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  1. Final solution: Aion classic gameforge please.
  2. Honestly the only way to try to fix this mess and hope for a real decent server is to accept this was a monumental failed and do a re-launch with 1.5. Just open a new server. Have an active gm monitoring racial influx and actively blocking bot (especially from chat), Suspend and verify ASAP any players with an high amount of AP gain or an high amount of kill for either trading or cheat, make a 200%xp event for a month or at least make it very fast until lvl 40 (which is mostly the reason why most casual stop playing because it was too much solo grind before having group dungeon to do) Cha
  3. Greatings Gm When is 1.5 Will you be locking new character creation on siel to keep israphel from dying even more. When are you predicting aion death cause damn it look like it's coming sooner then expected.
  4. Where the " regarding 1.5 update" thread, people are leaving more and more because they are bored to death, we're down to 9% server capacity on israphel.
  5. Yup i took my damn sweet time, I grind 40 to 46 with minimal quest only mission and SR then 46 to 50 by only doing SR, adma and DC once a day, not a single quest. I do one run of DC and adma per day, and i'm already done with my equipment, i only miss one nyerk earring from adma and pvp gear. Maybe i was lucky with my drop rate, but doesn't change the fact i have complete SR equipment, DC equipment, all gemmed, my MB staff, the best warhammer of this patch, very good shield, all that while having a job and a family to take care of, and i'm not the only one. We know this game by heart, we
  6. If we follow Korean server it should be next wednesday.. but there's been 0 news from NCsoft. so either a surprise drop or they are delaying it. I hope we're getting it next week, We need more content like fenris and DP, but more then that, we freaking need dredgion and the third stigma slot
  7. I'm actually starting to be against a server fusion, Israphel while very small is starting to settle in, more asmodien player are stating to be stuff and able to rivalised and i feel like a bunch of elyos understand that camping everything 100% of the time would penalized them even more because they would have no one to pvp with so they slack a bit, we can actually farm ap now and enjoy some good pvp before latte arrive and noise dp 4k everyone. I feel like they should open temporary free asmo transfer from siel to israphel, just to balance it a bit, make siel less crownded and isr
  8. Can we have our victim event where siel elyos and israphel asmo get 200% exp and ap for a week. Honestly just anything to stop making people leave for siel, and close the gap between the 30e+15 elyos vs shugo equipment. Also now that Kr as announce 1.9 and the release of 2.0 for november, can we get a date for 1.5. We freaking need dredgion, daevanion and DP.
  9. I just want an ETA on 1.5, starting to be bored already, you can rush adma and bakarma within an hour and half, then what do you do ? nothing 'cause it's impossible to farm in abyss due to the debalanced faction, also we need dredgion to start allowing dominated faction to make a bit of ap because the gap in catastrophic right now.
  10. On israphel asmo the biggest european guild left, lot of the european streamer left as well, and it's easy to realize that there is way less european then we used to just by presence at their hours. There's still european playing, but at least 50% of them left.
  11. Meanwhile, people who exploited the shit out of everything to be +15 elite30, who have dubious gameplay are still up and running :')
  12. I spend my days in SR, never cheated, exploited or paid for kinnah, and i'm not ban. This is the worse excuse ever, SR has a 5hour CD it's not like you can run it 10time a day.
  13. They should open free transfer from Siel asmo to israphel asmo for a temporary time ( until israphel is more balanced), then pricy paid transfer for all the other. Also Xfer no matter if free or not need to be a one time per account max or have a 90days block. There's only 2 server, you either stay or go, you don't walk around the 2
  14. Clearly animation tweaking to reduce "Casting" People used to do that back then as well, but at least they were a bit subtile about it...
  15. Only a certain amount of the top active people get medal. This is spread without your alliance/group. so if you entire alliance is afk, your total dps is very low, if you are in a group of 6 and actively killing everything you will rank high, if you are alone, there's little chance you get up high in the number. Not a lot of people receive defense medal and if there's not a lot of attacker that number goes down as well
  16. Lodas amulet won't solve any probleme, exp boost if no one is playing is useless. Stop trying with low tier fix and start thinking of a real solution with either server merge or transfer.
  17. Can anyone just start a petition or something, maybe ncsoft will understand better if they get 500 signatures saying we need that or we stop playing rather then the 20 same people crying on forum all the time, everyone i know is starting to stop playing, the lack of group for any pve content, the impossibility of farming any AP in abyss make them wonder what there is left to do. All of us regret not going to siel to begin with, and all of us can'T believe ncsoft didn't 100% block character creation until both server balanced each other. Siel sub is dying in a few days, not sure we're still
  18. I love how you go around in every topic saying israphel isn't dead because there is a lot of elyos. Have you even read a single thread explaining the prob ? We know there's a lot of elyos, that's not the issue, the issue is that there is 100 active asmo player at all moment, that the major unbalance of population is creating A HUGE HUGE gap in pvp gear where asmo struggle to even get few jewel lvl 30 when some elyose are already full set 30 +10 with jewel. Elyos presence is so huge compare to asmo that we have 0 access to upper abyss for more then 5min before getting ganked by an entire group,
  19. up, please merge server or open Xfers. I was able to farm 3k ap in abyss this past week because sanctus and humility are so bored they are 24/7 roaming abyss with a full group. Meanwhile elyos are already full stuff lvl 30, there's never any asmodian roaming, the only 2 big guild left is worry who's partially afk pve or FF14, and prestige worldwide which is areound lvl 40. The gap in abyssal point is just becoming bigger and bigger ever day
  20. Everyone is asking for skin, yet they are drop 1 every week. also can we have weapon skins, pleaaseee there's not a single pretty shield in this version
  21. 'cause right now they are only accommodating west coast, not even the entire NA population, siege at 11PM is way too late. And those hour will follow for dredgion making a huge unbalanced toward west coast player who will be able to attend to everything.
  22. I honestly don't mind the xp rate, we're not 16 anymore and people are struggling, however, the loot% is way too high, it's raining gold item, Not to mention that giving people so much coin kind of break the leveling process of having to gear yourself with w/e you find/dungeon. They ruined crafting by making them all irrelevant, we are way too overstuff and everything is so easy. And for me, this is breaking the classic experience way more than faster exp.
  23. You should block new character creation on siel during the XP event to avoid the massive exile of every motivated player left on israphel...¬_¬
  24. It doesn't matter if instance are in already or not. There's SO much probleme on israphel asmodien side: 1- A lot of casual player using only the 1 hours free trial to play. Making the average server lvl between 25 and 35. 2- a LOT of european player, peak hour of the server are during europeen hour, not NA one. I'm on east coast and it'S very hard to find any group to do anything at my hours, there's barely 50 player 40+ connected past 8PM. 3- because of that, people can't attend RvR, the rest doesn'T want to anymore because it's pointless. This issue will create a even
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