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  1. Ohhh This is the Purple Asmo who is constantly hunting level 30's at the outskirts of Heiron gate. I get the concept of a kill list and it's cool, but wall of shame is the wrong name for that page. No shame in losing a fight you have no chance in winning, I'm sure most pinks would agree.
  2. You seem like the most negative person o0n this forums...lol are you always this way?
  3. Reread my post. I added the fluff comment...which should be changed out and that's what it is fluff...I'm suprised anyone would buy a pass for that stuff but to each their own. It should be a fresh start pass until 50% of the server is above lvl 30 at least....but that's my opinion...
  4. Of course I do, but season passes in an MMO....it makes sense to tailor the rewards to the progress of the server. Dropping endgame rewards when half the server isn't there would be an awful idea. I do however admit that the "fluff" should be changed out...motions, pets, skins etc.
  5. You fail to realize that there are people joining now that did not participate in the first pass. This pass is designed to help you speed up you're leveling with coins, candies, enchants etc. providing faster xp and more kinah to the player that buys premium. If you already used the first one, you should have gotten those benefits already. What do you need another pass for? You want a pass specifically tailored to players that already got to high level...?? You want more advantages at higher levels in a PVP game?? What do you want AP in the pass??? I mean I'm glad it hasn't changed. It gi
  6. This is what I'm watching at the moment. The Daeva Pass is how they will inject Pay 2 Win elements if they do, IMO. Right now they're straddling the fence of P2W with the Daeva Pass and it's only the first season. The coins and mana stones are a large time boost to me, but not something I'd quit for. If they put tons of AP relics in the next one or fort medals or anything that is a HUGE time boost or something unattainable in-game entirely, then I will be quitting. If the current Daeva Pass is already enough for you to quit, I don't blame you...but why stay here and continue to post?
  7. It really depends on your opinion on P2W.....some people see pay to win to be anything that gives a boost that saves time in-game P2W, others say it's anything that effects PVP balance like you mention here, others say it's paying to receive things that aren't attainable through playing in-game. So to you this additional Kinah and coins provided may be pay to win, but to others they may see it as a time saver boost. Will it effect PVP? Yes, in the short term people who bought a premium pass will have more money and better gear...but will others be able to catch up eventually?? I don't see
  8. There needs to be conversion done like every other MMO, where it's $15usd but converted to that value in your currency. For this community to thrive...we need to feel like we're not being taking advantage of. Give us value and a sense of gratitude NCwest. We were happy and excited to see Aion coming back in classic form. We shouldn't feel slighted or like your attempting to reach into our pockets every chance you can without providing proper value. If that continues it will mostly be only a few diehards left.
  9. Since I can no longer edit the Oroginal Post, I also thought that making the pass cost less as it starts to expire is also an option. Make the pass less expensive, $15 half way through its life but the cost of Quna to buy levels for it increase??? Since people know they won't be able to finish it without buying levels before it expires, which seems predatory when the pass is $30 already. If it lost its value as time goes by, the option to buy levels or just bang out as many as you can ingame would seem more worth it.
  10. I was thinking, as someone who just started a few days ago and doesn't have a ton of time to play currently I was thinking about getting the pass to help me along with the extra kinah/coin gear etc available through it. But I see there is only less than 2 weeks left to finish it and at the pass being $30, I would not pay extra Quna to buy levels I cant finish, that seems predatory imo. So why not have the pass start fresh when the person buys it?? Or like some newer games, have all the passes available as they come and the player can select which pass to work on in the menu. Once th
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