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  1. @Kibbelzwould you please confirm/deny if the 1 kinah retune will remain post-maintenance? or is it being removed tonight?
  2. This is the most bats$%^t insane game developer behavior I have ever witnessed in any MMORPG I've played. Completely unacceptable to steal people's hard-earned grinded transformations EVEN IF THEY WERE OBTAINED LAST YEAR?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Do you guys not know how to write proper scripts and queries? What the HECK is going on? Where are all the "compensations"??????
  3. @Kibbelzyou forgot to include in hotfix to delete Apostles obtained by abusing support system during Stormwing Egg event. I trust that you will implement this too, because it's only fair. You've proven, after all, that you CAN, in fact, delete transformations from people's accounts; and you've also proven that you are just basically lazy in not wanting to do it until now, and lying about it claiming that "it's impossible due to game mechanics" Seems like it's possible after all, eh? Waiting to see this implemented. Thank you.
  4. NCWest be like "Ope, free players that don't spend $$$ on BCM got collections for +150 attack stat. That hurts our pocketbooks, screw what the community says." What a hypocritical game publisher. Utter cash grab.
  5. You want people to be able to gear up for free by afking to get wrap scrolls? lmao how to break a game 101.
  6. Betcha you wouldn't be filing this ticket if you were fast enough to do the same thing many people did with their candies from last year. lol
  7. "ALL" players? Including those who had the transformations since last year? While were' on the topic ..... you will also be removing hard-to-earn Apostle Transformations that people abused Stormwing Egg event for .... yes? ....... YES?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  8. Lol your Elyos zerg is not enough, you want NPC to spawn next to your site too?
  9. My bracelet hasn't been awarded. I had a +7 bracelet on me by the deadline, but did not get the new one :<
  10. Everyone's here wishing they had more minium upgrade material .... meanwhile I'm still here with my shitty ass B rank minion because I spent 4b and still no A rank
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