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  1. and yea was hoping ppl with good RNG should always keep their mouth shut at this point.
  2. Idk, god forbids me getting anything +14 +15. Maybe im too cute for +15.
  3. Hi my first forum post and probably the last one. Tried enchanting my ultimate pieces with ultimate stones, failed them all and I used around 10 ( someone used way more than me) and still cant get a piece to +14 from +13. I've asked around most people have experienced the same thing. The enchanting success rate for ultimate pieces 10-15( with ultimate enchantment stone) is supposed to be 52%. Something is wrong, KR people hardly fail hardly any reds. This is NA not China we shouldn't fail 50 reds in a row. and Besides, the past events are uhmm..., i feel like spending time and money playing this game is like putting coins into a vending machine that is full of used condoms and fossilized tampons.
  4. Rainbow Snake Festival 2018 Reward List

    Did anyone get the sports skill card bundle ? Is it actually in the rewards like the reward list says?