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  1. Who the Hell cares of what you want, like if you were the entitled Elyos who will decide the fate of the game F off dude your opinion vs the hundreds that want a merge is insignifficant godamn basement dweller
  2. NCsoft is just gonna do the same thing they did back there, Merge wont happen but Paid server transfers will happen, and that will create the imbalance you Ely dread so much so pick ur poison Merge or Transfer. If you think they're not gonna open Transfer You're so ignorant its laughable. Look at the Japanese Servers They ended merging and all your BS about they wont merge get over it, you're gonna have to it to appear "eloquent" and cocky on a forum. Stop sperg posting on shit that doesnt even affect you, so mind your nose in some other place entitled ely.
  3. Well thanks captain obvious, but we actually want a fix and not dumb comments on just reroll bs attitude if you're not part of the situation just keep your comments honestly, If there's not a actuall "Suggestion". But saying uhh NCwest didnt restricted toon creation Thats the real problem, Gues what IT HAPPENED SO we need fix not ppl creating this random Problem accusing the player that it's his FAULT for not rerolling or not doing their extensive research. like grow up kid holy f
  4. Lmao, this is the most pepega thing i've ever heard it's not hard smiley face. "Yeah Reroll you'll get bakarma,lannok ez in 2 days, It's not hard smiley face" It shows how you've never rerolled on a server you actually have difficult stuff to farm, The ignorance here is just great, Shows that you're elyos on a wealthy pop aren't ya. Imagine the player being sanctioned by problems of the publisher/dev. Hey elyos just reroll its ok right? This is not the first time this happened actually, in early days i was part of the Lumiel Server and we merged into IS that later one merged into something
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