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  1. HACK

    It's a sin (Pet Shop Boys pun?), not a ranger. That said, I'm not sure what the screenshot is supposed to be showing. It looks like the vandal is headed in completely the other direction in the later (second) screenshot. They are headed the wrong direction and out of range to be attacking the sin, but are attacking. If I had to guess - and that's all this is, a guess - it's just a lag issue. The sin's client hadn't yet received updated data on the vandal's target. From all I can tell from the screenshot, the vandal is attacking something else. If they are using a cheat, and headed the wrong direction, they are using the cheat wrong - or, I guess possibly escaping, but pausing to attack some other critters.
  2. Is it safe to come back?

    Weevy and Grace in one place...I'm feeling all nostalgic, and craving running to the middle of Levinshor to run IS. #teary-eyed
  3. Updated Issues Jan 2020

    Not pad hopping. Not shard wars. But farming? If people couldn't farm materials, then your running scrolls, your jellies - anything that required materials to craft were more expensive (bots notwithstanding). In the early days of EB, Strange Ide crystals were required to make the keys to get into EB. The broker was often empty of the crystals, they took time to farm, and there was a lot of killing going on in the only two farming areas in the Idian Depths. There's nothing like that now. (For some reason, couldn't edit the one above that saved by accident before I responded)
  4. Updated Issues Jan 2020

  5. Updated Issues Jan 2020

    And the pad wars at Broken Cliff in Katalam, PVP in ID - fighting over the strange ide crystal farming area, and the areas where rare materials were farmed, and instance entrances...PVP wasn't just common and fun, it had actual economic meaning in the game, so it didn't just feel like slap fighting between camps. The same for sieging - when you had to fight to open Silentera Canyon, or to gain entrance to the Eye - now nothing has any real meaning. Siege to get GP for a title that really doesn't matter, meh.
  6. LOL Why Gameforge has US version of Aion website ?

    Do they limit their service to EU only? I downloaded and played EU Aion to get a taste of 6.2 before it was released here, and did so without any VPNs or network wizardry. I live in California, and just downloaded and played.
  7. Stigma Enchantment Data (+11 stigmas, 164 stones used)

    Glad to see it's not just me. My own sampling size is much smaller, less than a dozen stones, but with 100% failures I gave up quickly. 100% failure at +9 doesn't seems like much of a boost. If that's the boost, what was the rate before? I'm already done trying for the duration of the event. I used to feel kinda guilty about my spending here. I don't want to be a wallet warrior ever, but I did buy a $15 pack pet, and felt like I should spend more. I used to play a ton, and loved the game. $15 doesn't even buy you a full movie in the theater after ticket and a soda...and I'd played Aion daily for years. I really felt like I should buy stuff just to support the game. I don't feel that guilt, or that desire, any more. At all.
  8. Access Restriction Notice?

    Not that support is paying attention or anything, but just happened to me, too. First time for me.
  9. KInah Ideas?

