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  1. 1. Luna retuning cost has been too high since its been introduced

    2$ a retune is absolutely insane

    2. Platinum cubics are impossible to get and an important factor in the game especially for PFHM 4th boss and the new instance that eventually comes in 7.7

    Having platinum cubic that is easily obtainable will allow even players who are not the greatest to run instances that are too difficult for them

    3. Are new apostle transforms even obtainable atm can they be gotten by combining or is it broken like when we got the new transforms back in 6.2

  2. 7 hours ago, Shiftie-DN said:

    if i was to make an HB/HP set for pve, can i get away with using my pvp HB set accessories or is it better to use titan ones until something better comes along?

    pvp accessories would have better bonuses HP/HB wise but less def than titan?? 

    you don't need a HB / HP set for pve you can just use an attack set with your pvp accessories that's what i do

    i have 1894 healing boost with luna

  3. 4 hours ago, FefeHulk-DN said:

    As much as we hate to say it but this will greatly impact Danaria Asmodian faction in terms of balance and the health of Danaria server. Having one of the only two server, dying, now Nc soft may as well merge both into one server.


    If you think the server is going to die because of a handful of people then why would they want to stay on such a trashy server?

  4. 2 hours ago, Zombiex-DN said:

    we need choosable cubics come on ZzZzZzZz 
    we were waiting for years to have platinium cubics and we getting this ? GG

    You've been waiting for years when they got introduced in 7.2 which was 5 months ago?

  5. @Hime

    Since most of our maps are becoming battleground server are you guys planning to implement a better way for us to get time because 2 hours a day when half our maps are battleground server is going to be pretty bad

  6. @Gideon@Cyan

    Is there a reason why Gideon won't allow the BCM to be updated with every skin that it ever had before. It's basically free money that you guys could be getting but you aren't the skin market is bone dry atm and there's a lot of people who would spend money to get the skins they want.

    Or is it some technical issue that they can't figure out

  7. You are all reading the event wrong...


    For every 25,000 monsters defeated in Lakrum, Demaha, Crimson Katalam and Crimson Danaria, the player that landed the killing blow on the 25,000th monster will be rewarded with a Joker's Special Grade Transformation Box (30 types).

    Whoever kills the 25,000th mob gets the item doesn't matter if you killed 1 or 25,000

  8. 34 minutes ago, MetalPhantomEvil-DN said:

    Seriously will this boxing system continue?  I already noticed in the last siege, players are preferring to save xform for box, instead of using it in siege.

    The NPC system is already horrible, the PVE system in siege is horrible, and now we have a BOX that totally escapes the idea of a full pvp game, players focused on pvp have a total disadvantage to do GP, I do miracles with my 1400 pve status . For Governor or Great ranking now, u just need focus full PVE, congratulations to the genius who did this.

    In my opinion this idea of (GP box) should end as soon as possible.

    Is that any different than you transforming at the start of siege to kill GP mobs?

    Getting GP rank since they revamped it has always been PVE and nothing to do with PVP...

  9. 43 minutes ago, SneakAttack-DN said:

    @Gideon @Cyan How the hell is a couple things in the store more damn important than those that transferred servers NOT BEING ABLE TO USE THERE LUGBUG which prevents entry to Red Kata....or EC compensation that was mentioned to be released soon over a month ago by @Cyan in forums. Bro I get it that you want to implement quality of life changes but how about letting us play the game first then. Should not be weeks after patch that people are still locked out of the entire new damn zone....FIX YOURSELF!!

    The people who transferred after you are able to go to red katalam fine.  Have you tried logging in?