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  1. About the Steel Rake Fortress event...

    I messed up my first run cause of some dumb mistakes but then my second run I was able to get all 10 shugos and finish with plenty of time to spare. There's just a pace to it you have to figure out and avoid what you can that will slow you down. Gear helps I'm sure but I wouldn't say it's necessary to get a decent reward. I don't have my legendary xform yet so I know that has nothing to do with it. If your character is still low geared, go get some genesis crystals and get some GC pve gear if your gear is low still and start using those ancient enchants to get your pve stats up and then just practice different strategies with this instance till you get the best reward you can get. It's really not that bad of an instance. Just gotta focus for what, 20 minutes?
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 12, 2019

    Yes Thank you, at least no more of doing bases everyday! Many people will appreciate this change.
  3. Most classes actually get a damage boost in 7.0.
  4. Prestige needs to be revamped

    Agree. The benefits for $15 a month are not worth it at the moment. When you look at what you get from other games paying $15 per month it is a big difference. If they would add more worth to the Prestige it will surely bring in more money. Outrageously priced and worthless BCM items is not the path to good business lol
  5. Enchanting stigmas is gr8

    I have two stigmas +10 (pre-6.0, one blue, one green) and have only gotten one more +9 this past week after trying since November. However, I only have 2 more greens to get to +9 before being full +9. They are being highly temperamental. It is not easy D: Good luck to anyone for +10 because I don't see it happening till after the 35-40% rate in 7.0. However, when they introduce +11 and +12 the rates will only be 20% if I remember correctly from the patch notes.
  6. No way is enchanting not busted

    Yeah, the real tested math at play here isn't working as the rates have been tested and proven before. The only relevance the number of enchants has right now is for showing that the rate is clearly not a 52% chance every time you try an ultimate. It is very quite difficult to flip a coin (50% chance) and get tails 8 times in a row. In computer code there is really no such thing as a truly random number generator, but lately something is proven to be off in code. Either their RNG code is getting hung up somewhere and not producing numbers properly (for this you wouldn't just look at enchant rates but everything else RNG based as well), or like everything else NA they have decided to nerf our rates compared to the other regions which is a high possibility.
  7. No way is enchanting not busted

    This is what everyone is talking about! Thanks ofert for posting this video.
  8. Plox Extend Buffs

    Agreed this makes grinding feel more worth my time.
  9. Plox Extend Buffs

    Honestly, guiding stones should drop like this all the time. This is how guiding stone drop rates should be, not the horrible scavenging for crafting mats people normally have to do. Broker prices are crazy at times and not everyone is rich. Crafting is expensive and time consuming as is, so keeping the drop rate like this wouldn't break anything.
  10. Enchant rate broken?

    Yeah I *totally* believe enchant rates are fine... >.> 20 legendary stones should not make a +7 ultimate piece go between 6 and 7 repeatedly never reaching 8 and then down to 5. and for the know it alls, yes I know how to enchant properly. Done it plenty. Seriously though I've had bad rng but *that* is far more than bad rng. I can understand bad luck above 10, that makes sense, but at +6 and +7? really? When the bonuses don't even count for crap but like 1 or 2 points? I've said it once and I'll say it again, rates were far better before they implemented the 6.7 patch but after they implemented the 6.5 enchant rates. Something is wonky here. I don't care what the naysayers have to say so save your breathe.
  11. What was wrong the old siege mechanics?