    Right now, your best kinah producer for farming is ancient kibrium. You can grind ancient kibrium all day with as big a group as you can put together. It is pretty stable in price, around 400k-500k and it sells very fast. It may actually pick up a little as people start seeing Sywo's video that came out today because manastone fasterners are needed for crafting manastones in 7.0 - so some people will want to get the jump on that by doing a lot of crafting and d/e. That's your best steady money. Guiding stones go along with that, but unless NCSoft picks up the pace on knocking out bots, that market is pretty much ruined by the volume of stones bots are putting up on the broker (commonly see stacks of 3000+ stones). Both of these are stunted because of enchant rates. Nobody is enchanting, so nobody is improving gear, so the need for manastone fasterners, and the....gold fragment thinggies (game isn't open, I forget the name) are down. If/when they bump up the enchant rates, there will be a rush and steady demand for these things. People will need lots of gear to d/e, which means kibrium sales will escalate pretty quickly, and stones along with that (but again...bots). I don't do PVE group instances, but I think there's some money in that - someone else can with info there, maybe. I know Lyah's Youtube vids talked about drops being worth 1m-2m I *think* but then you're dependent on rolls to get you the items. I don't consider that a quality avenue for time vs potential reward. You can kill dozens of Leader mobs in the time it takes to do a PM/BoS/FM run, and guaranteed you'll get kibrium that's worth more. Kibrium farming is far more boring, for sure...it's dull, but it's profitable. Gold cubic was ok for a while, but it's pretty much dead now. People are coming to where their accounts are totally full, and the need has declined rapidly lately. Cubes that were selling for 20m a few weeks ago are stuck on the broker for under a million and not moving. I've got a lot that it looks like I'm going to get stuck with at this point. I recommend doing all your daily Luna runs if you aren't. For those that don't know, those silly kinah bundles that used to give a ridiculously-low 1k-5k kinah now give 5 million - 20m kinah. It only takes a level 10 to do Luna, so if you have storage toons, or even other accounts, use them. If you have empty slots on your account, it takes no time at all to level a toon to 10 and make them eligible - make some. I have Aion on a laptop at work, with toons that I just afk luna in the background and when those bundles come up, buy and open. That's probably my biggest source of income right now - I'd guess 50m-200m per week, but that's skewed in part because a lot of toons had luna mats saved up from pre-6.2 era. I'm not sure how long it would take to save up for a 100% kinah bundle doing dailies - I'll check later when I log in and have a toon that gets that for their daily. Unfortunately, there's not a whole lot of opportunities for farming in this game. They completely gutted the economy to try to push more people to P2P, but it's just thinning out the population - the fact that both NCWest and GameForge are coming out publicly that they screwed up and need to adjust shows pretty clearly that they are losing people and seeing revenues decline (imo). One potential angle that I haven't seen yet, is selling Daeva skills. If you have extra toons that can run CoE and don't need books, you can clear, and when a shugo spawns, sell the instance. You post some random junk (like a perer jelly) on the broker for w/e price 200m, 300m? The person buys it, joins your group, enters and they kill the shugo, you don't roll - or you leave the instance. That takes a rep for honesty, because it has to go through the broker and people have to pay before they even enter CoE to confirm a shugo has spawned - but if people know you it's a potential to make some kinah. There are still a few ways to make money if you are willing to put in the time and be a little creative. gl!
  10. Crafting mats

    I have no frame of reference to say one way or the other. I've never played a sin to know how it should feel. All of my "alts" other than my main were leveled to 10, then went straight to the crafting labs to become masters and never left again, other than for events. I'm pretty much hearing the same thing you're saying from my friends that are mainly sins, but again -without having played it's hard to get a sense of what's *worse* without having felt *better*, first.
  11. 6.5 date

    Wait for 7.0. New grades of gear, including new level of crafted gear with far better stats, craftable skill book boxes (cannot be traded/brokered). The new class will bring back old players for 2 or 3 weeks and the game will be busy and fun. Then after 3 weeks, when it dies down, we can go back to waiting-state for 7.5.
  12. An Old-Fashioned Letter

    http://global.ncsoft.com/global/support/service.aspx That has all of the main branch office addresses around the world. If you Google "NCSoft corporate" it will give you the company's main website, and doesn't have addresses, but it does have phone numbers for each of the offices, including branches that are not on the Global website. Best of luck.
  13. Crafting mats

    I'm leveling old alts that were just for master crafting, so only had to be level 30, but want them now for doing cubic and Mirash/CoE for getting transforms for my main (only toon I actually play). Chanters and SMs are an absolute cruise to level. I leveled another Templar when I did a pre-NA personal beta testing of 6.2 in EU, and that was easy. I'm leveling a sin right now. She's level 60-something as of yesterday, and it's a nightmare grind, tbh. Compared to the other four classes that I've leveled to 80 (also a couple of clerics), this has been hard. I'm on my 3th day with the sin, from mid-40s (leveled from FT event) to level 60...it's just been weirdly slow. SMs are the easiest and fastest, because the split workload with the pet. Then chanters, clerics and finally Templar - all were easy to just roll along. I keep stopping with the sin. TBH, it might also be that I'm just coincidentally sick of leveling toons at the point where I started my first sin - but this one definitely seems harder than the others.
  14. Crafting mats

