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  1. Correct me if Im wrong(old and new pvp gear)

    Not Tier 2 lol
  2. Correct me if Im wrong(old and new pvp gear)

    Does anyone know where the NPC is?
  3. Correct me if Im wrong(old and new pvp gear)

    So sorry but I can't find the NPCs for Tier 2. Please help. By the way, thanks for the valuable info on enchanting
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 15, 2019

    What am I missing on GP? What besides fort siege do you get GP on now?
  5. Daisy Duchess skins

    Wow, I agree. It's good to look these things up.
  6. Pumpkin King's Haunt Event Reward & Instance List

    Thanks Bryos. I've called out this question a few times on LFG. Typically at least one person responds, so I had been lost on this. Equipment extraction doesn't seem to be an option.
  7. Pumpkin King's Haunt Event Reward & Instance List

    Thanks, Bryos. The success rate isn't terrible. Anyone know how to get manastone fasteners? It seems to be the best kept secret of 6.0
  8. One Type of Event Temperings Non Exchangeable

    Legendary PVP enchantment Stones -- seems like people aren't really understanding what they are and why they're higher value. People are driving their price down to pre 6.0 enchantment stone prices. If I was super rich I wouldn't say anything and just buy them all.
  9. Pumpkin King's Haunt Event Reward & Instance List

    Thanks. So they're not used regularly to insert manastones. The good manastones are relatively expensive so I want to make sure I'm not missing some way to socket them with more assurance.
  10. Pumpkin King's Haunt Event Reward & Instance List

    Manastone Fastener? Did this go away when 6.0 came out/launched?
  11. Aion October Preview

    Why was Katalam and Danaria so popular? They had wide open fields with lots of space, but at the same time, the critical piece was getting through the couple of different doors. Tons of strategy. Separate groups could battle in specific areas.
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 11, 2018

    Is the DN server down at this time or is it just me.
  13. Crucible Spire

    I’ve enjoyed Crucible Spire for some time I need to point out that the new level 6 with its two bosses is now way too hard for most of my players. With my main player, Feelslikeburing, I’m not even close to being able to finish level 6. On the other hand, when my cleric goes past level 6 the gameplay is more normal on the rest of the levels. Also, further on...maybe level 15, there's the one with fire spirit bosses where you must turn yourself into a water spirit. Can you give me a clue please? I assume you attack the main pedestal with your water spirit, but that seems to do nothing. You guys, did you test the new Crucible Spire before you released it?
  14. Crucible Spire

    OK Mayinne. That was easy. My Cleric's WOD did the spirits in less than 10 seconds. I still think Crucible Spire needed more testing prior to the update. My Sorc struggles with the level 6 as if someone has nerfed my sorc ----that toon is max geared. Like I said, my undergeared Chanter had no problem with level 6
  15. Crucible Spire

    Thanks Bryos. I'll give it a go again. For some odd reason, my Sorc does very little damage to the one on the right. I have a medium level Chanter and was able to get past this, so the Sorc issue is frustrating. Little damage? Odd. But I will try again. And if someone else can get the fire spirits then I know it is just me.