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  1. first of all, i am not banned, but of course i noticed this banwave- i heardt, that reason was told is, that people "overloot" or do the quest multiple times per steelrake run. if this is really the reason they are telling you, this is freakin PATHETIC. this method was pretty common in aion 1.5 - every veteran player will confirm this. if this is really the reason they justify their bans, i consider it as scam. most of the players bought siels aura and missing out paid service. player base of aion na classic is so small, they freakin totally ruined it now. i would suggest everyone to canc
  2. well its not game critical, but maybe lets say community critical. many people were angry about this. well maybe they could announce it 1h upfront and not 10min, but your instance CD will be resetted anyways. I guess the client is not broken, its probably because for the reason that servers are still down. i hope at least
  3. mate, its an emergency maintance, it was announced shortly. what else do you want? if there is critical bug, must be fixed. shall we wait for days?
  4. guys, just check on MyAion.eu there you see also NA classic servers, they are still down.
  5. totally agree. its annoying.
  6. are you serious? cmon ... i am speechless. you're not worth the players that love this game!
  7. Well, i dont need to look at any statistics. its clear, IS server has not many players. i can tell from my personal expirience, i am a lvl 50 cleric and sometimes you have so look 2h for people to go adma or bakarma. it doesnt only happen to me, its daily standard routine. i get a lot of whispers asking me to come adma or bakarma. there is also not clerics. i've created a char on siel, their LFG is packed af. i don't want to cry. just saying as it is.
  8. i appriciate the try, but the content of the survey was not really much and nowhere close to an argument to play on IS asmo. we need better than that. i created a char on siel and their lfg is really full with grp searches. on is asmo you sometimes look 2h for people, and still cannot find a grp for adma or bakarma (and i am playing cleric!). really frustrating.
  9. 1. I don't know any game that ask 30 dollars for a season pass, where the season is that short. 2. usually if you buy the battle pass mid season, you still have chance to unlock all stages by playing. here it was not possible even i played 14h a day. only because i started 1 week later, i missed several levels. 3. i bought it and didn't look into the content before. the content for 30 dollars, sorry i cannot find other words, is crap. its maybe 3 dollars worth. the majority of the battle pass was useless crap. lets be honest. its scam.
  10. Dear @Kibbelz, i know from the past that the exp events had no effect on the actual leveling of crafting, aether/essence, only on the exp you gained from doing it. Can you tell us if this is still the case or if the 100% also applies for actually leveling crafting, etc. Thanks in advance, have a nice day.
  11. Waiting and see what will happen is the worst thing imho. The imbalance will become even greater. I hope we get some new asmodian fellas with the exp event. Maybe some from Siel want to switch and startover?
  12. I don't know about how the sieges are going, since I'm playing from Germany and the siege schedule is a no go for EU players. However, there is clearly a population problem and I hope NCSOFT gonna do something about that really soon. In reality I think they don't care at all. Asmo side is really really empty and dead. I'm not crying, but just listening some examples. I play 10hours a day I think I have a good overview. The only group recruitment you see is mainly NTC and FT. Yesterday, I've watch an Elyos streamer and there were 5-6 groups open for SR. You can run around for minutes
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