    Short [guess] answer: bots. It seems like that's their primary focus on just about everything they do - ways to combat botters. They make stuff untradable so someone can't have a bot farm all day long then just trade it over. The xigncode thing is supposed to be making it hard for bots by detecting repeat motion (or some such thing). They introduced reporting, but seem to ignore the reports - because I've had bots that I report several times a day for over a week, and they just keep chugging along. The company had revenues of $18 million for Aion alone in a 3-month period, and it seems to me they could afford simply hire a couple of GMs to run around the game world and remove the bots. It's also [probably] to combat inflation, which they had runaway issues with in the past...helped in part by the stupid glimmering shells (seriously, wtf???). Forcing hefty transaction fees for all trades helps keep the money supply down...tho this is really a poor execution of that, since they also butchered the incoming at the same time.
  15. tl;dr - A rant on the Gameforge email/accouncement

    Nope. I don't think anything will solve anything at this point. I don't believe them coming out to say, "we're going to make the game a little bit closer to sucking less" is going to start bring back players. I joined and played as a brand new player in EU - new account, new toon, and it's not fun. You get to level 80 in a day, have about 6m kinah and mediocre gear, and a mountain to overcome with very little in resources. Rushing to level 80 is great for botters, not great for new players they way they try to say it would be. It will get progressively worse as players get poorer, and they will. There's just too much money that gets sucked out of the economy, and not enough bringing it back in. In the example of MechEagle's 190 enchant stones, for example, if he bought those stones @35m kinah each off the broker, that's approx 760 million in fees from just his 190 stones that the game is sucking out of the economy permanently. Lyah (my his account rest in peace) did a video on YT outlining how it was impossible to stay balanced with kinah in-game as an individual. It took about 30m kinah per week for scrolls, gold bar daily purchases and odds-n-ends, but if that toon ran all of his instances, got all of the drops (meaning the other 5 in the group lost all rolls), it came out to be about 21m per week. Since that's divided up among 6 people (pretending 12-man instances are run by six to keep the math easy), that's an average of about 3.5 million kinah per week per player. That means it takes 217 players to farm the kinah needed to rebalance the economy from MechEagle's one transaction. And that is if MechEagle is the only one enchanting in an entire week, and nobody else makes a single purchase off the broker. Every broker transaction adds to that requirement to fill the kinah falloff. Making NPC junk from mob drops go from 1k kinah to 3k kinah really isn't going to mitigate that. So no - I don't think that bumping up enchant rates, even all the way up to KR rates that Sywo hailed as "enchanting feels good again" rates won't bring back the friends I've had that all quit. I don't think anything will.
  16. This came out as an email to people with Gameforge accounts. I got this email about 2am. I was still half-asleep, and my first read-through I took away a "finally" mindset. After waking up a little, I read it as a lot of B.S., and a hail mary attempt to stop the bleeding. Not only does it read-between-the-lines as fluff, but the timing is not lost on me that in the same week Cyan announces they are just figuring out that enchant rates are bad, and GameForge issues it's *oops* message. I can't speak for the scope of NCWest staff's involvement in the community outside the game, but Gameforge has worked with Sywo, has reached out to him to discuss things, has run at least one promotion via his Youtube channel. This tells us that they watch his channel. The things that they outline as "we could not foresee" are items that Sywo, in his videos, detailed when he was trying out the 6.0 patch in Korea before it hit EU. He was constantly adding verbal footnotes to his showcased features with "as long as they don't change this in EU and NA, it's great. If they change it, it will be ****." He's a hobbyist, and he knew. NCSoft, Gameforge and NCWest are professionals in the industry. They knew. I don't believe for two seconds that they didn't know. They may have grossly underestimated how many players would quit, and how much the revenue stream would dry up because nobody wants to buy enchantment stones that don't work - but they can't say they didn't know. On top of that, these fixes sound more or less meaningless. Two transform scrolls per week? That's a drop in the ocean. Yesterday, I used 8 scrolls to get enough duplicate Normal Grade transforms to roll six of them for an upgrade - and got one normal transform that I already had. 80 million kinah to go BACKWARDS. I highly doubt that their "kinah drop boost" would cover that 80m, and two scrolls per week won't make a dent. Many of us have seen MechEagle's stream or Youtube video of his use of 190+ *legendary* enchant stones to take a +10 item to +10 (or something less than 15....don't remember where it actually ended when he ran out, but failed). In current, average-ish numbers on the DN server, at 35 million per legendary stone, that's a cool 6,650,000,000 kinah. 6.6 billion kinah...to FAIL. There's no mystical dragon lord disrupting the flow of aether at work on enchant rates. It's a computer program. It's math. This is not only foreseeable, it's DESIGNED this way. And anyone that tries to sell that they didn't know that this would be upsetting to players... I wanted to get a head start on knowing the economy we'd have, so I played in EU three weeks before 6.2 got rolled out here in NA, and the complaints on all of this were already in place in LFG. So even if you want to pretend that you didn't know the impact the game changes would have - there was actual player feedback data that told you everything you needed to know. By the time it reached us here, EU was already hemorrhaging players. This assault on the player base may have worked in 4.5. Back then, we were so much busier. Think about how much we were doing on a daily basis. Lower abyss sieges, Upper Abyss - outer forts, UA inner forts, Ingg and Gelk sieges, Tia sieges, Katalam