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  1. This maybe true but the overall market needs to be regulated in my opinion. Free markets don't work as we can see with how ridiculous pricing is now in my opinion. The ability to make kinah is way to low for the overall price of current items today.
  2. I'd agree with the gathering and crafting issue, but as it stands dont you think prices should drop a bit in the market since there is not regulation prices seem to have gotten out of hand everywhere. Insulting people like a child is no way to debate your point. Articulating a point and speaking like an adult who has grown up since 2012 will get a reply worth both of our time.
  3. So as we know there is horrible faction balance on both servers. Siel has an overwhelming majority of Asmos and Isra has Elyos overwhelmingly winning. Leaving both opposite factions unable to do anything at any time in any real form of PVP content or Abyss. NCSoft allowing people to swap servers during the 100% buff only made it worse. So now we are at a pivotal point in the game for NCSoft based on their continued bad decisions or lack there of. How do we fix this issue? Will NC ever fix these issues or are they just content in letting a nostalgic game for most here die horribly? Th
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