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  1. What buttons do I jump to get up the Praedeth wall?
  2. So sorry but I can't find the NPCs for Tier 2. Please help. By the way, thanks for the valuable info on enchanting
  3. What am I missing on GP? What besides fort siege do you get GP on now?
  4. Wow, I agree. It's good to look these things up.
  5. Thanks Bryos. I've called out this question a few times on LFG. Typically at least one person responds, so I had been lost on this. Equipment extraction doesn't seem to be an option.
  6. Thanks, Bryos. The success rate isn't terrible. Anyone know how to get manastone fasteners? It seems to be the best kept secret of 6.0
  7. Legendary PVP enchantment Stones -- seems like people aren't really understanding what they are and why they're higher value. People are driving their price down to pre 6.0 enchantment stone prices. If I was super rich I wouldn't say anything and just buy them all.
  8. Thanks. So they're not used regularly to insert manastones. The good manastones are relatively expensive so I want to make sure I'm not missing some way to socket them with more assurance.
  9. Manastone Fastener? Did this go away when 6.0 came out/launched?
  10. Why was Katalam and Danaria so popular? They had wide open fields with lots of space, but at the same time, the critical piece was getting through the couple of different doors. Tons of strategy. Separate groups could battle in specific areas.
  11. Is the DN server down at this time or is it just me.
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