and Danaria sieges. Then all of the ancient coin daily farming quests, IS, EB, two maps full of BM camps that had to be flipped with a much lower turnover than now, and guards that respawned slowly, not to mention the daily War quests in all those zones in Katalam and Danaria. For those of us that were crafters, there was hours of farming mobs, farming gatherables, time at the crafting tables producing the potions and scrolls that powered the world. There was so much content, and VARIETY of content, even the players that were on all day could barely fit all of that in, and it was hard to get bored. Now? Wednesday everything resets. By Thursday evening you're done with the week's content. Players have nothing to do but sit around and notice how horrible enchanting is, how they aren't making kinah, how what they need is impossible to obtain. It's ok for things to be difficult and take time to get - a lot of gamers enjoy the chase, I for one do. But when you are standing around, everything in the week in cooldown, you don't have 6.5 billion kinah to burn through to FAIL enchanting, and there's no meaningful activity to move you towards your gearing goals, it feels dismal and hopeless. Somewhere, NCSoft, a gaming company, lost sight of the concept that games are supposed to be...fun. We don't need a game to feel dismal and hopeless. We have real life for that. [see mooMOOMooMoomoo-KT's post for more on the message itself]
  17. So a couple of things, first - the webmaster@ for any company/site is just some poor sap whose job it is to make sure links work and that blog articles get filled in on the website. That's going to be his only job [probably]. He'd be passing along your email, at best. He's not your point of contact. If you want to really reach out, call. The offices all have phone numbers, give them a ring, find out who listens, and don't accept "fill out a ticket" as an excuse. A side note, I had no idea they had an office in Aliso Viejo. AV's a 10 minute drive from where I am. All that said, keep something in mind, because they may play nice on the phone, but it may get you a lot of dismissive twaddle in the end. While you may very well be one of the biggest customers, in Q2 of this year (latest available financial reports), Aion alone took in $18 million U.S. in revenue. It's going to be very hard, if not impossible, for a single player, no matter how much that player personally spends, to really feel like a threat to them. I'm not trying to dissuade you from trying to make an impact, and I really wish your voice alone could fix it, because I loved Aion for a long time, and would love to have it start heading back to the game it was when I joined. I'm just being a cynical realist. It should be the total opposite. They should bend over backwards to make you, and all other customers happy. I do that in my business, and sometimes have to eat some money to make a client happy, but it's better than losing them. Every dollar counts. And big money-hungry companies like NCSoft should learn to recognize that if they just made the customers happy, those people would gladly throw money at the game. Jacking one person out of $200 worth of enchant stones gets them advertising that costs them thousands in potential Prestige buyers. This approach just makes no sense to me. https://us.ncsoft.com/en/contact-us/ Corporate contact information is there. Good luck, and please keep us posted.
  18. I think you're right. Look how many threads there are on the same problems, over and over. There's clearly a problem with the product being sour, but there's no indication that it's important to them in any way.
  19. I love it that two people that are openly admitting they are big cash shoppers recognize what a failure this patch is for people that aren't - and how it impacts the entire game, and in ways that are mostly impacting players that aren't in their same category. There's a great Youtube channel, ExtraCrediz, it's diversified in topics now, but it was primarily a theory and business for game developers channel in earlier days, and they did a very good profile on the free-to-play business model, and how important the free players are. Summing it up briefly, they talk about "whales" - the big cash shoppers - and their motivation: enjoying being powerful and dominating. In order to be dominating, however, weaker players are needed, and those are best served by having lots of grinders. If you lose your grinder base, then all you have left is the big cash shoppers, who are now no longer overpowering, but just average among each other - and that's boring for them. And then the revenues dry up, because there's no reason for the Kerridwens of the game to invest in gear if there are no weaklings like me around to murder. This patch sucked the economic structure out of the game. Farming and crafting were everything to a lot of players, like me. For those of us that don't pay in, because we enjoy the grind - not for economic reasons - this is just crippling. I was lucky enough to plan ahead, and I'm still sitting on billions of kinah, and have a dozen sharptooth bikes, and 50 or so housing storage cabinets, all to sell...financially in-game I'm fine. I can't imagine what it's like for people that did not sock away a lot of stuff before, and for new players this new economy is an impossible situation. It won't just be gear sales for players like Kerri that slow down. People that bought NCoin and sold stuff in-game to non-cash players will dry up. Players in game cannot make kinah they need to buy BCM products from Ncoin buyers, so that entire revenue stream will dry up.
  20. 3 or 4 years ago, I would have gladly paid. This franchise is broken, and I would assume that if I paid, they would gradually continue to degrade the game. They don't seem to get the concept that "game" is supposed to be "fun". I swear more when I'm enchanting than I do at anything else in my life. It's not fun - it's frustrating, and I am less active all the time. I mostly just run cubic now with parked toons that do nothing but camp cubic entrances. Enchant rates are garbage. Proc rates for crafted gear is in WTF mode. It was somewhere between 25-50% when 6.2 came out. Today I got 1/14 - so they jacked the **** out of the crafting rates too. It's just a kinah/money sink now, with no real in-game economy. The game is free, and that's what it's worth.
  21. Screen blanks while in battle with mobs

