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  1. Nicely done! Very nice to see community projects like these. Keep it up :)
  2. aside from the mystery box, how is this a bad thing? i feel NCsoft running ads, partnering up with prime etc. is a perfect example of how to attract new players
  3. Ah OK I have not logged in yet. Could be a bug? I agree, because ten years ago games like before mentioned did not yet think of a business model like this
  4. What do you mean by "reset" the BP? If you mean if it automatically renews without paying, no it won't. And if you mean it resets today, then yes, after maintenance a new season starts. You'll have to pay again to get the pass for upcoming season.
  5. Agreed! I don't see why they haven't enabled this yet
  6. I also see where you're coming from but I feel this quote is a bit out of context. Anyway I agree with you lol
  7. I feel your pain, although I must admit: the Daeva Pass we're seeing here is all but new to online gaming. So many games before it had it in the form of Battle Passes or w/e they called it. Surely you would have known from Rocket League, Fortnite, <insert any PUBG shooter and/or a gazillion other games here> that once the season ends, you would need to renew your pass? I mean come on. This is barely NC to blame. Think for yourself!
  8. are these new items or did they exist before on aion? curious how they look
  9. thank you. i will look into this and post my results
  10. hello, recently i got a new gaming setup including a samsung g7 odyssey 32". really nice. i get these issues however, which became very visible when i bought the game store wings (probably because they are so shiny). https://imgur.com/IPgjSO4 state 1 https://imgur.com/e5hnsm7 state 2 it seems like ghosting? although idk the absolute perfect definition has anyone encountered this, and can help? regards
  11. what feedback are you referring to? was this "public"? i like to know the general thoughts about this xp buff!
  12. way too excessive! stick to regular small xp boosts. this is unneccesary
  13. hasn't this got to do with the game version being 1.0 but the client version being 2.7? same case as remove shock being present etc. just a guess
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