultimate contract either ended up with the prize or nothing at all. Yes you can say it is the players fault for wasting all that time grinding on a knowingly low chance , but at the same time it is sad to see big anniversary events not reward time and dedication any longer and instead reward only luck. They have now made the only guaranteed way to get an ultimate by grinding the crap out of abyssal splinter with all 12 characters everyday for 6 months and then waiting for a guaranteed ultimate event opportunity or by paying crap tons of money to get legendaries in a short amount of time to wait for an ultimate guarantee. They no longer reward reasonable dedication and playing within a reasonable time period. Grind the crap out of all characters for the anniversary only to end up with nothing. Oh well. Nothing new here. Legendary for life!
  8. World Boss Anomos Weapon + Demaha weapons

    Yes please, @Kibbelz make all vision weapons available in events or event coin vendor. Considering Asmos don't form for Demaha bosses anymore it is impossible to get those weapons as an Asmo and Anomos dies really fast so unless you are online at the perfect time every spawn window, world boss loot has become increasingly difficult to farm with low populations. I know personally from talking to people that it would raise player morale if you would make world boss loot/weapons more accessible to all active players.
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 7, 2020

    Ty @Kibbelz This was a good solution. Thank you for also addressing the pine needle problem. Please add World Boss weapons to events and people will be even happier
  10. Harvest Festival Merchant Issue

    @Kibbelz Just please don't mess up and accidentally remove people's pixels that were BCM purchased. That would be a whole new mess...
  11. @Loki @Kibbelz Title and Poll. So far on day 1 of this event all I saw was griefing, infighting, and rubbish talking over these solo loot mobs. This is uncalled for and unnecessary if your team supposedly wants to move away from solo play. Thank you. It is uncalled for my legion mates to get put through strife over some dumb event mobs.
  12. @Kibbelz @LokiOn the event page it says they will spawn in Gelkmaros and Inggison. In game it says they will spawn in Demaha. If they are spawning in Demaha this is going to be a pvp griefing festival, so some clarification would be nice if they are in Faction zones or pvp zones. Thanks!
  13. The problem is for the event you need to farm more than 10. That's why people are killing a bunch so they have more chances to craft the honey songpyeons.
  14. @Kibbelz @Loki Clarification on Pine Moon Lover Spawn

    I know where they are now ty. Definitely not pvp faction v faction but faction v itself because the spawn rate and solo loot is STUPID. @Kibbelz @Loki Please change solo loot to alliance loot because this is dumb making people fight for these needles. You guys just recently made a statement about more group play. This isn't group play, this is causing stress to my legionamtes because we don't want to fight against each other and others to kill 1 stupid moon. Thank you. Group Play > Solo fighting
  15. Don't worry, Aion Korea just released minion coins to go with Ss rank minions to buy s rank contracts (3000 coins a piece and non-selectable, only A contracts are selectable) and it's super p2w. So, come 7.7 I'm sure we will get that feature. Also, these minion coin packages in korea contain between 10 and 300 coins. Great odds right? lol figures...
  16. Renown

    I kept careful track of my renown this week. I lost 6% across the board on level's 8 and 9, however my level 6 silentera got nuked all 30% down to level 5 plus an additional 10% from lv5. what the heck is that?
  17. Not to mention you need a duplicate rank 4. if you want the extra bonus stats which vary per S rank minion. Some of them getting extra PvP/PvE attack
  18. Renown Reduction

    @Kibbelz @Loki I think the double reduction is still hitting some people. My guildmates are saying they only lost about 4% renown on lv9 and lv8 areas but lost way more than 4% on all my areas. I lost at least 6% on my lv8's and I lost at least 8% on my lv9's. Something isn't right if people are losing different amounts of renown.
  19. [Aion 7.7] Preparing for the new update

    Which set has the commander skin? Just curious.
  20. Who didn't see that coming?

    I saw this last night. Yeah it was obvious this was coming. Next I'm certain they'll be adding benefits for +15 gems/runes and then advanced gems/runes
  21. Dont spent Money U$1500 Transformations for Nothing

    I feel bad for those that spent all that money on transforms and have nothing but legendaries. I learned since 6.0 to never spend money on transforms in Aion sadly. They simply do not want more than 1~5% of the population having ultimate transforms in NA which is crazy because it is a necessity at endgame pvp and pve. These new Ereshkigal and Tiamat transforms were just to tease and create more desire to reach ultimate, which both of these new transforms get a +24 to their primary attack (pve/pvp) every enchant level on their major runes (if you ever get them or their runes O.o). They have made Ultimate transforms crazy difficult thing to get, which shouldn't be because it just an endgame part of playing the game. I've been trying since 6.0 now to get my ultimate and it is pretty ridiculous I still don't have just one after almost 2 years. With 2 new OP transforms out, almost everyone should be allowed to have Kaisinel or Marchutan. This way people can work on duplicates (like korean players have) in order to combine to get Ereshkigal and Tiamat
  22. This can't be true though because people who mostly pvp'd and killed gates got almost no contribution whereas people who focused on the deity and the faction won it got top GP. Even the patch notes say that the deity gives the highest contribution
  23. It seems you get high contribution if your faction takes the Deity and you do a a lot of dps on that deity. Idk how to max out because one or two people got almost 3k per deity last night so either they were #1 dps or something else idk. I got a large amount from both Gelk forts and then almost none from Divine because elyos took it and then I got very little from Silona. It's kinda wonky
  24. 7.5 Part 2 Update Coming on 8/19/2020

    One Huge addition you should note is the main page on the site says they are adding Rebirth manastone fasteners to prestige vendor. This is a huge deal because these being added means we can redo unwanted rune/gem slots. However, we do not know how expensive they will be from the store/vendor.
  25. Skill changes for the upcoming update - 7.5 part 2 vs. 7.5 part 1

    Yea, I would like to point out that (adv) earthquake wave for Glads is missing the proper dmg increase. It goes up to 1,900 and not what is written. However, Thank you OP for putting this sheet together to help people see what's coming. The 7.7 skills changes are far more interesting I think... widespread healing nerfs and Guardian General Xforms finally get long overdue buffs...