    Other people are complaining about this issue, and I'm having it too. All my drivers are up to day, so that's not the issue. It's new since the patch. Screen goes completely black and game halts, for a literal second, normally during skills that cause screen shake ("big impact" skills).
  22. 1st post in 6.2

    First GIF of 6.2
  23. Power Up week coming in August 20th?

    I don't doubt that you have. I've made nine +9s. Four of those I broke tonight trying to +10. There was a point where I thought I had bought way too many stigmas, and would have lots of leftovers. I had 29 copies of one....and two of the same stigma at +8 and +5. Seemed like a pretty safe bet I'd end up with a +9. Instead, I ended up with a +8 (never touched) and a +4. Yay fun! Stigmas were the last thing I was going to do before 6.x - gearing up is otherwise pointless, making pretty much all content irrelevant. I was going to farm and horde kinah, but that's gotten boring. I guess I'll be a lot more productive at work until 6.x - or until another game catches my eye.
  24. Power Up week coming in August 20th?

    I've been saving up stigmas for quite a while for this. I had two storage alts, their inventory, warehouse and legion warehouses, full of stigmas, as well as a lot of my own space. I had over 200 stigmas stashed. The results have been abysmal. It's been a complete and utter waste of money and time. It wasn't even close to this bad last event. It feels like they have monkeyed with the rates to screw everyone out of money on this last event before 6.x. I stopped playing for a while, to take my laptop to Starbucks and do some work. Aion has reached that level - where doing my work in my free time is preferable and more enjoyable than Aion. Hell, Aion's just barely a notch above having a cheese grater dragged across my eyeball in terms of entertainment level. A couple of years ago, these results would have been shocking, and I'd be nerdraged as all hell about the outcome today. But now, it's just kinda...expected. It's The Aion Normal.