    I don't really have too many ideas on this but I agree with Gabe that it ruins the whole concept of a siege. Not sure of a change though that wouldn't be abused or be partial to one group of people over another. I guess only thing I could think of is to make GP mobs stronger and harder to kill and give a better reward to the alliance that kills them. However, that could be abused as well so idk.
  12. Wow gotta say I love those new transforms way better than the current crappy looks we have. Still though it defeats the purpose of awesome looking gear. I think they should implement it so that your gear affects the appearance of your transform. So the better your gear gets the more exotic or unique looking your transform looks.
  13. No way is enchanting not busted

    I'm just surprised at the rates ultimate stones are failing right now. I got lucky a couple times but after that it goes right back to failcity. I find it impossible to get to +13 now with legendaries. Only +12. Then it is taking roughly 10 ultimates to hit +15. This is on both legendary and ultimate gear. and before the argument of 6.5 rates didn't affect leg/ult gear: you're right so this means those rates were lowered and/or messed up.
  14. You can enchant transforms in that patch? wow didn't know that. That is kinda lame imo. Why make transforms enchantable lol
  15. Whose ideas are these stupid GP base quests?

    Either way regardless of who's enjoying this system and who isn't, it is obvious it wasn't intended to be this way. Also to the person saying 20gp quest a day is too much, if you add up all 6 base quests it's 30gp a day. From the majority of people I've talked to on my side, they don't enjoy it and it isn't some amazing pvp experience. I (and others) suggest alliances because that would promote more large scale pvp which has proven to be a lot more successful in the past. Although we may never have shard wars again, they were amazingly fun. I even really enjoyed the pvp during the flower event fighting for the bottom artifact. One thing in the past that I believe promoted good pvp wars was the rank, officer, and general quests. The point is that there are better ways to go about this to make it a better pvp experience to make the gp more worthwhile. It is pretty dumb that you get 30gp a day for camping a pve mob as compared to fighting the enemy faction for that gp. That's just how I feel about it. People don't have to agree with me.
  16. Whose ideas are these stupid GP base quests?

    You made two very important points here I completely agree with. It is obvious to most if not all players that these base quests are supposed to be weekly as it says in the game. 6 bases daily just creates daily chaos and rarely makes for good pvp. Now if bases were alliance rewarded, then you may see good pvp. Right now all I see is zerg vs a couple people and faction vs faction. It is not pvp.
  17. Whose ideas are these stupid GP base quests?

    The problem is that they are supposed to be weekly. NC needs to fix it because it makes more sense to kill 10 elyos daily rather than fight both factions for one red base. It wasn't designed to be 6 bases per day. Although the gp reward makes more sense, the quest itself does not.
  18. 90 gp on a non siege day?

    Yeah I noticed this. There's a few on DN who were able to jump above 50gp right away on a non-siege day. Our rank 1 now is someone with 100gp.
  19. Position scoring for GP rewards for KT/EK

    Just so you know at maintenance GP for everyone gets reset to 0 tomorrow. So there will be no concern for ranking getting mixed together. Everyone starts at 0 tomorrow after servers come back up.
  20. Yeah, I think this is the point. Korea is choosing to widen the power gap rather than to close it. If you choose to run a balanced build in that patch your damage won't be all that great but you can survive, however those who choose to min/max crit strike and crit damage will roll over people with minimal crit defense. Essentially crit defense is just a rehash of mag supp. and strike resist from before 6.0 but the crit damage stat is brand new because it adds a new dimension beyond attack stat or what magic boost used to be. So... yeah... it probably will be unbalancing.
  21. Oh wow... looking at korea patch notes today looks like 7.5 adds 4 new stats. Physical and magical critical damage and physical and magical critical defense. So they are giving us a way to boost crit damage now rather than just boosting critical chance. This is an important addition for the future.
  22. Kaisinel transform

    Congrats! Glad to hear you did it without p2w and using the minimal combine! That's amazing luck! Now just to work towards full ultimates so you can really enjoy it!
  23. Mystery Legendary PVP Stone?

    There is a very very rare chance to get legendary pvp stones from genesis crystal camps. It has happened to me twice since the start of 6.0. I was able to confirm it came from the quest mystery drop
  24. KT turn to down ? o-o

    Clearly this requires compensation and I'm not even on KT!! >.< jk jk weird though no announcements
  25. KT not giving AP

    Same no AP gain on my char from anything. 0 AP gain for the day...