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  1. At least one explanation they had to give us. When will server transfers open? I want to go to DN
  2. One of the two, I'm either very very noob and I didn't think that or something is very wrong here. I don't understand how the team in this game acts, I really don't. Two weeks after a major update (7.7), they "ERRONEOUSLY" removed one of the most important functions in the game, the creation of enchantment stones. As if neglect was not enough, after informing that the correction was made, the problem was not fully corrected. ATTENTION STAFF, WHERE ARE THE DESIGNS FOR CRAFTING: legendary Kibrium, legendary Guide Stone, Ultimate Kibrium, Ultimate Guiding stone ????? This is very d
  3. Bring the Dragon's set and Skating emotes to the game. We spent the whole year waiting for it. We are increasingly disappointed by the lack of attention to this issue. We don't have beautiful emotes and even less skins. It's always the same ugly and repetitive skins as always.
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