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  1. @Kibbelz daily crafting are stuck. Please look into it
  2. Please check the patch notes for classes...saw cleric with celerity mantra and chanter with ripple What are the rewards from the npc for the Class master event..it just says 'epic'.. Define EPIC
  3. @Cyancan you please look at the bugs that still exist....even when I send tickets...all the reply I get they have been notified....kudos to the hard work you guys did while delaying the event to remove bugs.....
  4. The economy is already broken....if you look at that..prices are way low. The event ran for 1 week already, if preventing 10+ was their fix...why delay for 2 months or so only to give the bugged event. It makes sense to not have 10+ entry requirement That is not the only bug...teleport stone bug, widstream bug so on With only 1 week left..why change it at all now They should check after they launch an event and make a fix asap..not like after 1 week
  5. As if Tia wasn't enough for them....they have to screw another good event. Made us wait only to get a superbugged event.... Nerfed rng... but we still had higher chances with 10+ alts And now they are taking that away too This event is good..even with all the bugs and hacks..just leave it alone Are you desperately trying to loose your player base?
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