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  1. GET it together

    Should have bought an alienware...
  2. Doesn't someone else do your arenas for you anyways? imagine demanding compensation for not doing something
  3. Game balance

    idk i think purple transforms work for most situations...
  4. @Loki@Kibbelz Can you atleast see if they can add the NPCs for SAS back so we can spend the shards we have since it was deleted without warning. It was the only way to get the 20% recovery potions without buying them off BCM.
  5. Game Teams Request - Feedback

    1. Luna retuning cost has been too high since its been introduced 2$ a retune is absolutely insane 2. Platinum cubics are impossible to get and an important factor in the game especially for PFHM 4th boss and the new instance that eventually comes in 7.7 Having platinum cubic that is easily obtainable will allow even players who are not the greatest to run instances that are too difficult for them 3. Are new apostle transforms even obtainable atm can they be gotten by combining or is it broken like when we got the new transforms back in 6.2
  6. emergency maint

    what's it for @Hime@Loki@Kibbelz
  7. Chanter PvE Role/Gear Questions!

    you don't need a HB / HP set for pve you can just use an attack set with your pvp accessories that's what i do i have 1894 healing boost with luna
  8. Chanter PvE Role/Gear Questions!

    Chanter supports and clerics dps in hard mode content
  9. If you think the server is going to die because of a handful of people then why would they want to stay on such a trashy server?
  10. Broker bots

    You want them to get rid of broker bots? They can start by ip banning metalphantomevil
  11. Where was our survey?

    @Hime@Loki According to the event we should be getting surveys for platinum cubics
  12. Platinum Cubic Event

  13. Platinum Cubic Event

    You've been waiting for years when they got introduced in 7.2 which was 5 months ago?
  14. @hime

    @Hime Since most of our maps are becoming battleground server are you guys planning to implement a better way for us to get time because 2 hours a day when half our maps are battleground server is going to be pretty bad
  15. @Gideon@Cyan Is there a reason why Gideon won't allow the BCM to be updated with every skin that it ever had before. It's basically free money that you guys could be getting but you aren't the skin market is bone dry atm and there's a lot of people who would spend money to get the skins they want. Or is it some technical issue that they can't figure out
  16. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 15, 2020

    @Cyan Can you update us on the kill count for the monster challenge that we had and when those transformation contracts will be distributed to the players?
  17. Monster Hunt Challenge

    You are all reading the event wrong... Whoever kills the 25,000th mob gets the item doesn't matter if you killed 1 or 25,000
  18. Utimate Aureate and Fierce Aureate?

    You can't upgrade them but its RNG what you get the only difference between the 2 is the PVP attack is lower on the non fierce version and the stats don't tune as well as the fierce version
  19. @Cyan The emergency maintenance you did to fix discipline did not work it is still broken.
  20. BCM bugs and doesn't open

    This never happens on my Alienware PC
  21. @Cyan Why did it get changed from a 15 hour reset to a weekly reset? It's hard enough even with a 15 hour reset to max out the cubics because you never get the ones that you need...
  22. Transformations

    i thought you quit go away
  23. @Cyan@Gideon Since we got the transform duration / stats that the other regions have does that mean we will be getting the transforms we are currently missing from our version and their collections as well?
  24. Is World Boss Stealing an Offense?

    It is against the TOS to steal mobs from another group of players if you checked... People got banned in 3.0 for stealing sunayaka from their faction
  25. Is World Boss Stealing an Offense?

    Yes kill stealing is against the TOS if you had your name on it to begin with