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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 22, 2020

    Update Costume rotation on BCM please, its been months and I haven't seen any new skins on BCM
  2. Update the transformation contracts in game, bcm, instance boss drops from 64 types to 72 types. Give us more grade A miniums drops or just put them up on BCM. It takes years to get a max level minion, cuz grade A minium is hard to farm and it takes 3.5k to get one minion to max lvl which really takes months of effort. AND since I was born extra cute and as exchange I have extra shitty RNG I failed combining my S rank minion, so please give us more mothafkin grade A miniums, make em easier to obtain, either put them on sale on BCM , or higher drop rate.
  3. Explain yourself 'Valiant'....

    thats an i not L diao head
  4. Hi my first forum post and probably the last one. Tried enchanting my ultimate pieces with ultimate stones, failed them all and I used around 10 ( someone used way more than me) and still cant get a piece to +14 from +13. I've asked around most people have experienced the same thing. The enchanting success rate for ultimate pieces 10-15( with ultimate enchantment stone) is supposed to be 52%. Something is wrong, KR people hardly fail hardly any reds. This is NA not China we shouldn't fail 50 reds in a row. and Besides, the past events are uhmm..., i feel like spending time and money playing this game is like putting coins into a vending machine that is full of used condoms and fossilized tampons.
  5. and yea was hoping ppl with good RNG should always keep their mouth shut at this point.
  6. Idk, god forbids me getting anything +14 +15. Maybe im too cute for +15.
  7. Rainbow Snake Festival 2018 Reward List

    Did anyone get the sports skill card bundle ? Is it actually in the rewards like the reward list says?